Patrick Bet-David, Business Mogul [RADIO INTERVIEW]

Patrick is a successful startup entrepreneur, CEO of PHP Agency, Inc., emerging author and Creator of Valuetainment on Youtube. As a natural critical thinker, Patrick takes complex leadership, management and entrepreneurial ideas and converts them into simple life lessons for today and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.
Patrick is passionate about shaping the next generation of leaders by teaching thought provoking perspectives on entrepreneurship and disrupting the traditional approach to a career.
LASM x TDR:  Trip Digital Radio Sound Art Express, Dj Journey, Tricia Love, Markeeda Monét, TizThaTime, Ravin Dave. How you doing man? We’re doing really, really well. But, we’re better now. Tricia love. Please, bring in our guests. We are excited about this man.
LASM x TDR: I’m so excited. I’m delighted and honored to introduce our guests, Patrick Bet-David, business mogul entrepreneur. How are you today?
Patrick: I’m very good. It’s good to be here with you. Thanks for having me standing.
LASM x TDR: Seriously, thank you for coming. Gosh, where do we start? Patrick? You have such a fascinating story. I mean, going back to your family, immigrating from Iran and just that whole upbringing in that perspective of making something out of nothing. So did that, tell us how that curated who you are today and how that influenced you as a businessman?
Patrick: So I was born and raised in Iran. I lived there for 10 years and then once Khomeini died, six weeks after that, we escaped, went to refugee camp in Germany. I lived at a refugee camp there for a couple of years and came to the states, lived in Glendale, California. Glendale should be, well, like 20 miles away from your right. Yeah, I went to Glendale High School. I had a 1.8 GP, by the way, if you don’t know Glendale High School’s fame, here’s what you need to know. John Wayne went to Glendale High School. So, I went to the same school as John. I don’t know if it means anything or not, but…
LASM x TDR: It means a lot. I admit it. I feel pretty cool about it. I feel pretty cool.
LASM x TDR: Is that’s the cowboy?
Patrick: That’s the cowboy. Yes. That’s the cowboy. Yes. So, after high school I didn’t have a lot of choices on what to do. I went straight into the Army. I was a hummer mechanic in the army. I know she served in the military as well, but I was in the Army as a hummer mechanic. And then I got out two and a half years later. I want it to be the Middle Eastern Arnold Schwarzenegger. I was going to be a bodybuilder, going to Hollywood…
LASM x TDR: Vision.
Patrick: …Mario Kennedy, and then become a governor one day but went on a different route. And then I went into the financial industry. Started with Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter at 21 day before 9/11, and then stayed in that industry, build the Owen insurance company from 66 agents to now 9,700 agents in 49 states. And, also run aside YouTube channel on the side for fun.
LASM x TDR: With only a billion views.
Patrick: Yeah.
LASM x TDR: Yeah. That’s all. So, you did not only become Arnold Schwarzenegger, you became the Terminator.
Patrick: Yes. In the financial space, I guess.
LASM x TDR: I just wanted to get that straight.
Patrick: Okay.
LASM x TDR: You did a post recently with like brave, right?
Patrick: Yes. Yes.
LASM x TDR: About that. Who does your content?
Patrick: So, we have a whole team that creates  all of the memes. Some of them memes don’t make it because it’s so, I tell the funny meme they made the other day. So, do you know the movie, The 40 year-Old Virgin, you guys know the 40-Year-Old Virgin?
LASM x TDR: I just watched that last time.
Patrick: [Laughs] The whole thing with the wax thing, as middle eastern relates to that waxing thing.
LASM x TDR: A lot of stuff going on up there.
Patrick: A lot of stuff on up there. So one of our girls, I promise you, sometimes I wonder if this girl that works for me, she doesn’t like me or something. So she made a meme, it was on my birthday. She called it the 40 year old entrepreneur, but it’s with the Geeky, nerdy look on a face that we should put this as a lot of those memes don’t make it a lie. Maybe one out of 10 does. Because if the nine made it be embarrassing,
LASM x TDR: Awesome. So going back to business. How would you sum up your formula for success if that’s possible? I mean, you broke through barriers, went from levels to levels. I mean going from an employee to sales. And sales leader to entrepreneur and what is your formula?
