The Inspiring Collin Johnson, Real Estate Expert 
LASM x TDR: So are you from L.A?

So born and raised. I lived, grew up in Porter Ranch. The suburbs I like to call it the PRP over there. So I lived in West Hollywood for about a year now two years in Sherman Oaks. So it’s a little crazy down here in the city. I love it. It’s fun to come to. It’s where the magic happens. But when I’m driving on those streets, I don’t like to tend and grasp all the entire time.I want to be chilling with one hand on the wheel. Lean back, lean back.
LASM x TDR: You cannot drive fast down Sunset.
Collin: No. Not at 5:00 o’clock. It’s not going to happen.
LASM x TDR: You might not be driving.You’re just kind on that sit.  
Collin: You’re walking past that sure.
LASM x TDR: Like parking in motion. So, real estate. What got you into real estate selling properties places?
Collin: I mean it’s a long story. I guess it’s the one where it’s like you just follow the book and tell it goes. And I guess God directs your steps at the end of it.
LASM x TDR: For sure.
Collin: That’s kind of what worked. I was in college you studying finance. I do med school, my dad’s a dentist. For some reason the Cal State system budget could stop me from going into the medical route. I couldn’t finish out the major in four years and finish out in finance and then ended up interviewing. Met some people and your connections take you the rest away and so does God. That’s how it worked.
LASM x TDR: That’s right. Shout out to connections in God. Exactly. We believe that. In God as well.
Collin: It is man. It Is.  
LASM x TDR: And so how long have you been in the industry?  
Collin: So, just over four years now and it’s been a fun ride. I’ve been buckled up. It’s been an adventure. I just put my hand in so many different things in real estate that’s a cool thing. You’re not limited to just want things on buying and selling. It’s developing property management, investing. If there’s an interest you have, if you like the arts and you’re in the creative field. I mean hey you can design houses you can do, there’s so many different minds that come together to make the whole thing work right.
LASM x TDR: Yeah. So are we sell the mansions or are we selling corporate?  What’s your forte?
Collin: We’re selling anything that sells. [Laughs] If you put a price tag on it it just come to be that’s it.
LASM x TDR: No limit.   
Collin: And no limits. No limits. Right now, I have two askers going on right now. I’ve got a listing in South Central actually 8/12 down.  
LASM x TDR: Love it.  
Collin: 8/12. I’m blank on the address right now. Many ways, we had 25 investors on that property. The market’s insane right now. Went over a hundred thousand dollars over asking but the cool thing is look, so, there’s one winner in 25 people that are submitting offers on this property. There’s only one winner but there’s 24. The contacts I just made relationships with.  
LASM x TDR: Yes you did.  
Collin: 24 are the people, and let me tell you those people open doors and those people you walk in. And those people you learn from, and those people you do future business one. Those become friends, family and then so and so on.  
LASM x TDR: That’s good.
Collin: So it’s like winners and losers, they’re all winners at the end of the day as long as the relationships are made.  
LASM x TDR: Exactly. And if you think of theirs feel like their fear of influence. So like each of those people had money in the bank ready to make the buy. They didn’t win the bid right but you know that the money is there. And if they hang around in circles that are like minded. That just means they know three other people that are into the same deal with investing in flip right buying.  
Collin: It actually was like a pivotal moment for me. There’s this, out of those 24 people in it that make it. There’s one guy in there and it’s just like you meet someone and you just know their energy. You know their vibe and you’re just like, that’s me. Those are my people. Those are the people I hang with. That’s who I want to be around. And boom instant connection. It’s. And then it’s just another adventure. you could ride along with, it’s just awesome. So I know without even doing a single deal with this guy and I wanted him to win but he didn’t win. I know there’s gonna be way more to come with me and him in the future, so it’s just good stuff. He’s got his story, I got mine. So we just work.  
LASM x TDR: That’s awesome.
Collin: That’s a different way of looking at being a real estate agent.
LASM x TDR: It really is.Most people are trying to sell properties we’re trying to make that connection to bring more business and bring the right thing to the table for the person.
LASM x TDR: That’s good.
Collin: Yeah. So there’s, it’s like you’re out there and you gotta get your own right. That’s what you got to do but your own will come when you’re looking out for other people. When you’re trying to, when you’re in a situation you might be losing money by standing up for someone. But at the end of the day, guess what, that person knows you stand up for them and they’re telling everyone else. Guess who stood up for me when no one else did. So that’s the thing it’s like. You may be losing but at the end a day is going to come back. It’s going to come back. You don’t know how. You don’t know where. You can’t see you don’t know.  
