Greece, Athens’ Secret Gem

The Foundry Urban Boutique Luxury

At this point, Athens had become all Greek to me. Having spent much time in Athens, the bustling capital of Greece that is rich in history, hospitality, and mouthwatering gyros, I have had my fair share of hotel experiences. But this visit, I decided to try something entirely different and stay at The Foundry Urban Boutique Luxury Hotel, a quaint gem composed of twelve different apartments, in the historic neighborhood of Psyrri.  

I quickly realized I had found myself an urban sanctuary in the heart of Athens, much more charming and cozy than the larger hotels I was accustomed to. The apartments truly defines sophistication, with high-grade materials like steel, glass, wood, marble, and stone—intricately woven together in a dually classy and charming aesthetic. Each of the twelve rooms boasts its unique charms—but all have the woven similarity of design elements—high ceilings and hardwood floors, dominated by calming earthy tones that brighten with a splash of color. While the interior’s aesthetic is effortlessly elegant, one of the real treasures of the property is found upstairs on the roof. The sensational rooftop garden is the ideal place for a fresh (and crowd-free!) perspective overlooking the city of Athens, in all her glory.

Traveling with my boyfriend, I found the picnics that the hotels set up to be especially romantic, drinking wine in the evening and watching as the Parthenon lit up into its magnificent glory. The hotel also provides breakfast options—there truly is no better way to begin a day than by overlooking the sleepy city slowly wake.  All apartments come with a complimentary breakfast, which can be enjoyed on the roof. There is not a better spot in Athens to feel like a Greek God or Goddess than the Foundry Urban Boutique Hotel.

The Wild Hotel in Mykonos

Some hotels live up to their name more accurately than others. The Wild Hotel on the Greek island of Mykonos is one that does just that—allowing the wild, strikingly stunning nature surrounding it to show her glory. Raw and pure, the hotel is situated in an area of the island that feels incredibly isolated—a rarity on an island that has had such a reputation for over-tourism.

Another reason the hotel’s name fits it so perfectly is because of the history of the area: the beachfront village that The Wild Hotel overlooks was once dubbed “the wild ones,” as it was inhabited by Mykonos’ bravest fisherman at one period, risking their lives in the fierce seas. Though there is much that is wild about the hotel, there are aspects of it that remain calm and relaxing. The spa, for instance, indulges guests with Greek Therapeutic methods, as well as a plethora of other holistic approaches that are new to the treatment world. Another certainty of relaxation at the hotel is retreating to your suite or villa each evening, following a day of Mykonos exploration.

With handmade woven floors, beds made of soft linen, and a simple yet classic aesthetic, the rooms providing a calming contrast to the wild nature that guests view from their windows. The beachfront and the swimming pool overlooking the Aegean Sea area also a mecca of relaxation, where decompressing and rejuvenation are key. When energy levels need to be replenished, a meal at the hotel’s taverna, a traditional Greek restaurant that caters delicious dishes of the Cycladic islands, is a must stop. Menu favorites include stuffed tomatoes, vine leaves, and fresh fish—all doused with pure olive oil, of course.


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