10 Valentine’s Date Ideas in Quarantine


Are you struggling to come up with the best date idea for Valentine’s day in quarantine? Look no further for some simple, stay-at-home activities to treat your significant other. As we jump into 2021 quickly approaching February 14th, here is a list of go-to date ideas to make this year’s Valentine’s Day extra special. 

Featured Photo: Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

1. Put Together a “Love Box” 

Create a “love box” to send to your significant other! Start off by adding photos from your favorite memories together. Write a love letter to them and add some of their favorite candies, along with some of their favorite flowers. To top off your box you can add their favorite drink to set the mood and a sweet, scented candle. 

2. Create the Perfect Playlist for a fun Valentine’s  Date

       This is the ultimate gift for music lovers. Add songs that describe how you feel about them, or ones that you love to dance along with. Once you set a time to talk to each other on Valentine’s day, you can Facetime them and listen to it together while having a dance party. This is the perfect way to have fun while the clubs are closed and feel a connection even when you’re miles apart!

3. Set up a Virtual Date night on Zoom

If you are not able to see your significant other on Valentine’s Day, that’s okay! Set up a time where both you and your significant other can zoom and have a virtual date night. Use any food delivery app and get a fancy meal delivered to their door. After you finish your meals you can log onto Teleparty and stream a good movie together and end the night with a glass of wine. 

 4. Join a Digital Concert for a Creative Valentine’s Date

      If you’re not a movie watcher and have some bottled up energy, join a live stream of a concert! This is a great way to enjoy some music from a distance. Crack open a bottle of wine and dance the night away! 

5. Book a trip to a Secluded Area

If you and your partner are living together and want a mini vacation, consider booking a cabin! This is a fun way to change up your normal routine date night, while staying indoors. Get a cabin in a secluded area to enjoy nature at a safe distance with your partner. They are sure to love the night away from the busy work life.   

6. Go on virtual vacation tours online 

If you can’t rent a cabin, go on a virtual vacation! This is a unique alternative to the typical weekend away. Visit and pick the destination of your choice. You can choose any location and theme your dinner around it. This is a fun way to escape reality with your significant other in the safety of your home.

7. Join an online escape room 

If you’re bored of the typical date ideas, spice it up with a virtual escape room. This will challenge you and your partner with a new adventure. By booking an escape room online, you will be able to solve a mystery together and bond on this unique Valentine’s day. Celebrate your success with a drink afterwards.

8. Visit a drive in movie 

Don’t want to be stuck at home but can’t go out because of Covid? Embark on an adventure to a drive-in movie! This fun, vintage activity is a great way to escape the house for the night and stay in the comfort and privacy of your own car. Additionally, you can grab dinner from a local restaurant and support small businesses! 

9. Order a party package for two 

Staying in with your partner? Make the night extra spicy by ordering a “Party in a Box.” This will keep both you and your partner entertained for the night. You also have the option to receive a “performance delivery” when the box arrives at your doorstep. This is a fun way to stay in and have a party for two. 

10. Take a Virtual Cocktail or Cooking Class

         If you want more of an interactive date for Valentine’s Day, you can book a virtual cocktail or cooking class! You can cook from your own kitchen and learn a new recipe while you’re at it. The best part is that you will both get to try your new creations together! Book your class for a fun and sensational experience for this special night.  

Make this upcoming Valentine’s Day extra special with these date ideas! If you enjoy new ways to stay entertained in these challenging times be sure to read, Entertainment Trends Top 10 Ready-To-Stream Movies To Watch Now.  


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