Wendy Porter, creator of Crowned for Success and Boss Ladies Mindset is an award-winning business and mindset mastery coach, a public speaker and author. She is an award-winning business and mindset mastery coach, a public speaker and author. She has 15 years of experience building and operating multi-million dollar businesses in Corporate America before following her passion and creating her online companies Boss Ladies Mindset LLC. and Crowned for Success LLC.

Crowned for Success and Boss Ladies Mindset is the largest women’s empowerment network for CEOs on social media, with a following of over 1 million people.  Crowned for Success is also a coaching business that mentors and motivates women to reach their highest potential in both business and mindset mastery and has proudly served over 4000 clients in nearly 30 countries. They are proud to be a heart-centered business that gives back 10% of their proceeds to charitable organizations that specialize in women’s equality, education for underpriviledged women and girls and domestic violence awareness. Website:

Q: What is your message to the digital community?  “We live in a time where all you need is your cell phone and wi-fi to make a great income! Use it!” 

Q:  What is the big vision for @Bossladiesmindset?  Our big vision is to become a one-stop shop coaching business for women entrepreneurs. We have created a space where women can come to get motivated, educated and inspired to build a soulful business. They get resources that align and focus on the whole woman – mind, body, spirit and business. Far too often women neglect mind, body, spirit for their business. We are giving women the tools to obtain a healthy balance.”

Q: What was your source of inspiration that led you to share your expertise with others? I was in corporate America for 15 years of building, running and operating multi-million dollar businesses. While it was financially rewarding, it was extremely stressful, it wasn’t very spiritually rewarding and it taking a toll on my health.  I was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago and was at home recuperating from two related surgeries for 30 weeks. I had more time on my hands than I had ever had. During that time, I did a lot of soul-searching and self-discovery trying to figure out what my purpose was — what the purpose of life was, really. It was in that time that I discovered my passion had always been empowering women. I never understood why women tore each other down or looked at each other as competition. SHE is you, there is no competition. This inspired me to build a women’s empowerment movement and network, little did I know we would have over a million followers just 3 years later. It’s still blows my mind! As crazy as it sounds, I guess you can say cancer was my inspiration.”

Q: What is one of the biggest challenges you had to overcome as you were growing your social media business?   “Not having the support of my family and some close friends. No one believed in what I wanted to do. In fact, I was mocked by my own husband when I started gaining followers on Instagram. No one understood what I was trying to accomplish with social media. Needless to say, he’s a believer now! Use the naysayers as fuel to push you even harder, even if it’s coming from your own family and friends.”

 Q: What mindset did you have to have or adapt to overcome that challenge? Be obsessed with your work – want it more than you want coffee on a Monday morning! Learn to be your biggest cheerleader. Have unwavering self-belief, lots of self-love, determination and tenacity!”

Q: What has been your biggest victory or major milestones that you have achieved? “By far, the biggest victory has been the women who email, message or send me cards and tell me how much I’ve impacted their lives. It is the greatest gift to know that I’m making a difference. It reminds me why I do what I do. It’s extremely humbling and surreal at times.” 

Q:  What is one professional tip that you have for businesses to grow their social media presence?  “Show up authentically YOU; infuse your personality into your brand and business. That’s where the real magic happens! And be consistent.” 

Q: What is your perspective on success? What does success mean to you? “My definition of success is peace, happiness and freedom. Money is just an added bonus.” 

Q: How would you describe your formula for success?  “My formula for success consists of three pillars: Collaborations, authenticity, and love. These are the exact pillars I used to build the largest women’s empowerment network for soulful CEOs on social media with more than 1 million followers, in less than 3 years.”

Q: What do you think are the most important things for brands to consider in growing?  “Hire a great team or a great assistant. Hire people who are talented and can teach you something. Hire people whose strengths are your weaknesses. And give them autonomy to make decisions in their positions. Micro-managing is a quick way to suffocate the life out of your team. Remember that people take better care of things that they own. Make them feel like its theirs and you will build a team that will be invested in you and take incredible care of your business. Invest in a business coach for your business. We are all always learning. Learn from people who are doing it better than you. Every time I’ve invested in a coach I’ve gotten a return on my investment and added a minimum 100k to my business. Overcome limited mindset beliefs that are hindering your growth. Many women are holding on to limiting beliefs that keep us playing small. As a business coach I’ve worked with over 4k women in 29 different countries to help them overcome their limiting beliefs and build profitable businesses and what I’ve found time and time again is that many of us play it small. We shrink ourselves. I think it’s that old school conditioning that has been seared in our psyche, that girls should just sit down, be quiet and look pretty. F that! Stand tall, speak up and step into your power! It’s your time.”


Q: What is something that your audience doesn’t know about you?   I had severe scoliosis as a child and had to wear this big obnoxious back brace all the way through middle school and was bullied pretty badly. It took a big blow to my self confidence and it took me most of my life to rebuild it. In fact, I don’t think I felt fully confident in my own skin until I was in my early 30s. I believe that the experience of being bullied contributed to me being an overachiever, I had something to prove. And that disorder contributed to me becoming a passionate activist against any injustice, inequality, abuse or mistreatment of human beings and animals. 


Q: What does the future of Bossladiesmindset hold?  We will continue to serve and mentor women entrepreneurs to reach their highest potential in business and mindset mastery through our coaching services. We will also be taking our digital presence into communities by having women empowerment meet-and greets. And, in 2020, we will be holding large women empowerment conferences in major cities across the US.

We also have plans to expand our philanthropy work by opening a non-profit that focuses on women’s equality, women and girls education in third-world countries, and domestic violence awareness here in the US. 

Featured Photo: Wendy Aimee Porter on Facebook


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