Discovering your Impromptu Moment & Living Life Unscripted

“How is your lipstick different?” I felt the slight fear setting in by hearing those words repeatedly as I shared my new found business idea with others. It was May of 2014 and I was inspired to create a lipstick line for my mom after having that fateful conversation one afternoon where she expressed that she was done buying lipstick because she couldn’t find anything she could wear. She had developed an allergy to lip products and had been struggling with it for the last 18 years. Having no business background, major capital or entrepreneurial desires, I will never be able to explain the next thing that came to my mind “Mom, why don’t I try to create something you can wear?”

I know that the majority of anyone who has ever thought about starting a business
going back to school, making a career change or anything else that is monumental has felt the fear of the unknown and unfortunately often times decides to stick with what is comfortable and predictable. What is my advice? Life is full of beautiful, unexpected moments and opportunities that you need to have the sauciness to embrace it. Life isn’t meant to be played safe and always planned out to every last detail. I learned in the process of starting my business that often times, some of the most extraordinary things you will experience happen from “impromptu” moments and living life unscripted.

In July of 2017 I finally launched impromptu ( my lifestyle brand that I introduced in the beauty space with my premiere product “The Lola Collection”, five semi-matte lipsticks. In 2018 they received an award nomination for “Best Lip Color Product” by the Beauty Indie Expo. In 2019 I launched another extension of my business, pop-up events (IBL) that support small women owned business and successfully produced the first one in June at Casa Vertigo, Downtown LA. I still have a long way to go in business but I am eternally grateful for the path that has been carved out by welcoming a spontaneous, positive and adventurous spirit. I will always hold close to my heart the conversation that I had with my mom that started all of this and I hope that you too may find yourself having a conversation that just might open the door to your first major impromptu moment that could change your life forever.


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