Freedom and Fashion’s Executive Director, Laverne Delgado of four years is a banner of light and the ultimate spokeswoman for the anti-sex trafficking organization. Laverne is passionate about her advocacy and is a perfect blend of outspoken vibrance and thoughtful leadership in the fashion world. She is creating purpose and healing for youth and women who are often forgotten and hopeless. This life-changing non-profit provides a creative and healing holistic approach to individuals who have chosen to leave or have been rescued from sex trafficking and other injustices. The 30-year-old is a bold leader who lives her life in integrity in every way – from her choice wardrobe to her personal life choices and leadership. Follow her at @loveverne and @freedomandfashion.   

Philosophy: “Pursue truth, be truth and stand for truth. If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything.”

On Style: “My style evolves constantly. I love to repurpose and thrift. I trade clothes all the time. There is a lot of waste and the fashion industry is responsible for a lot of it. Not to mention the labor trafficking involved!”  The documentaries, The True Cost and Minimalism inspired her change in fashion consciousness.  Her advocacy for anti-consumerism and anti-human trafficking guide her style decisions. “I love fashion but decided that it would ultimately need to come second to sustainability and resourcefulness.” The New Mexico native has a Southwestern style infused with color and vintage pieces. 

On Career: “Ultimately, being on the inside of the fashion world allowed me to see that there is a lot that needs to be improved on when it comes to fashion and how we use it,  so I moved on to the nonprofit sector. It’s been both fulfilling and challenging but I get to live a life of purpose and to utilize my knowledge to serve women and girls that need and appreciate it.”

Power of Being Female: “Without women, there is a lack of authenticity and integrity in God’s design. In Genesis, it wasn’t done until Eve was created. God made everything, day, night, animals, even man. After that, he considered it all and recognized that all of the beauty on earth was not complete without the women. Women not only empower… it’s incomplete without us.” 

Advice to Female Leaders: “Being a woman is such a gift. There is so much beauty in our unique strength… but we’ve been attacked. When we allow our pain from those attacks to convince us that we need to be anything other than who we were created to be, things get confusing and harder… Continue to learn about The Creator and the true strength of being a woman. When we focus on ourselves and the gifts God gave us, we not only empower ourselves but everyone around us, men and women.”


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