Interview with Rich Marshall of Skidrow Fashion in Los Angeles

In the spirit of giving, L.A. STYLE Magazine interviews Rich Marshall, one of the founders of the Skidrow Fashion Brand in Downtown Los Angeles.

This organization aims to transform Skid Row from a place synonymous with neglect to a beacon of hope and healing.

OB: Hi Rich! Thank you so much for chatting with LA STYLE today! You are such an inspiration, not only to the city of Los Angeles but to the entire world–truly altruistic. Let’s start with the basics, how did you get started doing what you do? Where did you find your passion?

RM: Skidrow is providing immediate needs for the people of Skid Row in Los Angeles–from food, clothing, face masks hygiene products to job training at our printing & manufacturing warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles (1300 S. Main ST 90015)

OB:Where did the inspiration for the outfits come from in particular for Skid Row Fashion Week? Have you always been interested in fashion?

RM: I’ve always known from an early age that style defined your presentation to the world. Growing up, I personally loved Ralph Lauren, RocaWear, Sean John, and Miskeen clothing. These brands defined American culture, so I wanted to build a brand on graphic messaging that defined our current time. David Sabastian is the Creative Director of the brand and creates his art from an infinite source that he only has access to.

OB: Tell me about the Homme Less program and what this program does in particular for the neighborhood.

RM: I have a background in developing home goods so David and I created our own program-based home goods and furnishings for those who have recently transitioned from homelessness to permanent housing. More than just a physical space, a home is a source of comfort, reflection, and recovery. We provide comforters and other essentials that allow individuals to feel that they are residents and owners of the spaces they occupy.  

OB: Your business partner, David Sabastian, is also quite known in the fashion industry. Tell us a little about your relationship and the dynamics of working together.

RM: David is one of the most talented people I’ve worked with and known in any space. We started to develop products together 5 years ago, I loved to see him create the most jaw-dropping graphics that would sell out instantly. We’re a great combination, We’re both Jedi Masters so there’s mutual respect and brotherhood for what we both bring to the table.

OB: Where do you foresee your brand and what you can do for Skid Row in the next 10 years? 20 years?

RM: We’ve achieved our goal of being this generation Patagonia developing goods and services with zero carbon impact on the planet and having our P.O.C Foundation realized.

P.O.C Foundation (People of Color) is the cumulative mission of  SkidrowFashionWeek, a campus for the homeless and programs that serve them. Campus-style center blossoming from downtown Los Angeles. The POC foundation will have facilities to provide job training, transformational education, housing, employment, personal development, and healing. It’s a model of radical rehabilitation and will serve as a blueprint for campuses across America and the world.  

Thanks so much for chatting with us at LA STYLE, Rich! We are so inspired by your story and commitment to this city



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