5 Steps to Integrate Mindfulness in Your Everyday Life 

Step 1 Be Intentional with Your Day

The moment you open your eyes in the morning, take a deep breath; close your eyes and even if you don’t feel like it. Studies show that our actions will convince our brain of the experience we’re having. Today is a new day—set the intention of playing with life itself and create your experience. What would you like to explore? What would you like to create? What color top do you want to put on to express yourself? Perhaps you’d like to go for a light jog to get a little sweat going before you start your day. With consistency and over time, all of these intentions start to become habits in our day-to-day. If over time, you made these attempts first thing in the morning, you will make this your everyday reality.  

Step 2 Connect with Those Around You

Be mindful of the people around you. One thing we’re losing in our society is seeing the people around us. Be mindful of the people you interact with on an everyday basis. Take a moment to look them in the eyes and acknowledge their essence. Most people suffer from depression because they believe they are neither understood nor seen. Perhaps ask a stranger how their day is going. Imagine if you were having one of the worst days of your life and someone genuinely asked you how you’re doing. It would give you hope. At the end of your day, you’ll think of that person and nod in acknowledgment because they saw you. Asking people how they’re doing is a rarity; you’ll be surprised how many people don’t care to ask. So, I dare you to put a smile on someone’s face!

Step 3 Be Creative with Your Food 

Be resourceful with your grocery shopping. For example, one of my favorite superfoods is kale! Kale is an excellent antioxidant. Not only can you throw it into your morning smoothie with berries topped with coconut water, but you can also make a delicious salad for lunch. This is not only a great way to nourish your body with nutrients, but also a great way to get the most out of your dollar when buying a kale bunch or any multifunctional health food at the grocery store. Note: this doesn’t have to stop at kale. Think of your other favorite dishes. How can you make a variety of dishes using similar ingredients? 

 Step 4 The Midday Energy Boost

Want to take a break from your busy day? One of my favorite things to do when I’m hitting a wall is to go for a walk around the neighborhood or through a park. I always find that getting some fresh air helps my creative juices flow abundantly. While coffee is our go-to to wake up, try alternating your choices with something healthier and something that won’t keep you up thinking late at night. My favorite go-to is hibiscus tea with chia seed. It is so easy to keep a jar of chia seeds on your desk at work. Not only is it rich in omegas but it also helps your appetite stay under control. You can even order an iced tea or lemonade at your local Starbucks. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds, and let it sit for a bit to allow the chia to expand. Cheers! 

 Step 5 Mindful Meditation with a Bonus!

Let’s face it. When most people think of being mindful, they think of meditation. There are various forms of meditation, but for the sake of mindfulness, let’s focus on a simplified version of meditation. Sit in a chair with your feet planted on the ground, or cross-legged on the floor with your back straight and shoulders relaxed, closing your eyes and focusing on our breath. I always like to encourage people to imagine a color formulating in their heart center. With every breath, observe this color expand. You can give yourself 5 minutes or 15 minutes; it really doesn’t matter as long as you reach your goal. At times, 15 minutes will feel like an eternity. This is normal—as long as you accomplish your intended goal. Observe your color, and watch it expand past your body. Here is a bonus! What I didn’t tell you is the color you’re observing is an energy expansion exercise. You can practice this to magnify your energetic field. Fill your space with love, because at the core of everything you are love. 


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