Patrick: So I, I think the biggest thing for me is everybody’s different. We had a hundred people here that came for a meetup earlier. We we’re talking to them and everyone’s situation is different. Everybody is different. Sure. The number one most important thing is you’ve got to get clear on what you want to do and who you want to be in life. Because most people can’t even answer that question. If I asked somebody right now the question I say, so who do you want to be alive? What do you mean? What do I want to be on life? Who do you want to be in life? Do you want to be the nine to five, you come home. You live in a $300,000 condo and you make $79,000 a year. Maybe once you go to Vegas for vacation and maybe once every three years, five years, you go to Hawaii. Once every 10 years ago to Europe and your kids go to public school. And you and your husband or you and your wife come home at night. You live in a regular life, you watch CSI, you watch some shows, you watch Netflix, with all this stuff. And maybe every once a month you chill together, right? Because of some people that are married nowadays, you barely get any time together. If somebody is okay with that, guess what? More power to you. But if somebody says, listen man, I want to go out there and tee it up, I want to go out there and make sure somebody, my family, the sacrifices they made, my last name’s going to be remembered and I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Well, maybe you need to work 80 hours a week, 90 hours a week for about a decade and tee it up and go live a different life. So unless you can’t answer that question about who you want to be on, what life you want to live, the rest of this irrelevant. Too many of us, especially in today’s world, we are looking at how other people are living and then we want to do what somebody else is doing. For instance, it’s a very competitive environment. I live in Dallas. Dallas is a very vain city. Similar to L.A. Everybody wants to look good. Everybody wants to have the nicer butt, bigger boobs, biceps, lips, better eyebrows. For me, my eyebrows, I can break my eyebrows. I have middle eastern eyebrows. But for most parts, everybody wants to do and beat somebody else. That competitive drive, which there’s nothing wrong with it. But you give me somebody that has the blinders on, but the are crystal clear on what they want and a formula how to get there. I’m going to bank on this person more than the other competitive person because that eventually slows down. If you beat somebody, you got to get crystal clear on what you want. Once you do, then it’s putting the formula behind it. And if you get the clarity and the formula, game over, you can’t stop that person.
LASM x TDR: But it sounds like for that person that does want the luxuries, that was part of your explanation, not the conformity of what’s normal. Then putting eight or 80 hours a week are relentless hours a week isn’t an option. I mean, it’s necessary in order to…
Patrick: A hundred percent, By the way guys, I’ll tell you a whole different thing. Right. Now, look, I’m not going to go into politics, but I’m going to explain to politics in a way that has to do with your pocket book. So let’s talk about it from that standpoint. Politically, there’s just a lot of people right now that want to get us to make $15 an hour minimum wage, which by the way, that’s very noble. Sounds very good. $15 an hour times 40 hours a week is $31,200 per year. You are broke at $15 an hour. We have to get people to realize, especially you live in California. California going to get…
LASM x TDR: Absolutely.
Patrick: Do you live in California, right?
LASM x TDR: Right.
Patrick: If you live in California, you keep half a dollar. You make a dollar, 50 cents is yours. It’s just kind of how it works, right? So if you want to live in California, a 2,500 square foot home right now in the valley, how much is a 3000 square foot home right now in the valley? Can we say 800, 900, at least a million. A million dollar home on a 3000 square foot home. Mortgage payments, what? Six grand to seven grants. Everything included. P and I put it all together. If you need to pay $7,000 a month for $1 million home, which is 3000 square feet in Northridge, maybe off of Chandler on the other side. Let’s put it on this side, by Balboa and pick a street, Parthenia, okay. Balboa and Parthenia, it’s $1 million home for 3000 square foot. You’re going to public school and to make a $7,000 a month payment for your house, you need to make 14 grand a month, 14 grand a month times 12 that’s $200,000 a month. And you’ve only made your mortgage payment. Did you hear what I just said right there? So if you’re sitting here listening to this regardless of what you’re trying to do, you have to solve to get your income to half a million dollar a year income today, and you have to solve to have a few million dollars in savings in the next three, four, five years. Because very soon we’re going to have to pay all these taxes that we want as a country. And then taxes are going to go to 60, 70% we got to be ready for it. So we got to have a level of urgency to make a lot of money. Democrat, Republican, independent, libertarian, white, black, Middle Eastern, it doesn’t matter. We got to make some money.
