DJ Carisma is the infamous DJ, producer and influencer who holds the Global Spin Award for Female DJ of the Year multiple times. She is breaking the mold for radio, new talent, and using her voice to prove that hard work and dedication lead to limitless opportunity. Named by DJ Khaled as the only female on his list of top 5 DJs, she is disrupting the status quo and turning the tables of the music industry. 

 7 Fun Facts, The One-and-Only DJ Carisma Invites You to Vibe with Her!

1 Most memorable collaboration? “Most memorable was working on and releasing a record with Chris Brown and Dej Loaf. Chris is one of the greatest performers of our generation.  He has such a beautiful and creative mind so it was such a huge honor for him to rock with little old me, the little Mexican girl from Santa Ana! It was mind-blowing.”

2 Future is female? “Equal respect and pay as our male counterparts no matter what industry it is. I think it is a long journey we have to go on, but I’m honored to be doing my part so my daughter and her generation will have way more opportunities.”

3 Best part of being a mom? “Having my daughter, Catalina has been better than any project, music or mix that I have ever done. She is the best thing I ever created, watching her grow into her own person is amazing.”  

4 Next goals? “Just being known as one of the top Hip-Hop DJs of this generation! I am going to be a female DJ Khaled. Platinum records coming soon! I want to be someone who breaks barriers and leaves a legacy in Hip-Hop.

5 Philosophy on giving back? “I do a lot with my church in my home town in Santa Ana.  I also love donating my time and any goodies I can get my hands on to kids events all throughout Southern California.”

6 The Young California movement? “It is going very strong; it gives artists a platform on the  radio or higher levels of the industry. I’m so passionate about the West Coast and I know how important I am. It is my duty to bridge the gap for the streets. This network provides a platform for the introduction and evolution of new and emerging talent breaking out of the West Coast.”

7 Tell us the top 10 songs on your playlist?

The One-and-Only, DJ Carisma Invites You to Vibe with Her, The Top 10 Songs playing on her playlist!

  1. YG “In The Dark” 
  2. Rayven Justice “Do Too Much”
  3. Saweetie “My Type” 
  4. Ambjaay “Uno”
  5. DaBaby “Carpet Burn”
  6. Tink Ft. Dej Loaf  “Ride”
  7. Azjah “Time For It”
  8. Nicki Minaj “Megatron” 
  9. Chris Brown Ft. Drake “No Guidance”
  10. Ty Dolla $ign Ft. J Cole “Purple Emoji”


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