Expert credit repair specialist and relentless Latina. She discovered the connection around finances and mental wellness during her early social work days. She is now taking the credit repair industry by storm, showing families the blueprint toward financial success bringing American dreams to reality. 

Power of Being Female: “The ability to define my posture and voice found hidden in my heart. Being in pursuit toward evolving into the woman of God I am called to be. Having  the ability to carry out the earthly assignments God places in front of me because I am designed to walk fearlessly, lovingly, with compassionate servitude.” 

Great Milestone: To be the first Latina in her family to obtain a college bound education,  break free from traditional hetro-cultural narratives and stereotypes, and challenged  the norms to be the first woman in her family to create generational wealth.”   

Secret to Success:  “Never say that I can’t but how…How can I do that too? Accepting that failing is  part of success. Always staying in the learner’s seat, having patience, consistency, and understanding that I don’t have to know everything thus having faith that through my failures I will discover my answers…God is my CEO.”

Favorite Self-Care Routine: “Going to the Malibu Hills spending quality time at the beaches, taking time daily to refuel my spiritual cup as I reconnect with my Lord. I love taking long runs to cancel out the busy day to day noise, coffee dates, and my guilty pleasure of eating  pizza like my all-time favorite 90’s pop singer, Selena…making a medium pizza dinner for two!” 


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