10 Fashion Designers Letting Their Voices Be Heard

Fashion designers are letting their voices be heard on the issues of racial injustice. This doesn’t only speak to the fashion industry but all of those who are impacted by their designs.  

  1. Romeo Hunte

#blackouttuesday ✊?⠀

We are tired of seeing black bodies drop! While the justice system stands aside and look. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ⠀

George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Dontre Hamilton, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford III, Ezel Ford, Dante Parker, Tanisha Anderson, Akai Gurlery, Rumain Brisbon, Jerame Reid, Tony Robison, Phillip White, Eric Harris, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Sean Reed, Steven Demarco Taylor, Ariane McCree, Terrance Franklin, Miles Hall, Jamee Johnson, Antwon Rose, Stephon Clark, Yassin Mohamed, Finan H Berhe,Darius Tarver, William Green, Kwame “KK” Jones, De’von Bailey, Christopher Whitfield, Anthony Hill, Eric Logan, Jamarion Robinson, Gregory Hill Jr, JaQuavion Slaton, Ryan Twyman, Brandon Webber, Jimmy Atchison, Willie McCoy, Emantic “EJ” Fitzgerald Bradford Jr, D’ettrick Griffin, Jemel Roberson, DeAndre Ballard, Botham Shem Jean, Robert Lawrence White, Anthony Lamar Smith, Ramarley Graham, Manuel Loggins Jr. Trayvon Martin, Wendell Allen, Kendrec McDade, Larry Jackson Jr, Jonathan Ferrell, Jordan Baker, Victor White III,kEzell Ford, Kajieme Powell, Lacquan Mcdonald, Sandra Bland, Rodney Hess, Dion Johnson, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, PHILANDO CASTILE, Emmett Till, George Stinney, Robert B Edwards, Mubarak Soulemane, Tony McDade, Atatiana Jefferson, Freddie Gray , Bobby Hunter, Greg Gunn , Oscar Grant, Adama Traore , Yusef Hawkins, Abner Louima, Rodney King, Latasha Walton , Nia Wilson, Anthony Baez, Renisha McBride, Korryn Gaines, Timothy Thomas, Sam Dubose, Rekia Boyd, Jamar Clark, Michael Stewart , Patrick Underwood, Samuel Dubose, Jeremy Mcdole , Avery Cody Jr, Angelo Freedman , Destiny Harrison, Nathaniel Sanders,Byron Carter, Mike Ramos, James Rivera , David McAtee, Ron Settles, Landon Nobles, Jason Smith, James Scurlock, Brandon Tate, Karl May Jr , and MANY more”

Photo and caption: Romeo Hunte
  1. Kerby Jean-Raymond

It’s going to take some time. But let’s make sure it’s the last time. And organize in private.”

Photo and caption: Kerby Jean-Raymond
  1. Clare Vivier

“We are heartbroken and outraged by the senseless murder of George Floyd and by the racial injustice being perpetuated in our country. We as a company are committed and ready to have the difficult conversations, support those using their voices for good, and mobilize to raise awareness in the fight against systemic racism.

Today, we are updating our homepage with the names of George Floyd and countless victims of racial injustice before him to humanize the painful toll of these acts of violence. We are putting a pause on ads and email campaigns this week and respecting the space that we and our community need right now.

Clare V. will also be making a donation to @colorofchange – a nonprofit organization that leads campaigns to build real power for Black communities by challenging injustice, holding corporate and political leaders accountable, expanding Black voter access and advancing solutions for racial justice. This step is just the beginning. We will continue to advocate, and above all else, listen.

With love,


Photo and caption: Clare Vivier
  1. Phlemuns

“this is my father at 2 years old in 1942 Prescott, Arkansas. he is the product of my grandmother (not pictured) being a belly warmer to a white man. my last name Flemons is derived from our slave owners the Flemings. due to slave trade & my ancestors not knowing how to spell, the last name changed various times over years. that’s why the name #PHLEMUNS is so important to me. this is our history.”

Photo and caption: Phlemuns
  1. Trina Turk

“Dear Trina Turk & Mr Turk Friends and Family:

Recent events have made it clear that we must take a stance. We stand in solidarity with the black community in the fight for racial equality. We have been reminded again and again of the intolerable injustice in our country. We all must speak up for what’s right, as our silence has perpetuated this untenable discrimination.

At Trina Turk and Mr Turk, we celebrate diversity. We will stand with, speak up for, support, and use our collective power to enact change with and for our black friends and neighbors.

Please join us.


Photo and caption: Trina Turk
  1. Myrtle

“Trying to find the balance right now of listening & learning; posting things that show where my heart is while also making room for other people to post their more informed knowledge. I posted a black square this morning and it feels like a way for some to check out and not see valuable posts and information today. I feel better to post some Black beauty instead. This is a photo of Reese Forte from a 2012 lookbook with Megan McIssac; I’ve always loved how strong and quiet and graceful this photo is. Instead of being fully muted this week I will likely try to share more of these beautiful photos here and some of the things I am reading and learning in the stories. Thank you to those of you having meaningful conversations with me, even on this platform geared toward the quick & easy. Black Lives Matter.”

Photo and caption: Myrtle 
  1. Tracy Reese

“Meditate on this.

Repost from @culturestrike 

#jamesbaldwin #justiceforgeorgefloyd#justiceforbreonnataylor#justiceforahmaud #equalityforall

Photo and caption: Tracey Reese Instagram
  1. Carleen

Here’s the thing: by all accounts, Breonna Taylor was a wonderful person. She had made a career of helping people and was a light in the lives of her family and friends. But it doesn’t matter that she was a “good person”, NO ONE should be shot by police while they’re asleep in bed. #happybirthdaybreonna if you haven’t already seen the petitions, birthday cards, emails, etc, please check the link in my story and do ALL of the actions.

Photo and caption: Carleen Instagram
  1. Kate and Laura Mulleavy

“RG: @rodarte

Rodarte stands with the entire Black Community.

We at the brand are listening, learning, and committing to fight against systemic racism.

We will share more as we go on this journey together.

We have personally donated to and urge you to donate to the list of vitally important charities in our stories.

Rodarte will also donate ALL profit from all sales on from June 5, 2020 to ‪July 31, 2020‬ to NAACP LDF. *Profit defined as Purchase value minus the cost of goods.”

Photo and caption: Kate and Laura Mulleavy Instagram
  1. Kellie Brown

“Take inventory. The problems that exist today existed last month, last year, last hundreds of years. Influencers are posting. Sharing feelings of anger, sadness and a need for action. So much of racism is so insidious that grown educated people are saying things like I need to “learn about racism”. I don’t want to deter learning but, that blows my mind. So now that the aesthetic graphics have been shared, and your black friends have been texted… how will they actively work to level the playing field? When there are zero or ONE black person on your panel, do you still accept the job? If the campaign is not diverse do you firmly use your power and influence to say, “I don’t participate in campaigns that don’t reflect the many people buying your products”. Read, learn, donate but the power that is racism is yours to give up. Even if it’s at personal loss. So take inventory of the big statements and commitments being made. Who will follow through? #blacklivesmatter

Photo and caption: Kellie Brown


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