LASM x TDR: It’s not really losing because it’s planting a seed.  
Collin: Oh. It’s planting a seed.
LASMx TDR: Absolutely. Apple seed for that apple tree.  Exactly. That’s my thing. It’s the law of reciprocity. I always tell people even if, even students that I’ve worked with even if you don’t believe in God. The law of reciprocity is facts. As you put Apple seed in the ground when harvest season comes, what’s going to come up Trish? Apple tree not mango.So you understand that energy in that current seed.  
Collin: I think so. I think it’s says somewhere if you sell you’ll reap!
LASM x TDR: Exactly.  
Collin: I don’t know.  
LASM x TDR: I don’t know.
Collin: Was that a fortune cookie?
LASM x TDR: I don’t know. Exactly. No, I Think The Fortune Cookie got it from what was all reapen. Exactly. Hold up. Just a side note. Fortune cookies were made in San Francisco.  Oh let’s get some 
Collin: San Francisco. So I’m here for something not to go and say words. I blow my Los Angeles Lakers. I’m taking it, don’t worry. Lebron James is moving us on that. Don’t worry.
LASM x TDR: Twenty three. We’re going to. That’s going to happen. Two and three is five. I’m sorry. It’s not just real estate. that’s the thing. It’s all the world’s, all. We bring them together and it’s just a nice little crockpot. What real estate is just one little meatball. Here’s the thing. It’s not real estate. it’s real ass state.  How many of the wealthiest people in the world did real estate?
Collin: I mean it’s an avenue many people take and the funny thing is I mean you look at our president. It’s not the end goal ever. It’s never the angle it’s like, it’s one thing you do but you’re also doing so many other things as a real estate agent. I mean you’re someone’s therapist. You’re someone’s you-know financial planner.  
LASM x TDR: Sure.
Collin: You’re doing so many. So you have one skill set but it’s linked to like a million different. It’s everyone that’s, when you’re in your job you’re doing so many different things. Even if you’re an employee you know you’re learning so many different skill sets that aren’t just applicable to that one job. You’re gonna do so many other different things with that. That’s why, and that’s how you learn you grow and you learn what you like to do and follow your passions.
LASM x TDR: So tell me this. What was your worst best client the best?
Collin: Worst best…
LASM x TDR: I mean it started off as a as a headache. And then it was just like wow. Good question!
Collin: The worst best headache. Okay. I’m thinking that, my mind just went to the worst one. I think of the worst best plan like that.
LASM x TDR: Did it stay there or did it evolve a bit?
Collin: Here’s the thing about the worst best. Actually the worst one came in my first year in real estate where I was double popping insurance actually meaning a list of the house. I’m representing the buyers. Right there I was making some pretty good money on that. Then after that I knew I got both these people locked up. And so we’re going to close this one now we’re going to go find the third leg of it so we’re gonna sell his house and the guy who’s selling it has got to go buy another house. So he’s he’s going to go get that third leg and go move into another house and when I’m completing this transaction I’m like All right great. Christmas is coming up. We’ve got some money on the table. Everyone’s getting some good presents this year. I mean it was gonna be good.
LASM x TDR: Just in the money.
Collin: And then one thing led in the next and doubt. You have in a little bit of fear and a little bit, I don’t know, and then boom this drops. And then this whole thing falls apart and now we’re done.
LASM x TDR: Right.
Collin: You know what, it’s like okay you lose whatever it is. Sixty thousand let’s just call it that. You lose that money and commissions. But at the end of the day, guess what? I just learned how to put all that together my first year in real estate.
LASM x TDR: Absolutely.
Collin: I was prying into the industry like six months. But the learning curve I had was so much shorter than everyone else’s because I failed so much sooner than everyone else. So some people right when they fail, then they give up, and then they’re done, and they’re looking on to the next career. I feel and I kept going and you just find a way to make it work. Whatever it is if it’s a small step, it’s the peanuts whatever it is. You eat peanuts until you can get steak dinners. You know what I mean.  
LASM x TDR: Absolutely. Still protein.
Collin: Yeah it’s still protein. It’s still protein. That’s the thing.
LASM x TDR: People get their protein from worms. Yeah. Eat what you can eat. It’s an earthworm. Is that where you’re getting your protein Tricia? And she says worms. This is what we do guys.This is what we deal with.  I heard that they’re very high in protein… Whatever. I got to ask you though because your vibe is like, it’s infectious. So I got to know on a daily, when you walk into a room or you will go through your day. How many contacts do you make in a day. I got to know because I see you…
Collin: I’m ready to get you my phone number now Bro.
LASM x TDR: … If we put dollars too it like in an hour, you’re making more than minimum wage here bro. Christmas is good this year.
