Founder and owner of GLAUDI, a luxury couture and bridal designer specializing in empowering women of all shapes and sizes with bold, elegant styles. She learned how to sew from watching her parents work. She cultivated the talent and passion for design that led her to travel the world building her brand and her business. She shares, “GLAUDI is inspired by generations of the strongest people who influenced fashion in my life! My grandmother who passed away of breast cancer in El Salvador was a designer and my mother Gladis Hernandez inherited her talents.” Based in Los Angeles, and named for her parents, GLAUDI has become known thanks in part to the famous artists who flawlessly wear her designs, including Lucero, Gloria Trevi, Paulina Rubio, Alejandra Espinoza and so many more. Johana herself was even mentored by Nicole Richie on NBC’s Fashion Star and is currently a judge on Amazon Prime’s “The Fashion Hero.” Using all the love she has for fashion and for her clients, Johana custom designs and handcrafts bridal and special-occasion gowns to make her clients fashionably unforgettable. You can find her at and @GlaudibyJohanaHernandez.

Q: You are multitalented entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a woman of faith, Latina and so much more. How do we explain you?  “I am passionate about my business GLAUDI which was created to give respect to my parents. I named it after my mom Gladis as my parents worked long hours in sweatshops when I was a kid and were treated as machines. Now I get to show the world that my talent came from them as a designer. My purpose is to help women feel good inside and out mind body and soul through designing dresses that are made to fit them perfectly and making fairytales come true in bridal. I put God first in everything. I also give back to raise funds through sales and events to build schools in underprivileged areas in El Salvador.”

Q: Tell us about being a Latina in the fashion industry.  “It is amazing being a Latina! As a kid I never thought being a minority was cool. I never saw girls like me on TV or doing anything fashion related. But now I’m breaking the norm. I am the first Salvadoran-American Latina to have presented in Paris Fashion Week. I was nominated at 27 years old as People en Espanol ‘25 Most Powerful Latinas’ and Latina magazine’s ‘30 Favorite Stars under 30.’ I was born in Compton. I have had to work 10 times harder to show designs before opening about my background so I wouldn’t be judged on where I came from but on my talent.”

Q: How does faith play a role in your work?  “It’s huge for me. My life has been a dream that God made! Everything I never looked for it. My slogan is ‘God is Fabulous.’  For every bride that says ‘Yes’ to the dress, I say, ‘For what God has joined together, let no one separate’ Mark 10:9. We also host bible studies at our store to empower women to get their confidence back through Jesus. Last thing I pray for every woman that shops GLAUDI in my private time as I love to bless every dress for them to succeed in marriage, life and careers.”

Q: I imagine that there aren’t many women in your position… “It inspires me to not give up and support other women who want to be in fashion. I won’t live forever and we have to keep growing as women and empower one another.”

Q: Tell us about your current projects?  “To create a collection made in El Salvador so that I can create work in the places where my grandfather grew up in. Also I will be presenting in Paris Fashion Week in September in Paris!”

Q: Where can we find your designs? “You can shop online or visit us at our Flagship store 8808 Imperial Hwy Downey CA 90242.” 

Q: What is your biggest milestone to date?  “It’s been that I get to share my faith thanks to this platform and influence other to put God first to achieve their dreams. 

Q: How do you walk in your power?  “It’s God. Having faith and knowing when I walk in a room, I’m confident because whatever happens is meant to happen. I just have peace. I work and designed boldy and I know my value and worth; I’m kind and loving.”

Q: What is something that you want to share with women right now?  “As women, we don’t need to compete but completely support one another! Also, shop and support small business for everyone to grow. Believe in yourself and do not let the fear of the unknown stop you. Once your out of your comfort zone, is not scary at all. Never think you are better than anyone else. We are all equal. As a designer, I’m here to be selfless and serve, to make every woman feel confident in her body.”

Q: Tell us about Paris!  “It’s a dream. I’m the first American-Salvadoran show in Paris Fashion Week. At 23 I stayed at the Ritz Paris for business, now at 32, I presented my collection in Ritz Paris. It was a dream.”

Q: Words of advice for the entrepreneurs out there? “Do it now! You will  never be completely ready.”



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