10 Best Gifts For Him This Christmas Holiday

Finding the perfect gift for the men in your life isn’t easy. If you disagree try asking their mom or significant other. See? We thought so. Before settling for yet another boring gift, take some time to really think about what the guy you’re shopping for would love to unwrap. While you can’t go wrong with the typical button-up shirt or pair of socks, this year calls for something atypical with everything going on in the world. With that being said, don’t stress it. If you’re at a loss for ideas and need some help, we’ve rounded up the 10 best gift ideas for him this Christmas holiday.

1. Airpods Pro

Headphones with a cord? Time to leave those in the past. The Airpods Pro is Apple’s hottest product for this holiday season, including noise-canceling capabilities, a customizable fit, and a water-resistant design, among other new features. These are a great fit for the runner, worker, and music lover that we all have inside. Yes, they’re priced higher at $199 retail price. But the good news is they’re constantly being discounted, especially this season. Take advantage of these discounts and grab a pair for the man who’s always on the go.

(image courtesy of Apple)

2. Manscaped

Oh, the man and his mighty hair. If you’d like to indirectly tell him to step up his hygiene when it comes to trimming, this is the go-to gift. This powerful trimmer allows him to manscape safely in-or-out of the shower with two adjustable guards and a cleaning brush. The package also includes moisturizers, toners, as well as a pair of boxers to add to the smoothness after trimming and moisturizing. With a retail price of $99, this gift makes that man of your life look and feel sharper than he’s ever had.

(image courtesy of Manscaped)

3. Disney + Year Subscription

Who seriously does not like Disney? The streaming service has more than 500 movies and nearly 7,500 TV episodes in its library. That’s more than one could ever ask for. The list includes the Marvel Cinematic Universe collection of films, the Star Wars series, and all the classic Disney animated films you grew up loving. With the ongoing pandemic and holidays, there’s no better time than to get him in his favorite pair of pajamas with his family, friends, and loved ones and enjoy the extensive selection Disney Plus offers for only $69.99 a year.

(image courtesy of Disney Plus)

4. Hydro Flask

It seems no matter where you go, you always see someone drinking their ice-cold water from a colorful flask. If the guy you’re searching for a gift for still holds onto disposable plastic water bottles (awkward), now’s the time to make the switch and get him a Hydro Flask. These insulated flasks come in a big variety of colors and sizes, making selecting one exciting, or the hardest decision of your life. The 32oz standard size bottle will run you $35, keeping your wallet from breaking and your man from dehydrating.

(image courtesy of Hydro Flask)

5. Dior Sauvage

This might be the closest thing you’ll come around to a love potion. Year after year, Dior Sauvage returns as men’s favorite cologne of the year. If he’s not used to getting a lot of compliments, you might want to give him a fair warning of what’s coming his way. With a raw masculine power and a fresh and playful sweetness, this cologne goes for $95 retail price, lasting him a good amount of time to leave more than one in love with its scent.

(image courtesy of Macys)

6. Sonicare Toothbrush

Please don’t tell me he’s still using a manual toothbrush. If that’s the case, Sonicare Toothbrush not only is a powerful electric toothbrush that will bring him better care for his dental hygiene. In case he forgot how to brush his teeth, the included mobile app will guide him to brush and highlight missed areas through its included mobile app, taking him back to missed areas he might have missed. Coming in at $139 retail price, this toothbrush will make him smile from cheek to cheek.

(image courtesy of Kohl’s)

7. Nintendo Switch

7. Nintendo Switch

They loved it as a kid, they love it now, nothing’s changed. Nintendo’s newest console brings joy once again to the gamer inside of him. With beloved titles such as Mario Bros, Zelda, and other fan favorites, this console has taken the world by storm with its compact go-to and easy accessibility at home for just $299. Perfect for him to play with friends and family over the break.

(image courtesy of GameStop)

8. Amazon Alexa

Hey Alexa, what’s a good gift to get him this holiday season? It’s no surprise Amazon’s Alexa made it to this list. With a wide range of skills ranging from being a smart speaker for answering queries, playing music from a variety of services, and controlling most smart-home devices, this device is a go-to favorite for that tech-savvy man in your life who needs an extra hand (or voice).

The Amazon Alexa is available in most retail stores and on Amazon’s website for the retail price of $30.

(image courtesy of Amazon)

9. Gymshark Gear

9. Gymshark Gear

If the guy you’re shopping for has upped their workout game this year, or maybe are tired of doing their workout routines at home in their oversized shirt and sweatpants, a gift from Gymshark is the perfect pick for this holiday season. With their apparel not only being well-priced but incredibly comfortable, their selections range from tops, shorts, jackets, and even gear for those who take their workouts to the gyms. Ranging from $10 to $60, Gymshark provides a wide range of options for that man in your life without breaking a sweat.

(courtesy of Gymshark)

10. Masterclass All Pass Subscription

It’s certainly never too late to learn something new, especially if it’s a well-renowned celebrity teaching you how to master your skills in their field. Maybe he’s not too good in the kitchen, or maybe he needs an extra hand learning how to play the guitar, the variety of classes the pass offers for $180 a year is extensive enough to transform him into a new man with improved skills.

(courtesy of Masterclass)

So, any ideas yet? Although hard to shop for, the men in your life will thank you with any of these gifts on the list. Now the question is, what will he get you? Here are 10 Holiday Vegan Beauty Gifts from Black-Owned Businesses you can send him to get some ideas.

Article by Coco Chica


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