Collin: It’s going to be alright. My girlfriend is gonna get some good presents on.
LASM x TDR: Christine is in the house. Hey Christine!  Oh she’s so sweet and humble. I love it. You were saying, I have to. Can I put you guys on blast? He sought this woman for two years. How did you wait there? How did you say no for two years to this energy?
Collin: I’m trying to tell you, it’s real ass state.  
LASM x TDR: I heard about Christy before even knew Christy. I barely knew calling and I knew of Christy. I’m like, who stay at my damn.
Collin: She didn’t even know she was going to be part of the interview.
LASM x TDR: Yes. She does know she is here. You’re just so beautiful. I’m glad you shared this because listeners need this. It’s helping people out. Well the listeners should understand perseverance will get you almost anything to ask.
Collin: So perseverance is a one one little ingredient in it. And the other one people don’t want to talk about is the harder one which is patience…
LASM x TDR: I will invite you immediately. That’s good Collin.
Collin: Perseverance…  
LASM x TDR: Collin. I got it on my phone brother here.  
Collin: … Patience.
LASM x TDR: By the way. Oh sorry. It’s all in there.  Simplicity, patient and compassion. You’ve got to have it to win it.
Collin: There it is.
LASM x TDR: You all have to have it to win it.  So do you say proactivity. Christy’s knowledge of herself worth and knowing the timing…
Collin: Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s all timing. It’s not even about that, it’s about timing. It wouldn’t have worked if it was two years too early or two years too late. You know what I mean. It’s right when it needed to happen. And as long as you’re patient and you are persevering it gets to that timing. When the timing is right and boom you walk through the door. So you don’t know why you failed. You don’t why did it happen but if your patiently waiting and persisting, sometimes the desires of your heart are answered. I don’t know how that works but someone…
LASM x TDR: I have a question. I have a question here. Can you invite us to the wedding? At least to the reception.
Collin: It’s going to be a big one. It’s gonna be a big one.
LASM x TDR: Let me ask you this. Is that the Christmas present we’re looking at?
Collin: I’m pointing under the gun right now. Now I’m blushing.
LASM x TDR: It’s been like a week right. It’s not even about a month and a half. Two and a half years in the making.  Two and a half years. Wow. That’s awesome. So that reception is gonna be so little. All I need is just one piece of cake. She’s over here blessing now.  
Collin: I’ll tell you it is when Instagram saw it and everyone that I ever knew that knew me, it was like What? It was like, what?
LASM x TDR: He did it.
Collin: It was crazy like my whole world melted like everyone was just like, what’s going on? I mean I know the details of this.
LASM x TDR: I feel like anybody that really knew you knew of her though. Anybody that kind of really knew you knew of her.  
Collin: Oh of course. If you knew, me you knew her.
LASM x TDR: Is it called chivalry?
Collin: Chivalry. Someone got her.
LASM x TDR: She got it back. It’s not dead. It is not dead. I believe that with, my whole heart. If it was, you just dug it up… Exactly. Resurrect it.
Collin: I get my shovel. Dig it up. I found a chest in there. Open it up, read a couple of instructions on how to do it. [Laughs]  
LASM x TDR: Wow man. I did not expect this. I don’t know what to expect.  
Collin: It’s alright.  
LASM x TDR: This is really good. I’m telling you I told you as soon as he walked in it was just energy came up, hey my name, I’m like Oh yeah. I know what, I know you man. Here we go. Exactly. I know what’s coming. It’s fire. Here’s a special silver lining about this show works and about the people that come into this room and that’s why we ask that question that is going to be asked, he’s gonna ask at the end of his show. But these are about good people. No matter what you do man, you can be a singer songwriter producer, hairdresser or whatever or tech person it’s just like, it’s about being a good person. And I always say you got to be a better person than you are your career because we are bound and shackled by titles. You could be just a real estate guy. This can just be the cool guy with a great voice. Yeah especially in LA.
Collin: But he’s not.
LASM x TDR: Shout out to all the good people that come to the show. You’re amazing dude. And you deserve…  
Collin: I appreciate that. I don’t know if I deserve it. But I got this.
LASM x TDR: That was so humble but of you have great energy. Both of you are great for each other and I love the way you said, “When it’s time it’s time.”  And I love the way because that’s encouraging people on both ends. On both perspective.
Collin: Oh yeah. Of course.
LASM x TDR: And even though it didn’t happen, and even though the pursuit, and you have patience still when the timing was perfect. And I think that’s encouraging all of us and all of our listeners out there. And I think it’s so important when you when you see a testimonial story like that that’s applicable to all walks of life it’s just not relationships.  
