Director of Membership at City Club in Los Angeles spends her time connecting with L.A.’s top leaders and business professionals. 

What has been the biggest challenge of working in a male-dominated industry? “I believe working in a male-dominated industry has actually been to my advantage because I have learned to carry myself in a way that only accepts respect. I have never felt inadequate by being a woman in my professional life. I always believe in being confident and honest in business and that has served me well so far.”

What advice would you give to other women? “My advice is to always be yourself and grow your career with pride and confidence, knowing that you have so much to offer. In life, I want to help people realize their potential and remember that confidence is what keeps the doors open! I like to be a source of motivation and hope that people want to share their goals with me knowing that they will find nothing but support and positive energy!”


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