The Wife of the Party

Dedicated to event planning for almost 20 years, owner Loriann Serna, and her team at The Wife of the Party, along with sister company HAPPEN, strive to produce uniquely creative celebrations and weddings. The sought-after team has become known for setting trends and creating memorable occasions for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, popular clothing lines, beauty brands, well-loved corporations and favorite social-media influencers. The Wife of the Party and HAPPEN provide full-service concept, design, and execution. The Wife of the Party team also donates their time and expertise to assist with charity events and local school fundraisers. Loriann was raised in South Pasadena, California and when not busy creating memorable fêtes for others, she relishes time spent with her husband Heric (he was her high school sweetheart) and their four daughters.

Q: Secret to Success: “Having a team that’s core is honest and hard working. You are only as good as your team. You need a team that is smarter than you and who you can learn from and from who you can trust. They need to like you and know they are treated with respect and behind you 110%.” 

Q: Biggest Milestone: “Being able to balance having our children and having a family business. The biggest challenge and blessing are that we are a proud family-owned and woman-owned business. It’s exciting to see how many mothers love to support mothers in business. There are times when I had to breastfeed at work, and it has attracted more women to our business. I am winning to be able to do both family and work. It takes a village!”

Q: On Career and Balance: “You have to find a balance that works for you. What works for me is with my husband; it’s ever changing. It’s a mindset in realizing that you get what you give in any department of your life. Where I focus on different areas, it is what thrives and requires different elements of devotion. It’s an ebb and flow to whatever that is tugging at me: sometimes that means following my own intuition and being there for my family and what they need.” 

Q: Advice to other women: “Go for it! You have to do what you think you should do. Stay in your lane, know what you are good at, and go for it. Don’t get stuck in a box, explore resources to see if you like it. If you put it out there, it will come. As a society, we need to remember that we still need to come together to support one another. Your moral compass is so important. People tend to forget that. It is not easy and it’s all about relationship management.”

Q: Power of Being Female: “There has never been a better time as now to celebrate it. Now there are programs and opportunities in colleges and for businesses. As a mother of four daughters (ages 24, 19, 6, and almost 2-years-old), my children will be so much more educated on the options and possibilities. The future is in front of us and the best is yet to home.” 



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