A business leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is controlling shareholder and a board member of Siebert Financial Corp. [Nasdaq: SIEB], majority owner and managing member of Kennedy Cabot Acquisition, LLC, and president of the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer (ABC’s), dedicated to fundraising for advanced research at the John Wayne Cancer Institute. 

Q: What challenges do you confront as a woman in business?  “While we have made great strides, winning respect from male peers can still be challenging. Muriel Siebert faced this head on during her career and fought for years to be treated like an equal. If I could give other women advice it would be to keep fighting for respect, go after your dreams and what you believe in.”

Q: What is the thing that you enjoy most about the path that you have chosen? “I do not think I chose my path – the path chose me.  I am passionate about finding a cure for cancer.”   

Q:  How do you create balance in your life?  “My family is my number one priority and bringing people together to raise money for cancer research is next; everything else falls into place. I make sure to schedule everything and stay on top of my calendar.”

Q: What is one of your passion projects? “I know how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be and have had so many relatives and friends affected by it. It is now my goal to give back and raise money for cancer research and hope for a cure in our lifetime. I try to live my life by the famous saying, “We’ve all been given two hands, one to help ourselves with and the other to help others with.” 


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