LASM x TDR: On that note. Got it. The funny thing is what you just said, that clarity. That clarity is what it’s all about because we can’t even get to the next level and figuring out where we want to go in any steps without that. Because I know so many people who are here, they’re everywhere and they’re trying to do 18 different things to get that money that you’re talking about, but their clarity so gone that they can’t focus enough to make a dollar.
Patrick: I got to tell you, man. I’m struggling listening to your voice, man. I feel like I’m listening to a 1900 voice with the B-E-T thing going on. I cannot really, If my daughter had a guy like that talking on the other, I’m going to say, hang up
LASM x TDR: And on that note of all the entrepreneurs that you have interviewed, who has been your most memorable and why?
Patrick: Entrepreneurs. If you say entrepreneurs, I’m going to give you a weird name because Mark Cuban was fascinating, but Chip Wilson to me is one of the most underrated CEO’s out there. So let me give you the stats about this, who Chip Wilson is. Who here wears lululemon? Okay, who wears lululemon?
LASM x TDR: Yes.
Patrick: You wear lululemon? Okay. So do you know how lululemon get started? Like do you know the story of lululemon, how this thing got started? So this guy is going around, would sit at coffee shops where women would go to right outside of yoga spots. Intentionally would go to the top yoga spots in L.A. And he would sit and he would wait and listen to all the woman complain about everything they were wearing. So he started taking notes. And he notice what women were complaining about their clothes. They had a hard time wearing their yoga clothes outside because they felt uncomfortable, because something made it look uncomfortable for them. So he says, I’m going to change this look. And that became his focus. He changed it. He took it from zero to $12 billion empire. The guys were $3.9 billion today and he used to be 99% customers were all women. He took it from 99% to today. 60% of his customers are women, 40% are men, lululemon. So his story is fascinating. If you listen to this guy, by the time you are done, you’re going to say, I can do what you did to a business to my own business. Chip Wilson, founder of lululemon. Fascinating story.
LASM x TDR: Wow. That is extraordinary. That is someone I did not know.
Patrick: Yeah. So we got to go to yoga together, me and you. You do the talking and I’ll do the splits. We’ll make it work.
LASM x TDR: We will make it happen.
Patrick: We’ll make it work. We’ll make it work.
LASM x TDR: Well, I do want to say thank you to Chip because I really liked the clothes as well.
Patrick: That he makes?
LASM x TDR: Well the view is great.
Patrick: I know a lot of men appreciate this close. So…
LASM x TDR: It’s got to man.
Patrick: …Well you bought, my friend Mario wears lululemon every day. He comes to the office, we ask him to leave.
LASM x TDR: You ask him to leave?
Patrick: We ask him to leave. We ask him to change his clothes. But he’s gone over it already.
LASM x TDR: Oh my God, Patrick, you have achieved so much like just reading your bio and how Trisha introduce you. I’m like, Whoa, we are literally amongst a God, like seriously, you are the manifestation of a god of a King, you know? And considering all that you have achieved, how do you define success at your level? Because as an educator, as a teacher, I can define it one way that I know that high school students will understand, but at your level, how do you define success in a way that the audience can say, this is the plan. This is the basic formula that must be…
Patrick: Right? So honestly, it’s not going to change based on what levels it’s at because for me, success to me is alignment. And that makes me what I mean by alignment. Here’s what I mean by alignment. So alignment to me is, say for instance, you woke up today and you said, today I’m going to be the best possible cop. I’m going to be the best possible waiter or waitress. I love cutting. Like I have a guy right now, his name is Michael Rappa Tony. Okay. He cuts here. Yeah, it’s how young guy from Philadelphia, he can tell, he tells me mob stories, 24/7. Okay. And, and we sit there, the guy knows so many great stories, right? So the more I talked to this guy, become a friend, I’m going to his wedding next couple of weeks. And so I said, so tell me what’d you do prior to this? He says, Pat, I used to uh, be in real estate. I said, so what kind of money were you making? He says, Pat, I was making 400 grand every single year in the 90s. I said, really? 400 grand here is not bad incoming in a 90. See, I was making very good money. So why are you cutting hair? I mean, what you talk about is so impressive. You can go in any business, make Money to spend my entire life. I was creative, I was an artist. I like cutting care. This is what I love doing. My dream is to open up our own shop because he’s a talker. So you will start telling you, he’s like a therapist. He’s in like he doesn’t get paid for view of a barber, right!
