A singer/songwriter with a soulful gift that provides a blueprint for both men and women seeking redemption, direction and faith. 

Q: Biggest Milestone: “I won ‘Best Alternative Rock Song’ twice by Akademia Music Awards…  Women rarely win those awards. Being on the radio was also a big deal!  My dad called me once because he was super excited. Someone recognized him and asked him if he was ‘Kaitlyn Gold’s dad.’ I want to make my parents proud. It’s one thing for them to hear me say it to them, but when they can experience it for themselves, well that is was awesome.” 

Q: Power of Being Female: “I feel like we have the upper hand because there is a rising above that is happening as we get to rise to the challenge of being a woman. When I go on tour, you don’t see women. It’s all so male-dominated. It’s kind of cool to be seen a female artist. If you put yourself out there in a certain way, it’s important to be professional … when I get on stage, I turn on the feminine, it’s a fine line to walk. I want to be seen as a serious artist. It’s a weird reality. It’s our human nature to put people into roles, but I think that is changing. Now there is more respect for female artists.”

Q: Advice to Younger Self: “I would remind myself to keep pushing myself and that I am a rockstar. ‘Remember who you want to be, and that’s who you are.’ ” 

Q: Secret to Creativity: “I also just have to write. I have the energy flowing through me from the pen to the paper. My notebooks are everywhere, even ones that I have never used. My producer also challenges me to try new things and get out of my habits.” 


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