One Fulfilled Promise at a Time 

Yes, we all want to be better! We all want a better life! A better body! Better relationships! More money! A new job! A new business! We want and we want…  Many of us take a step of action and start attending personal development seminars; proximity is power. We also start reading books and of course listening to the Ed Mylett podcast, without question the best way to take advantage of the L.A. commute. 

All of these actions are definitely putting us ahead of many people, yet many times this is how it goes down: we get inspired while consuming the content,  we go home fired up, we make a post on our feed of how we are going to become a new person, we are truly believing it! In a few days or weeks, the motivation starts to wear off and we are back at being stuck. Why does this happen to us over and over? The answer is a lack of personal integrity. Listen to me here. The reason why we are back to square one is because of the unfulfilled promises that we make to ourselves. “Tomorrow I am going to get up at 6 am.” “On Monday I am going to start the diet.” “This year is my year.” Does this sound familiar? 

Personal integrity means honoring our word, doing what we say we were going to do, when we say we are going to do it, especially when no one is watching. Constantly breaking the promises we make to ourselves translates into silently damaging our self-confidence, dignity and self-love. We break our promises because we do not love ourselves enough, and we do not believe in ourselves. Why is so important to understand the role of personal integrity? Personal integrity and self-confidence are strongly interconnected and they play major roles in achieving our life goals. Now that we are aware of this vicious cycle, we can learn to reverse-engineer our conditions. If fulfilling the promises we make to ourselves translates into building self-confidence, which translates into achieving our goals, we should focus on gaining integrity momentum. 

Integrity momentum is achieving day-by-day every little promise we make to ourselves, one fulfilled promise at a time. Guidelines to start: today make a commitment in a specific area you want to improve, something in which you have absolute control of, such as doing your bed, brushing your teeth, reading five pages, etc… stick to your promise. The key is to start small. Start piling up each of these commitments and soon you will start gaining the confidence to commit to something bigger. Yes, the formula is simple. However, just as anything in life, knowing is not enough, you need to put in the work. We all know that for the muscle to grow, we need to work out and consume the right nutrients so that the muscle can grow and get strong. In the same way, we need to work out to build our self-confidence every day. Committing to achieving small wins will eventually build up momentum and will intentionally help construct self-confidence. Working on your integrity every day,  by doing what you say you were going to do, one commitment at a time will translate into building self-confidence, learning self-love and eventually stepping into the person whom you were created to be.

About the Author:  Araceli is a multi-passionate woman with a deep enthusiasm for life and the adventure of the new. Her most recent project, a personal development podcast, “Afferrate a Tu Historia” tailored for Spanish audiences, presents the success stories of individuals who have built a legacy after the everlasting mastery of their lives. Born-and-raised in Mexico Araceli immigrated to the United States pursuing her diplomatic career. Leaving her family behind she found in Los Angeles a new life full of possibilities. Araceli is a multi-passionate woman with a deep enthusiasm for life and the adventure of the new. She defines herself as a multi-passionate creative. Her desire to become the woman she was created to be has introduced her to many different fields: education, fashion, politics, restaurant, philanthropy, event-planning and entrepreneurship. She is currently working on her most recent project, a personal development podcast, “ Afferrate a Tu Historia” tailored for the Spanish speaking audience. 


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