Makeup Artists Join the Social Justice Fight

Makeup artists have multiple platforms through the use of Instagram, YouTube and brand names making their audience reach exponential. Shayla, Monica and Jaclyn Hill are some of the artists who recognize the effect they can have on the fight.

  1. Shayla

“Dear Beauty Brands,

Now, more than ever, we need to see action behind your words of solidarity. Stand with us by creating more inclusive workplaces. Help break down the systemic obstacles African-Americans and people of color face when looking for employment. As a creator, I find that many of your brands do not offer the wide range of beauty products the black community can use, products that reflect our diversity. When I scroll through your instagram feeds, I see an opportunity for your Instagram feeds, I see an opportunity for your investment in Black Creators, and to showcase & elevate black talent.

It is time for change.”

Photo and caption: Shayla Instagram Post
  1. Patrick Ta

“I’ve always known racism was in my life but i never knew how to deal with it. growing up as a ASIAN American i was taught to put my head down, not to fight or lash out . After seeing what has happened these past couple of days i am so angry, it makes me cry looking at this photo. I cannot keep my head down anymore. The world needs Justice . Peace . Equality and ultimately LOVE. ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?”

Photo and caption: Patrick Ta Instagram Post
  1. Karen Sarahi Gonzalez

“Tu lucha es mi lucha and nothing is going to get better if we just stay quiet. Enough is ENOUGH we have to do better and stand up for our black community. The racism and hate needs to END! Speak up about what’s going on, educate yourself ,voice your thoughts, sign the petition ,donate but please don’t just sit quite and act like this is not going on. I will continue to donate to organizations that are helping communities directly but If there’s any other way I can use my platform to bring awareness about this and more I will do that??”

Photo and caption: Karen Sarahi Gonzalez Instagram Post
  1. Kandee Johnson

“This is baby, George Floyd, held safely in his mama’s arms. The same mama, who was in heaven, that he called out for, “Mama! Mama!”…moments before he died.

Please, we have to do something, before another mama’s precious baby is killed, hurt, judged or in the slightest way mistreated, just because of the color of their skin. 

I’ve signed multiple petitions over the last several days and I’m sure you have too, but make sure you add to your list❤️ #icantbreathe#justiceforgeorgefloyd#blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd

Photo and caption: Kandee Johnson Instagram Post
  1. Jaclyn Hill

“It breaks my heart & disgusts me that we live in a world where people are judged, oppressed & murdered because of the color of their skin. Enough is enough!! Change needs to happen!!!


Photo and caption: Jaclyn Hill Instagram Post
  1. Kameron Lester

“This is why #blacklivesmatter is so important to me! I have 3 younger black brothers. My family is black. My grandma that passed away from breast cancer is black. My parents are black. I am black and we matter! ✊??”

Photo and caption: Kameron Lester Instagram Post
  1. Monica

“There’s no words to explain our hurt our pain our exhaustion. But know that I’m hurting with you and we will get through this. I have to believe that we will. I do want to ask how are you guys doing? I know for me I’ve been anxious, I’ve been overwhelmed with information. I wake up every morning trying to figure out more ways to be active offline while also trying to keep my mental clear while also being informed. . I want people to understand that what we are witnessing each and everyday done to our people is TRAUMA. This is not normal to get use to this. I’ve always thought about getting a therapist but I am now very aware that I need one. I encourage you to also speak to someone and take care of yourselves. What are some practices you have done to keep your mental stable in these moments. Please sure….. I love you! And again we will get this through. #georgefloyd

Photo and caption: Monica Instagram Post
  1. Nyma Tang

“Pretty much! Today, Tomorrow forever. This isn’t a moment for black people, it’s our life. This fight continues. To our allies, continue to educate yourself and learn how you can help us make actual change. #blacklivesmatter

Photo and caption: Nyma Tang Instagram Post
  1. Melissa Hernandez

“Black lives have suffered at the hands of police brutality and systemic racism for far too long. We need to see real change and to do so, we need to speak up. History is happening NOW. I stand in solidarity with the black community as we advocate for equality and justice. I encourage all of you to sign petitions, donate, educate yourselves and be FOREVER ALLIES. #linkinbio

Art by: @xipi.teca

Photo and caption: Melissa Hernandez Instagram Post
  1. Chloe Morello

#blacklivesmatter!!! I stand with you!!! The BLM movement started in 2013 yet its fallen on deaf ears; black people are still facing violence and systemic racism every day in 2020!!! Donate to!”

Photo and caption: Chloe Morello Instagram Post


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