By: Dr. Levi Harrison

Dr. Levi Harrison is Orthopedic Surgeon, author, public speaker, fitness expert, humanitarian and philanthropist who hosts The Dr. Levi Show that features elevated discussion for holistic healthy living, to include health and wellness insight, social issues and others. Visit to learn more.  

As a strong man, raised in a home that was father-less but mother-full, I have never had one modicum of a thought to minimize the inherent value of women. Never.  Their value is not only based on their intrinsic contribution of intuitive wisdom, political, intellectual, philanthropic and artistic strengths; but also, on the fact that women are equals in this ever expanding, diverse pantheon of humanity. This is a simple unredacted truth.   

Retrospectively and even currently, the systematic mistreatment of women and the entrenched societal divisive norms that have persisted must end.  Slavery, the Suffragette movement, the Civil Rights movement, the Pro-Choice battle cry and the heart-wrenching testimonies of Prof. Anita Hill and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford all epitomize the blatant misogynistic devaluation of women. Acknowledging that women have been consistently denigrated and their characters assassinated would lay the groundwork to instigate and propose sustainable, generational change. We cannot change or enhance history but we can create a brighter future by not only acknowledging these issues, but also demanding change through vehement activism, advocacy and the power of the ballot. 

Value and pay parity are issues that continue to be a part of the conversation because the changes are not being made expeditiously. When do we, men, wake up? When? In 2018, it was estimated that women make 80 cents for every dollar earned by men. This is outrageous, of course. There is no reason why women cannot be equally compensated for any and every job they execute. Pay disparity issues must be addressed via open “pay-it-forward” discourse. Companies, owners, shareholders and workers must discuss and vote on these issues for appropriate corrections so that everyone thrives financially. 

As a decent and educated man, I must stand and fight vigorously against the thoughtless, apathetic misogyny which reigns unchecked in some of the highest and most esteemed political offices of our “open-arms,” multi-ethnic and multicultural America. I sound ethical and moral alarms to wake men up and invite them to stand in the truth for the unapologetic equality for and of women. I resolutely know and believe that feminism is an inclusive extension of everyone’s humanity.  

Misogyny, sexual harassment and pay disparity are the dirty cogs in the wheel of stupidity. This disrespect of women must end now. When it becomes common knowledge that a person’s value is not made less because they are female, the cycle of apathy will end. Men must know that respecting and honoring the humanity of women is equivalent to respecting themselves. 

It never has been “OK” to treat women as property or as second-class citizens. Women are valuable and important. It is 2019, and it is unfortunate that I need to sound an alarm about the inherent value and worth of women. Nevertheless, I say loudly and again, “Wake up men. Wake the hell up!” 

Equality for women… now! 


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