LASM x TDR: That’s the barber shop.
Patrick: That’s the barbershop. I mean that guy is a perfect example of what a barbershop should be. The conversations. Yeah. So he said, I want to open up a shop. I want to be able to do this for the rest of my life. When I talked to him, he is a very happy man. To me, that’s success because he’s aligned. So it is not just about you wanting to be a billionaire. You want it to live in that loft. You wanting to have a slide coming out of your bedroom. It’s your swimming pool. Somebody might say, that’s cocky, that’s arrogant. You’re so full of yourself. Somebody else must say, that’s how I want to wake up. I want to have my slide going to pool. What’s your problem? I want that. Yeah.
LASM x TDR: That’s me. I want Disneyland in my backyard.
Patrick: So again, the point is, if you, what is that famous line from that one movie that men have never seen? What’s that one movie called? Notebook, right? I mean, no man’s ever watch notebook, right?
LASM x TDR: That’s a lie. You guys say you haven’t but you know you have.
Patrick: We’ve never watched it. I’ve heard stories about it…
LASM x TDR: Sure Patrick.
Patrick: … where Noah ask her, that famous line, which is what? What do you want? Right?
LASM x TDR: Right. The what question thing.
Patrick: What do you want?
LASM x TDR: And her brain when she’s crying, what you want?
Patrick: How do I know? What do you want? And she’s trying to debate whether she marries that congressman, that good looking white board. If she marries this Noah guy that’s going to build this White House for her. And she’s going to be like a carpenter deal. Look, what do you want? That’s really what it is. But, but here’s the challenge. If let’s just you say you figure out what you want, you cannot get jealous and envious over somebody else that wants more than you. You cannot say, dude, that guy’s greedy. He wants to live in a 30,000 square foot home. What a greedy bastard he is. No, he wants that. You don’t want it. Leave him alone. He wants to have the Ferrari and the land. Well, you don’t, he wants to have a quarter million dollar watch, you don’t. Why are you bothering them? Just let them be and he’s not going to bother you. You want to be a regular person that marries Noah and he built you a white house, and he’s a carpenter and did those work on you. More power to you. But the key is alignment. If you can get aligned, you’re going to live a happy life. And that to me is success.
LASM x TDR: I’m in complete agreement of all of your accomplishments. When you’re sharing with us that success truly is happiness and having the courage to be happy. Because some people don’t have the courage to be a barber when they knew they used to make $400,000 a year before in real estate. But if all of your accomplishments, which one are you most proud of and why?
Patrick: Which one am I…
LASM x TDR: So far.
Patrick: … Which one am I most proud of and why? That’s a good question. I don’t know if I even look at it that way because, let me say to you this way, to me, I have a, like if you work with me, Mario was saying, today we’re flying and Mario was telling me, because when we bring new employees, we have to talk to them about the environment that goes to dream. So today Mario and Bradford are sitting down 55 page deck. They’re telling all the teammates with the standards and expectations are going to be in. And Mario says, you know Pat, if somebody can work with you for three to five years, they can work with anybody. And I said, why would you say such a thing? He says, because there are so many dimensions to you, right? So let me explain what he’s trying to say. What he’s trying to say is I’m very soft, very tender, very gentle, very kind, easy going, and no expectation. That’s what he’s trying to say, right? At least that’s how I take it.