Collin: I mean that’s your business that’s your business.  I’m trying to get my breakthrough right now. I’m trying to be an actor. I’m trying to be a screenwriter a songwriter. I’m trying to make it. I’m using whatever it is is like you’re patiently waiting on and persisting. And it’s hard but those people that give up at the end of the day, it’s like, okay, maybe that wasn’t your your path to take. But there’s people out there struggling to make rent and I’m living in West Hollywood right next to that. And I’m just like dude like, hey more power to you because you’ve got a dream and there’s someone else that’s living in a mansion that’s depressed and hates their life. And they’re just doing something just because the money feels good. But then he has someone chasing their dreams and not giving up on and they have more purpose and they have more motivation to move forward and get up out of bed every single day. So it’s like hey you look at that’s like how you going to compare the two. How are you going to compare the two?
LASM x TDR: It’s priceless. Wow.  Can I just say this. And this is, wow, you’re lucky. Let’s get on that. It’s the man thing. The man is always lucky for having the great woman but it’s…  It’s both ways. It’s the law of reciprocity. It’s the other way.
Collin: She’s is better than me.  
LASM x TDR: He’s going to take care of things.That’s why we honoring because you can say that.  
Collin: She’s better than me. It took me two and a half years to get that sort of thing. Yeah of course she’s she was worth the price.  
LASM x TDR: She’s going to make me cry.
Collin: She’s got it. Don’t worry about that.
LASM x TDR: Both of you guys have beautiful spirits. I feel the energy. And so if a person want to buy a house, a mansion in Beverly Hills, where can you find you?
Collin: That sounds like butter. Just spread it over my toast. So good. Spread it over. Yeah you can find me on Instagram. It’s @Collinrealestate and that’s with two L’s. So that’s probably the easiest way if you don’t know me, to get in contact with me. Socially it kind of runs everything these days so just hit me up on there. If you have any questions it’s not just about buying or signs about what do we do, how we gonna get there? Is this right for me?. And those are all things you can ask me. It can be the little stuff like I said I’ll still work everything. It’s the peanuts from all the way to the steaks. They’re all on the menu at my steakhouse.  
LASM x TDR: That’s beautiful.Yeah.
Collin: Don’t worry about if you have a question. I’m going to answer it.
LASM x TDR: Well look here, I already know the answer to this man on my end but I still gotta know baby. Let’s go. What is your superpower man.
Collin: It’s so easy. My and everyone should know this. It’s God’s glory and everything. I don’t do anything. So the only thing I can guarantee is I don’t know what tomorrow is. I don’t know, I can’t tell you what I’m going to have for breakfast. I don’t know what my schedule that I plan for is going to be. And no one else does because I can bet a million dollars that you don’t know exactly how tomorrow is going to be. It’s the only thing I know. It’s the only thing I know you don’t know. And I know I don’t know. So it’s, at the end of the day I run my race and God directs myself. So that’s my superpower and he’s pretty good.
LASM x TDR: It’s God. So you would say God or God too. He just said it. Or did you say that it’s potentially the surrender! Because how could the power work if you didn’t surrender?
Collin: Oh yeah. I mean because if you’re not in full surrender then it’s in your will. And your will is trying to figure out what tomorrow is, and that never works. That means you’re in control. And guess what. When could when you have control and you got both hands close. That means you got one hand on the control button. Yeah that’s great. You got that. But the other hand is depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, and everything that you have.
LASM x TDR: Preach.  
Collin: Everything else that you got. So…  
LASM x TDR: Where is my offer? Where is my purse.  
Collin: …until  you got both those hands open. Then you can start receiving blessings. So that’s the only way it works.  I’m about to pitch your future.  
LASM x TDR: You’re one of a kind. We appreciate you bro.
Collin: I mean that I appreciate that. Hey you heard it here first.
LASM x TDR: We’re definitely be doing our part two, right Journey?  Absolutely. Collin, you got to come back.  
Collin: I’m saying this is a family. I feel it’s a good vibes. Maybe 12:00 1:00 it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t stop. That’s the thing. It does not stop.
LASM x TDR: We work on a 24 hour clock.
Collin: I like that clock. The funny things is that the same one. So it’s good.  
LASM x TDR: Absolutely. Thank you man. Thank you. Take us out Tricia because you’ve been smiling this whole time. It’s such a good show. It’s encouraging. I thank you for coming. Thank you for dropping some nuggets. And I mean I don’t know, happy holidays.  Happy holidays. we mean good Christmas for all of us. Absolutely. Trip Digital radio…


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