Attorney and fierce social justice activist. She is on the Board of Directors of A New Way of Life, an organization that provides resources to promote healing and opportunity for formerly incarcerated people.  This highly successful Southern California attorney is also a compassionate and fierce social justice activist. While she has served as a legal advocate for over 22 years, her most vocal and heartfelt causes happen outside of the courtroom. She is on the Board of Directors of A New Way of Life, an organization that provides resources to promote healing, power and opportunity for formerly incarcerated people and has served underprivileged populations by committing to countless hours to such dynamic organizations.  A New Way of Life has provided homes to more than 1000 women and reunited more than 300 children. Whitney’s maverick voice and bold stance allow a second chance for all who she helps. Learn more about her practice at the Law Offices of Whitney Davis-Houston

Power of Being Female: “Having spent the entirety of my career in spaces dominated by men, I’ve become quite adept at wielding that power effectively. The ability to intuit solutions to seemingly difficult problems, or turn situations where I am underestimated to my advantage, all flow from the power of the feminine.”

Philosophy: “My philosophy is more a recognition that people are really all the same, and when we operate on a plane that recognizes our commonality, we find an easier path to meeting our goals.” 

Biggest Milestone: “My biggest milestone was my decision to open my own practice. I love the opportunity to help people. I want to help in the best ways that I can help them. It has also been a lesson in shedding the ‘impostor syndrome’ I struggle to overcome. It’s been a real confidence builder to know that I can be successful in my own right doing what I love to do.”

Secret to Success: “Keep pushing, keep believing in yourself and always watch your back. Really, that is my mantra. Regardless of how I feel, I know I have to keep moving ahead, and even when I’m not feeling 100%, I remind myself to fake it until I do.”


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It is with love and optimism that we share this issue in such a time as this. L.A. STYLE announces our unwavering solidarity for the equality revolution; we join hands and hearts with our sisters and brothers who are oppressed by systemic racism and other injustices occurring due to the color of our skin. As Robert Frost once wrote, “The only way out is through.”
This “Color is Beautiful” issue,  features over 100 public statements from a collection of movie stars, music legends, political figures, sports stars and more who have spoken out for justice. 
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