LASM x TDR: He’s nodding his head but I think he understood.
Patrick: But this is the moral of the story. The point is this. I have a very serious side. I have a very inquisitive curious side, and have a very playful side. To me, I love playing games. When I say games, I’m saying like games like monopoly, man, let’s play monopoly. We can play monopoly and I want to take Atlantic from you. You give me boardwalk, I’ll trade you for the railroads and we talk about all this other stuff, and then we’re having a good time. So to me, honestly, the game of business is the greatest game I’ve ever played in. The game’s not over yet. So, I’m still playing the game. So I can’t really sit there and say my biggest accomplishment is that. I can’t really tell you anything yet because I’m still playing the game and we’re getting very good right now. That’s the part we’re getting to a point right now where we’re figuring things out more than ever before. So we’re having, knew it. Like last year we put our conference together in Las Vegas. Last year at our first conference we ever hosted, we had a couple of hundred people there. This was in 2010, I think April. The last conference we put together in Las Vegas last year, we had 4,300 people. There are 4,500 people there. Kevin Hart was our entertainment of the night. Okay. He came and he did his irresponsible toward deal and it was hilarious. Let me put it to this way. 100 insurance executives, they heard more f bombs in a span of one hour. Then they’ve heard all the conferences combined in their lifetime. Right now, most insurance guys curse on the side, but they don’t curse on public. So they were kind of shocked by that. But we had a good time this year. We’ve already sold 10,600 tickets. The event sold that five months out. So it’s going to be an insane amount we’re putting together at the mirage. But again, I can’t tell you that’s it because it’s the game. Like what’s next? What are we doing next? So if you stay on that mode, you will never go into burnout mode. And I’m not a fan of burnout. I like playing the game and I’m enjoying it. So once I get to that point, I’ll tell you when I get there, but I’m not there right now.
LASM x TDR: Actually kind of read between the lines. It feels like you that your accomplishment is just constant. It’s like, it’s just constant. Every time you inspire somebody that’s accomplished an accomplishment. You don’t look at it like this large scale. You look at it as you, individuals that you impact on a consistent basis.
Patrick: That could be it. Yeah. I think.
LASM x TDR: It’s like, it’s constant. Like I impacted that person. I inspired that person on this level, barbershop on this level, a real estate mobile that’s bringing in billions of dollars or millions of dollars.
Patrick: Do you mind if I ask them to move on the cat so I can lay down and I will do a therapy session here together. I want to figure out my prompts with my dad, my mom, my exes. I want to figure every problem out today. We’re going to figure it out together. No, but listen, when you say what you said…
LASM x TDR: No. Your energy is your energy. It’s not my fault. You’re constant.
Patrick: I appreciate it. No, I think people that probably work me on a daily basis would say you’re absolutely right.
LASM x TDR: Yeah. So I’m sure of it.
Patrick: Yeah.
LASM x TDR: But when you look at all the accomplishments that you have and all the things that you do. Now the thing that I really want to know is how do you then define, how do you balance everything else? Family, life, kids, everything that’s going on, self-care, everything that’s going on. How do you then balance all that with everything else that’s going on?
Patrick: Yeah. So there is the diplomatic answer to give and then I’m going to give you the truth. I’m just going to tell you that the true aspect of it. It’s not easy, period. It’s just not, you’re going to lose in a few other places. When I say you lose in a few other places, I have hits like, at one time I went to the hospital, middle of the night they take me to the house and I’m like, what the hell is going to feel like I’m dying? Right. And now you’re just having an anxiety attack because I was going two and a half hours sleep for like three weeks straight. And it’s like, look, you just need to take a break right now. You’ve been going hardcore. So you’re going to have some of those days. But again, family wise, I’d say how I got married. This is very weird when I tell how I got married, I did. This typically people think I’m weird on how I got married. So I’m 28 years old, which is a very weird age for men because you’re too away from that three number and you’re no longer closer to 20 than 30. You’re closer to 30 than 20, right. So it’s kind of like, wait a minute, can I stick around in the 20s a little longer, right? So I’m 28 which for men is pretty confusing. And I said, I must stay single. I’m fine. I can stay single. I enjoy being single. I, I’m the guy that can go to the movies by himself and I enjoy my own company.
