The Colombian-born and highly accomplished designer and entrepreneur behind Marisol California designs. @ladesignermarisolarias @marisolcalifornia 

Los Angeles based Fashion Designer, born In Colombia. She received her fashion degree  from The Fashion Institute Of Design and Merchandising. Her name brand “Marisol California” was founded in 1991 and started making high end clothing in plastic which sold on Melrose. Now her brand makes retro swimwear and loungewear for women.

Passion Project: “I am passionate about the fit in developing someone’s line, whether it be bathing suits, urban wear….. I want to be known as a fit designer. Patterns are also what I am passionate about… I majored in pattern. Precision is everything…. I make other designers’ designs because I am so good at patterns. I do line development and everything in between…”

Advice for new designers: “Keep your focus. Sleep it; dream it; breath it; get obsessed about your dream. Set yourself apart from your competition. Find for yourself what makes you different from your competitors…. I started in my living room… I found myself. I said this is who I am; I am a creator, I love creating. It’s not work, I just love what I do. Find a way to impact people around you! In today’s era, it’s easier to be successful. There is no reason for you not to succeed. There are so many tools. We can make an impact and people around.”


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