From celebrity hairstylists to hair influencers, they are calling on people to #PullUp. This includes justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the others that have been lost at the hands of the system. 

  1. Nikkie Nelms

“Are u more worried about being “On Brand” with ur content, right now? Have u ONLY been posting about moisturizers and doing tutorials? Are u afraid to let ur affiliates know where u stand and who ur standing with? Do u “safely” post on ur ig story because it goes away in 24hrs? ?? #PullUp .“Friends” ?. ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?”

Photo and caption: Nikkie Nelms Instagram
  1. Ted Gibson

#zianaoliphant 9 year old beautiful girl talking about something she should not have to be at her age #blacklivesmatter #charlotte#northcarolina #racism #blackgirlmagic

Photo and caption: Ted Gibson Instagram
  1. Jen Atkin

“We have to not only protest but (myself included) have uncomfortable conversations with friends and family. Donate if you can. We can ALL do better. The protests will end but the racism still exists. Dive into the discomfort. Start talking about white silence and white privilege.”

Photo and caption: Jen Atkin Instagram
  1. Johnny Ramirez

“HATE doesn’t get you anywhere, it will always destroy your soul and hurt others. 

But LOVE ❤️ does, it will always give you peace. And make others that surround you feel good. 

It’s important to Love your kids unconditionally, so they don’t grow up to HATE.

Thank you f @kristengiorgi for posting this ❤️”

Photo and caption: Johnny Ramirez Instagram
  1. Frank Galasso

“Im so proud of the city I live in . We all came out and you all heard our voices .  #blm #losangeles#la #equality #equalrights #justice

Photo and caption: Frank Galasso Instagram
  1. Justine Marjan

“I want to take a minute to express so much love and gratitude to my ig followers and community. You all followed me for hair tutorials and got activism instead and have embraced it with open hearts and open minds. I promise I will post tutorials again soon, but appreciate your support towards social justice and racial equality around the ? I have an amazing swipe up google doc you can find in my story with facts that support common arguments around BLM when approaching friends and family members who still aren’t getting it. Also highly suggest watching 13th by @avaon Netflix, reading The New Jim Crow, downloading the free e-book The End Of Policing from @versobooks and watching Sunday nights episode of @lastweektonight for more information on why we must defund the police and imagine a new vision for public safety! love you all! BLM ✊?”

Photo and caption: Justine Marjan Instagram
  1. Riawna Capri

“You don’t HAVE to believe what your parents/grandparents taught you. You CAN create your OWN thoughts and feelings, and it’s OKAY for them to differ from your family/friends. Let’s be the generation that is creating CHANGE from those old ways of thinking. Educate yourself and know it’s OKAY to think differently than the society you grew up in. And help KINDLY teach those who are stuck in the past. Stand up for what FEELS right. ❤️ Xx, R”

Photo and caption: Riawna Capri Instagram
  1. Chris Appleton

“Understand your voice matters – speak up for what’s right. #justiceforgeorgefloyd

Photo and caption: Chris Appleton Instagram
  1. Matt Rez

“This image amongst many I have seen these days is beyond heartbreaking. Please join me and millions of people to peacefully ask for justice for George Floyd on 



Photo and caption: Matt Rez Instagram
  1. Kim Kimble

“Over the last week, so much has changed over the last week and nothing has changed…⁣

It’s very frustrating…⁣

As a black woman…⁣

As a mother…⁣

As an American…⁣

As a human…⁣

I’ll be honest: it’s been A LOT for me as it has for all of us.⁣

We all deal with it differently:⁣

Some protest.⁣

Some riot.⁣

Some sit still.⁣

And some create.⁣

We have all just witnessed one of the most horrible things we will ever see and I’ve been shaken to my core.⁣

I’ve chosen to be still and pray.⁣

Prayers for the families of⁣




Prayers that no person is ever murdered again simply because of the color of their skin. ?? .

#GeorgeFloyd #ahmaudarbery#breyonnataylor #BLM#blacklivesmatter

Photo and caption: Kim Kimble Instagram


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