Influencer Nadia Peri: Beauty, Makeup & Fashion Extraordinaire 
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LASM x TDR: Welcome to the Show! So let’s kick this thing off… I’m so excited we got you the day before you fly out!
Nadia: Literally! I fly out tomorrow.  
LASM x TDR: Out – Back to work?
Nadia: Yes. Back Down Under.
LASM x TDR: Tell us about your journey in fashion and beauty and just that influencer life started?
Nadia: I’ve always been passionate about makeup, beauty and fashion; I came out here in 2015 and I was doing acting. I always loved comedy and performing and basically when I went back to Australia, I thought, you know what … your constantly told “No,” which is fine, you know I got a tough skin. They teach you that in acting school to have a tough skin, but I was at a point, where I was like, you know what “I want to take things into my own hands. I want to start being creative and not rely on an audition or a booking job to allow me to be creative. So I thought – I’m going to start my own YouTube channel. And obviously I’m passionate about beauty about fashion and its a little bit comedic. So everything is like very much a bit of a performance on my channel, um and I just incorporated all that in one on my channel, and I started making videos. Yeah. And at the time wigs where trending, so I started making videos on Wigs.
LASM x TDR: Love it! My dream is to have a whole wall full of wigs! WIth just like the heads, and then like all the wigs.
Nadia: You need to come to my house. (laughs)
LASM x TDR: Oh you got it? Yes! She’s like, “You just described my wall.” What year did you start the YouTube channel?
Nadia: 2016.
LASM x TDR: 2016. Wow! Because one of your videos, the halloween one has like 300,000 views. That’s amazing, because a lot of the influencers who came on board and have those numbers were in the game since 2008.
Nadia: It was hard because I felt like I was coming in really late, but I was like you know what I’m just going to give it a go, you know no pressure.
LASM x TDR: Yeah, and that’s when it happens. When your passionate and you’re just doing it for you.
Nadia: Exactly.
LASM x TDR: And I saw your videos and how funny you are, like your little face expressions. You guys have to check it out. It’s NadiaPeriXO in Instagram & Youtube search. Tell us a little about your favorite makeup up looks and brands you like to work with.  
Nadia: My favorite looks are definitely special effects. I am self taught in special effects. But I just like to go all out  like crazy looks. You know like, turn myself into like PennyWise. Like I did one just like really ugly and gorry looks. Like I’m very glam but when I do the Halloween looks that my number one favorite.  And then second favorite would be like probably no in between. Like really stripped back that I love. But also like gory looks … And the brands that are my favorite to really work with, — I feel like I don’t have one favorite brand, there are a few like Huda Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, NYX Cosmetics.  I’m really into skin care at the moment. Skin care is love – Trap skincare … I actually came here just in October for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Halloween Party. I flew out here for that. Yeah that was like my dream, when I started my channel, my absolute dream was to go to that party and to get an invite. And so to go to that party I was like, “OMG I’m going!”
LASM x TDR: You know looking at all of the extraordinary looks, I know you had to win awards. Tell us a little about awards you’ve won and different brands that you’ve worked on? Tell us about some of your different accolades?
Nadia: I entered the Face Awards in 2017 with NYX Cosmetics and I made it into the top six in Australia and New Zealand. There where several rounds for that. And I actually entered that competition, right before entries closed. I had just gotten back from CHina and I was like I’m not even going to enter, whatever. And then like something came over me the day before, I had like a chest infection, I was so sick and I was like “No- I’m going to do this.I’m going to do it.” And I just like filmed it, and I thought it’s not even that good, but I’m going to submit it anyway, and then I got through, and I was like “What the hell do I do now?” Because like at the time I had never done like face painting or body painting, so I had to self teach immediately because I know that competition was very much a self painting special effect competition so I had to step up my game. Like I didn’t think I was going to get through. So I was very much beauty before that so um but after that I made it to the top 6. I came here, you know I did a little bit of networking, um and that’s when I really started to get some work through it all and take it a little more seriously. And then last year I actually won TBX Next Top Vlogger.
LASM x TDR: Are you a drawing artist as well? Because when you mention the gorry looks, that take precision.
Nadia: So all through school my mom always put my in art school, extra curricular art classes. Anything I wanted to do that was artsy my mom was always nurturing. She was like “go do it!” To be honest my mom is like my rock, she’s like 100% behind me on everything. She’s like “Just do it. You have nothing to lose.” So yeah I always did art and always got me pencils and made sure I had everything like artsy and would sit down and teach me how to do art strokes.  
LASM x TDR: Do you dream of having your own label one day? Would it be fashion or beauty? Or maybe both?
Nadia: I have thought about it, but I think fashion and beauty are oversaturated so for me it would like have to be the right time. I would love to do a brand collab with a company where I had my own line in fashion. I really do love fashion and have moved more towards fashion the last 6 months. So I would loved to do something more fashion based. Or with a makeup with a brand that I love I’d love to have a highlighter.  
LASM x TDR: Can you narrow down your style personality in 3 words?
Nadia: Extra, Street Style or Urban, Super Glam. Like I’m that friend that shows up and it’s supposed to be casual and I’m Extra. But there is also no in between with me, you know I’m either like chillin’ in joggers/sweats or I’m like red carpet. There’s like no in between.
LASM x TDR: We call it swag here. Shout out to the Australian girls! Where can people find you?  
Nadia: On YouTube: Nadia Peri on Insta/ Twitter: Nadia Peri Xo. Someone stole nadiaperi, so I was like I got to add something to the end, and there’s where the xo came. And i kind of like it, you know I like hugs and kisses. (laughter)
LASM x TDR: As we move through we always come to this question. So we want to know:  What is your superpower?
Nadia: I’d have to say kindness. Being kind to people. You know it’s free. It cost nothing to be kind to people. You know just to be nice to people or you know leave a smile on someones face , you know no be judgemental.  
LASM x TDR: Can I make an observation? I say genuine, because you know everything that you’ve said and everything that you’ve been talking about.  
Nadia:  And I think I would add one more, loyalty. Loyalty is Royalty.  
LASM x TDR: Are you a Virgo?
Nadia: No I’m an Aries.
LASM x TDR: There’s a connection. You’ve got that power! So we’re at the end of the show, we want to thank you for coming out, and taking the time, and definitely when you’re in town, definitely come back. We want to follow you and keep up with what you’re doing.  
Nadia: I should be back in April.
LASM x TDR: You’re birthday?
Nadia: Yeah I’ll actually be here for April 19th – for Coachella.
LASM x TDR: Well there you have it – Nadia Peri – Trip Digital Radio x L.A. STYLE Magazine– we’ll be back people.


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