Love is in the Air 

Celebrating Their Romance as the Story Unfolds

They met in the most serendipitous way, in passing on Bravo TV’s show “Below Deck.” From that moment, the young couple Pamela Jean Noble and Alan James Miller became inseparable. Little did they know that a simple crossing of paths on a small island out of pure chance would lead to two different worlds colliding, leading to an almost four-year relationship, a new home together, 4 dogs, a cat, a marriage and a true fairy tale story. Love is in the air as Pamela shares their beautiful love story for all to enjoy.

The Meeting: “We were both guests on Bravo TV’s “Below Deck Season 3” in the Bahamas on the charter boat Eros, the day before Valentine’s Day. My friends and I were guests filming on the charter before Alan’s filming began.” Alan explains that he knew she was special immediately. ‘The moment that I first saw Pamela, she was standing in the middle of the one and only pool bar, like an angel sitting just a reach away from my arms, laughing and talking to a friend. There was something about her, maybe it was in the way she laughed, or the way her eyes lit up, and I knew that there was this undeniable attraction that I felt for her.” Pamela continues, “Fate has an amazing way of bringing people together, to say the least. Alan is from Indiana, and I am from California, both of us are from opposite sides of the country.” The groom states, “After hours of conversation, laughing, and unknowingly falling in love, as the night came to an end, I told her I would fly out to California immediately after my filming was done. I did. The following weekend she met me in Chicago where I had some work meetings. And a month later I packed my bags and moved to her place in California. Keep in mind, we had only seen each other in person for 7 days.” “People thought we were both crazy. We took a leap of faith, one that would set a new chapter, and journey in our lives,” Pamela remembers.

The Proposal: “It was July 15th, 2017. My birthday is on July 2nd, but my sister couldn’t make it that weekend. Alan told me that we were ‘re-celebrating’  now that my sister was in town. Alan set up a winery tour at Wilson Creek Winery for me and my sister, and some of our friends. Alan had a limo pick us  up and take us to the winery. The tour went as usual until the end when the tour guide stated he had champagne waiting for everyone on the balcony. There were roses, champagne bottles, and canvas pictures of us all along the walls. Alan then proceeded to give a speech about his love for me and our story with everyone watching. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said ‘Of course!’ Once we hugged and kissed, I noticed more of my family and friends that had been hiding behind a curtain on the balcony and were able to be a part of the entire proposal.  It was such a euphoric feeling, the whole thing. We really tried to stop at some points and just look around and take it all in. Words can not describe what it is like when you have been waiting for this moment. It is a bookmark in my life.” 

The Wedding: “From the first date, to the proposal, it only made sense to have the wedding in wine country as well, with the glitz and glam of our romance. Callaway Vineyard and Winery had the perfect modern twist that we wanted.  The winery looked like a fairytale, which exactly represented just how we met. It was classic, timeless and such fun. To describe the wedding, one would have to witness it in person, words don’t describe it accurately. Rows of grapes were in the background to contrast the beautiful all-white décor created a true fairy tale ending. Callaway has such a special place in our hearts since the day we started planning. We know many more memories are to come at Callaway. It’s nice to have a venue that we can come back to after the wedding, where the staff still welcomes us with open arms, and a place where we have such special memories.”

Featured Photo: Pamela Jean Noble on Facebook


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