Dear Younger Me,

I know you’re scared and confused about the decisions and actions of the adults around you. I know all you want is to feel safe and loved. All you want is to know you can trust the people around you. I want you to know that you are not alone. This journey called life will challenge you in many ways, but you don’t have to do it alone. You will begin to think that the only way to be heard and understood is to grow up and act beyond your years. This is so far from the truth- your questions, fears and concerns are valid. You don’t have to grow up too fast, enjoy your childhood and continue dancing, for dancing will be a liberating activity for you throughout the years. Your innate ability to dance, write and be playful at heart will help you survive those difficult, life-altering situations. What will also help you reconnect to yourself and provide inner strength like no other, will be the connection and relationship you will build with God. Talk to God, God is within you and will be there to guide you. I want you to remember to connect with God every time you feel helpless and powerless. There will be some adults that will try to lead you to believe you are powerless. You will be led to believe you don’t have a choice or power over your body but always remember that you have a choice.

Your body is sacred, and you deserve to love and respect your body. You’ll learn this as a young adult and thanks to this wisdom, you’ll be called to help guide many women to find their north star when it comes to their mental and physical health and wellbeing. I want you to know I am proud of your pure and genuine heart. I respect that you always tried to look at both sides to every situation, but I also know this has broken your heart many times, but nothing is in vain. You will share those lessons and be an example to those around you, most especially your son whom you chose to give birth to at the age of 13. This child will be your first love and your main motivation for purpose-driven action and passion for self-development. I want to leave you with this- accept all of you! Love, accept and forgive yourself, for when you finally do- you will step into your power and purpose and share your light with everyone around you. Plan for the future, but be patient with yourself and remember we must first learn to walk before we can run. Breathe and enjoy the present moment. Learning to walk before you run, planning for the future with grace for your present and reconnecting to something greater than you, will remind you, you are safe in your own body. Don’t be afraid to tell your story and be the voice for someone who might be afraid and feel alone.


Thank you God for reminding me of who I am,


Jessica Guzman, Certified Mental Health and Emotional Eating Specialist is a holistic health coach with a passion for teaching and advocating for a holistic approach to health and wellness. Her goal is to spark the idea that women can build healthy relationships with themselves via healthy habits and loving their bodies while stopping toxic behaviors. She helps women form personalized wellness habits through mental health, healthy eating habits, nutrition, body movement and clear goal setting. @nutrition_jessicag_



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