Patrick: I used to go to movies…
LASM x TDR: I love the movies.
Patrick: You too! I used to go to movies at 10 o’clock with 80 year old senior citizens. We watch movies together. We have such a great time. My dates were 82-year -old, arm around me. We’re watching a movie together, right? But I was 28 and I said, you know what? Listen, I had this one of my associates wives. She said, Patty, I’m just going to stay single. I’m telling you I’m fine. I’m going to be okay. She says, no, you got to get married. We want to meet your kids one day. I’m like, I’m totally fine. She says, look, there’s a book. This guy today, I was listening to the radio, so got to read this book, just read it. I said, what’s the book? It’s 101 questions to ask before you get engaged. I said, I don’t need a book like this. She said, just read it. So I buy the book, right? And and the book, it’s got 101 questions. Literally it’s 101 questions and you just literally answer every question. It’s the easiest book you can ever write. Because just put 101 questions that empty blank page, no points, nothing, right? Anybody know, writes this book. So I go through the book on the car. Interesting. So at that time I was talking to four girls, okay. And I had every one of them read this book. They read the book and I said, Hey, let’s see what’s going to happen here. So we met up together and I said, well, let’s go through it. So I’m telling him my stuff and one of the questions is, what baggage do you bring to the table? And on the bottom disclaimer says if anybody says none run, because everyone’s got some kind of baggage they bring to the table. So by the time it was done, uh, my wife and I were dating. I took her out. We went to Earth Cafe, which Earth cafe is what? Santa Monica Earth cafe. Then went and did the stairs in Santa Monica. You know this…
LASM x TDR: There’s one downtown too. Yeah.
Patrick: There’s one downtown too. Yeah. We went to Santa Monica stairs, I don’t know if you know the Santa Monica stairs? …  And then I took her to the borders. And I took her to borders and I said, listen, this is going to be kind of weird. It’s our second date. I said, this is a book I want you to read. So on the second day I bought her book hundred, one questions to ask before we get engaged. And I said, I need you to read this because I know you like me and I like you too. But I don’t want to get into uncomfortable phase where people get stuck together and you don’t want to be with them long term. But you can’t break up because it’s comfortable. You don’t want to get used to new things. This personality accepts me for these seven things. I have to go and get another person who accepted for these seven things. That whole annoying thing you go through. Right? Anyways, long story short, a week later, we do our six hour thing. We go through every single question to get. I said, you know what? This could actually work. Year and a half later we got married. We’ve got three kids today. We’ve been married for nine and a half years and this is what I always say. I don’t know if I’m going to be married for 20 years, but I know for a fact that can be married one more year, so we take it one year at a time is what we take. Your marriage is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. So moral of the story. What is the moral of the story? In that six hour conversation I asked her, here’s the life I want to live. I am not a nine to fiver. I am not going to be home every night. I work six days a week. I am going to travel. I am going to be doing the following things in return I’m going to give you x, Y, z. But if you hover over me and you try to control me, I become your enemy. You don’t want me as an enemy. I’m just trying to be very open with you. So for a year and a half, I push the hell out of her. We fought 24 seven because I want to know if it was real or not. I want to experience all of it. And then she leaves me alone. So, going back to it, but she has an amazing life. She’s sleeping in a 15,000 square foot home right now, four storey, nanny, protection, too scary shih tzu that protect them in the house, very intimidating shih tzus.
LASM: No. Shih tzus are hilarious.
Patrick: They’re scary. You got to be careful with those Shih Tzus, right!
LASM x TDR: Is she a stay at home mom or does she works as well?
Patrick: She works as well.
LASM x TDR: What does she do?
Patrick: She works with me. She’s our operations and she’s actually, we met in the business. She is great at this business. She knows the business very well. So she runs the operation side and we knew she’s on, like if this is the office, her office is here, my office is here.
