Awesome ( & Affordable) Spring Break Getaways 


Spring has (almost sprung!) After a few years of being stagnant, we are ready to dust off our suitcases and return to the air again. Spring is a popular time for travel because it offers a nice balance of good weather and beautiful scenery. It typically provides more affordable prices than summer, avoiding the crowds and higher costs of peak travel season. Whether you’re traveling with the kids during their week off, escaping the classroom for a week of solo travel, or looking to indulge in a romantic vaca with your honey, spring break is the time to officially say goodbye to winter and say hello to adventures, abroad or domestic. 

L.A. STYLE Magazine talked with Priceline about some of the best travel deals for spring 2023. The travel company explained that if you’re looking to stay within the US, some of the most affordable flights also coincide with the most affordable hotel destinations this spring, including popular destinations like Denver, New York, Orlando, and Las Vegas. 

However, if you’re looking to venture outside the country, hotels and flights to Barcelona have ranked as one of the most affordable options for international travel.  

Barcelona enjoys a Mediterranean climate, so the weather is mild and pleasant during spring. Temperatures usually range from the mid-50s to mid-70s Fahrenheit, making it comfortable for outdoor activities. With its beaches, parks, and outdoor cafes, Barcelona is an ideal destination for spring break, with its beaches, parks, and outdoor restaurants.

However, there are still deals for traditional warm-weather locales, such as the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. 

According to Priceline, here are the most affordable spring break destinations–both domestic and  international–for 2023:

Most Affordable International Flights (and their ADRs) 

  • Montego Bay, Jamaica ($533) 
  • Madrid, Spain ($720) 
  • Dublin, Ireland ($727) 
  • San José, Costa Rica ($739) 
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic ($666) 

Most Affordable International Hotels (and their ADRs) 

  • Bangkok, Thailand ($83) 
  • Lisbon, Portugal ($142) 
  • Niagara Falls, Canada ($150) 
  • Madrid, Spain ($161) 
  • Barcelona, Spain ($163) 

Most Affordable Domestic Hotels (and their ADRs) 

  • Denver, Colorado ($163) 
  • Las Vegas, Nevada ($171) 
  • Houston, Texas ($179) 
  • Orlando, Florida ($127) 
  • Atlanta, Georgia ($189) 

Most Affordable Domestic Flights (and their ADRs) 

  • Denver, Colorado ($259) 
  • Las Vegas, Nevada ($298) 
  • Orlando, Florida ($276) 
  • Atlanta, Georgia ($267) 
  • New York, NY ($271)


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