Actors use their talent to elicit different emotions within us. But this time, they aren’t acting. Michael B Jordan, Kerry Washington, Dwayne Johnson and more big-time actors are speaking from the heart. They are spawning understanding and are aiding in the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Kerry Washington

“Taking time to breathe for those who no longer have breath. Be kind and gentle to yourself today so you can be strong in the fight for justice.”

Photo and caption: Kerry Washington Instagram Post
  1. Lena Waithe

“Being Black In America Should Not Be A Death Sentence. I’m tired of typing ‘Rest in Peace’, I wish BLACK people could live in peace.⁣

⁣Rest in Power #GEORGEFLOYD | call Minneapolis Mayor @jacobfrey1(612)-673-2100 + the DA (612)-348-5550 and demand the prosecution of all officers involved including Derek Chauvin (Badge 1087) and Tou Thao (Badge 7162). ⁣

All 4 police officers have been officially fired, but now we need them arrested and CHARGED. ⁣

Not on our watch. ⁣

This must end.⁣

Say his name.”

Photo and caption: Lena Waithe Instagram Post
  1. Michael B Jordan

“Many people see this logo and think it’s a cop, but it’s really a black man. This logo by Chuck D represents the target on black folks backs. If you saw the logo differently, think differently: This country was built on the backs of our ancestors — backs that had a target the entire time and this month is no different with more black lives caught in the crosshairs. Too many look at us as public enemies, only some see us as humans, and yet we need to be superhuman just to survive. We must strategize, organize, and train ourselves as we demand more. One arrest isn’t enough. This is just the beginning.”

Photo and caption: Michael B Jordan Instagram Post
  1. Dwayne Johnson

“Past few days I’ve been stunned trying [to] make sense of George Floyd’s death. 

The video. 

The plea for breath. 

The callous response. 

The racism. 

The killing. 

This is our ongoing disease. 

I’ve had cops in my family. 

Good men. 

And there’s a cop code, granting you the authority to use force if your life is in danger. 

But when a man is handcuffed, on the ground, no longer a threat, with your brothers in arms standing around watching and he struggles to say, “please I can’t breathe” when your knee is on his neck.. not his back, but his neck – cutting off his air. 

Cop code must become moral code. 

Ethics code. 


Knowing that if you don’t ease up, then that man is going to die. 

So when you decide to not ease up, your intention is to kill. 

And that’s what this was. 

George Floyd, said “officer I can’t breathe” as he struggled for air. 

He said these words a total of 15 times. Not once. Not twice. 

15 times. 

These officers will be charged, I’m positive of that. 

Held accountable. 

But then where’s the greater accountability?

The leadership to healing. 

More importantly, the leadership to EQUALITY. 

We ultimately win when we can normalize equality. 

I’m so sorry to the Floyd family. My heart breaks for you.

Let the process begin now. 



Photo and caption: Dwayne Johnson Instagram Post
  1. Jamie Foxx

“George Floyd

Can not describe how much pain.. power and love is here in Minneapolis… change Gon come… #changecourse

Photo and caption: Jamie Foxx Instagram Post
  1. Tami Roman

“Prayers up for #GeorgeFloyd them being fired IS NOT going to suffice. They need to be arrested! They murdered this man & didn’t feel no way about doing it ??? #StopKillingOurMen

Photo and caption: Tami Roman Instagram Post
  1. Octavia Spencer

“I’m going to be blacked out for a minute, y’all! I yield to the young people out there in true protest putting themselves in harm’s way. I’m lifting my hands in prayer for you, like the loving aunt that i am. To the leaders out there trying to bring about change, invite them to the table. THEY are today’s agents of change. Also, If I have to tell you how you should feel about a public lynching, you simply can’t be helped. To all of you marching, I pray you have the wisdom of Martin but are girded by the strength of Malcolm.  #prayinganddonating#YouMatter #prayingforunity#getregistered #getorganized#getjustice #getouthevote2020

Photo and caption: Octavia Spencer Instagram Post
  1. Ice Cube

“‪Some get to reach for the stars while others have to reach for the bars. ‬”

Photo and caption: Ice Cube Instagram Post
  1. Keke Palmer

“I like following rules and doing what I’m told. It’s like as a kid, it sticks with you, believing in authority and doing as you’re told. That’s applauded and its wrong to do anything else… Until your trust in authority becomes uncertain. There is a check and balance when it comes to a government and it’s people, we decide together no matter who we are and what we do, what side of history we want to be on. It can’t be government/authority over ANYTHING because sometimes… sometimes, going against authority is the only remedy for change. Where do you draw the line?”

Photo and caption: Keke Palmer Instagram Post
  1. Letitia Wright

“In the midst of darkness. It’s important to share the LIGHT. ? Honoured to share the scriptures that help me to overcome times of tribulation and hardship with @youversion bible App ?? Praying for our world daily ??

Be blessed. Hope this bible plan encourages you during this time.”

Photo and caption: Letitia Wright Instagram Post


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