LASM x TDR: Best place. That’s good Pat. She’s fixing what your plans.
Patrick: Yeah. No doubt, it works for us. And we’ve been able to make it work so long, for us for nine and a half years and we’re happy. But again, this is the problem. A lot of time people ask me about balance. People fake it. You know how they say people fake it in bedroom or whatever. People fake it when they’re dating like they say, oh, so tell me. Like men will say, oh my gosh, look at those flowers. Oh, I’m getting emotional. Look how beautiful those flowers are. So I just, it reminds me of my grandmother that one time, my mother and my grandmother, we were walking outside.
LASM x TDR: Okay Patrick.
Patrick: And I smelled the roses and it was so amazing. And the girl says, I’ve met him. This is the man of my dreams. I love him so much.
LASM x TDR: And guest who she met? His representatives
Patrick: I think because we’re not really up front, real upfront, we act a lot and then we ended up dating a fake person because you acted for that person. They’re trying to date the actor, not the real person. So I’m just going to be, this is me. Sometimes I’m an asshole. Sometimes I’m tough to be around. Sometimes I’m strong. Sometimes I’m stubborn, sometimes I’m telling jokes. Realistically, you’re dating eight guys. So if you want to have that, you’ve got eight guys you’re dating. Heads up, this one guy go to bed with, you don’t have to have eight numbers you text. It’s one number, but it’s eight guys. So I just don’t know who’s going to show up to date. So it works out for everybody.
LASM: Along with that then. So I mean those are all words of wisdom that you’re telling me. But do you have any other nuggets of wisdom that you can put out there for our people.
Patrick: When it comes down to relationships?
LASM x TDR: No. Just when it comes down to business life.
Patrick: So, okay. So let’s talk about one area. Here’s the one thing I think a lot of times people in the world of business are trying to come up with the next best idea, right? Everybody’s trying to come up with the next best idea. Hey, I have an idea. I think this ID can be $10 million business. Have an idea. This can be $1 billion business. Have this other idea. We can do this. I think people need to spend more time coming up with systems that continuously produce ideas, not just one off ideas. Most people are like, well, I’m afraid to share my idea because what if somebody, what, steals my idea? Right? If you have a formula in place, like earlier we were talking, right Trish? We were talking earlier and were over then. I’m showing a formula to them. I said, this is the formula. Here’s how you do this. Here’s how you do that. If you bank on systems and formulas that are proven, you are never going to run out of ideas because you have this system where you can look at any industry within an hour. You can come up with ideas and pick and choose what idea is best to put your time into. So what’s the moral of the story? The moral of the story is instead of trying to come up with great ideas, start asking people like when you meet successful people, ask them about their systems. Ask them about how they process issues. Ask them what is their step by step on how they handle a conflict. Ask them those questions. Those are the questions that I’m able to transfer your system to me. Woman talk to each other and said, so what do you do with your skin? You meet somebody that’s got beautiful skin. First thing I’m going to ask is it, so tell me your process. First, I do this. Then I do this and I do now use this Korean thing that I bought from this place for $300. And I do this and I add this additional touch and when the morning I do this and I’ll wash them. Okay, you just give me your system. Right? In the world of business, how did you make your money? How did you do this? No. What is your system for raising money? What is your system for hiring people? What is your system for finding a business partner? What is your system when you’re about to make a tough decision, you have a guy in conflict you’re having, how do you handle. If you can steal or pull out those systems from people that are transferable to you. Now it’s in your arsenal. You can implement those in any industry you’re part of. So the, the thing I would say to wrap it up is just ask questions that give you transferable knowledge that you can apply tonight. That’s what I would say, man.
LASM x TDR: You know what, the cool thing about what you’re saying is that we can sit here and talk about all this all night because you have so much going on. So much knowledge, but you have some things coming up as some conferences that you got. So was it the vault?
Patrick: The vault. Yes.
LASM x TDR: It sounds like that you might have some of that information for people and stuff like that. So can you tell us a little bit about it, when it’s going to happen and where people can basically follow you and get involved with?
Patrick: Absolutely. Well, thanks for letting me do that. The vault is the first item and conference we’re hosting in Dallas, Texas. It’s a three day conference that we’ll have.
LASM x TDR: And when is this?
Patrick: And it’s going to be May 1st to May 4th. It starts May 2nd but May 1st, everybody gets registered at the Hyatt regency in Dallas. You can go to to register for them. We already have people register from 36 different countries. Today we got our 36 which is Pakistan. Somebody coming from Pakistan all over the world. But what we’re doing at the vault is the following, it’s three days. Each day’s dedicated for a different thing. Day one, It’s about identifying your next three moves. So your next three moves may be different than her next three moves. There may be different than her next three moves, but it’s identifying your next three moves. So first thing to study in your trends and identify your next three moves. The next day is systems, protocols, procedures to be transferred to you. Here’s the systems that we do to study data. Here’s the trench to find your customers. Here’s what you do to process issues. A problem solving formula that I’ve used for the last 15 years that works in a war room, the boardroom and the bedroom. Again, a problem solving formula that you can apply in any industry. You’ll sit there transferable to anybody and you can apply it. And then last but not least is team building and how to go out there and put a team to get to go build your business into an empire. So we’ll be covering up for three days in Dallas. It’s going to be exciting. It’s going to be, this isn’t one of those things where you go and every speaker gets up and they sell their package. We are literally going through content from morning till night for three days. Very intense. That’ll be on Dallas May 1st to May 4th.
LASM x TDR: We should fly down and cover it. Yes. That’s awesome. Wow. Okay. Well I mean, I want to go because there’s a lot of love and a lot of nuggets that I need to get from you because you have a lot of experience and you have a lot of knowledge that I know everyone up here and anybody in the room can definitely use them. So I would like to also share that with the people. So where can we find you on social media? Where can they find your YouTube channel? How can they get little bits?
Patrick: Yeah. I mean.
LASM x TDR: If they can’t make it out there to vault.
Patrick: If you want to go to the conference, it’s, highly recommend everybody go. There’s five different packages. The top two are pretty much sold out, but the three ones, even general sessions. Somebody has got to figure out a way to go. The best way to go is go with your spouse, go with your business partner to go to that event. But if you can’t, Valuetainment channel, we have over 800 videos on how to raise money, how to figure out a way, whether you’re doing business with your family. Whether you should or you shouldn’t, 20 rules of money. So many different videos that are on there that can apply to anybody. You’ll find that on YouTube called Valuetainment and a one platform that I respond back to messages, 90% of the time is Instagram and my handle is Patrick Bet-David. Patrick B-E-T David, you can find me on Twitter as well, but mainly Instagram. Patrick Bet-David.
LASM x TDR: Awesome. There it is. Well, Patrick, thank you so much for coming and blessing us with this. And as we go out, we always like to ask some people a little question and I’m interested in this. We need to find out and let the people know. What is your superpower?
Patrick: What is my superpower? My superpower is reading people. Isn’t that crazy? I can read you. I can read people. I can read what you’re thinking, right now.
LASM x TDR: I can’t wait to ask you, what did you read?
Patrick: I can read people Brad for, can I not read people I can read?
LASM x TDR: It’s a spirit of discernment. Have you heard of that?
Patrick: I will take it. I have heard of it.
LASM x TDR: It is.
Patrick: And I…
LASM x TDR: It’s a gift.
Patrick: I can read people.
LASM x TDR: It’s a spiritual gift.
Patrick: For the most part.
LASMx TDR: Do we have time for him to read one of us? Okay. Look at the producers over there. You guys can’t see it but Dave is shaking his head. I’m telling on him. Awesome. Well, we thank you very much.
Patrick: I appreciate you for having me. Truly. Thanks for having me guys. Thank you.
LASM x TDR: Thank you. There you have it Trip Digital Radio, L.A STYLE Magazine. Patrick, thanks for coming. Definitely come back after the conference and let us know when.
Patrick: I will let you know how to Journey went to journey. How about that?
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