The TRANSFORMATIVE POWER of LOVE Can Bring About the Manifestation of Answered Prayers, Respecting Pluralism, Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion.

To honor the “Love,” we desire to become as a person, I have intentionally capitalized it throughout this article.

Love is a powerful force that can transform lives and even the world. It transcends
time, space, and cultural barriers, bringing people together and healing wounds that
seem impossible to overcome. At its core, love is an expression of unity and oneness,
manifesting our highest potential as human beings.

From the perspective of pluralism, love recognizes and accepts the diversity within a
society or culture. It allows for mutual respect and understanding between people of
different backgrounds, bringing them together in a sense of community and belonging
that transcends differences. Love helps us appreciate the beauty of diversity and
celebrate the richness of our differences.

Diversity is an essential aspect of the human experience, recognizing each
individual’s unique value and contributions. Love, as a force that embraces all, helps us
see beyond our differences and connect on a deeper level. It enables us to appreciate
the diversity within ourselves and others, celebrate our uniqueness, and recognize each
person’s value to the world.

Equality is the recognition that all individuals have the same inherent worth and
dignity, creating a more just and equitable world. Love, as a force that embraces all, helps us recognize the injustices and inequalities that exist in society and inspires us to take action to stand up for marginalized communities. Love values and respects all
individuals, creating a society where everyone feels included and valued.

Inclusion is the belief that everyone deserves to feel included and valued,
participating fully in society, and having their voices heard. Love, as a force that
embraces all, helps us create a culture of inclusion, breaking down barriers preventing
individuals from participating fully in society. It enables us to create a world where
everyone feels valued, respected, and included.

The POWER of LOVE Can Manifest YOU as Someone’s Answered Prayer!
The power of Love can reveal itself in many ways. It can bring two friends back
together after a six-year separation. It can help heal the wounds of past betrayals and
build stronger, more resilient relationships. Love can help us evolve and become more
conscious of our own biases and limitations. It can inspire us to extend grace to others
and give them the opportunity to grow in Love.

The beauty of Love can be demonstrated in different forms and levels, ranging from
infinitesimal to Love in its greatest form. Regardless of the level of Love, it has the
potential to manifest miracles. One inspiring story that illustrates the power of Love is
that of my restored friend and me.

For six years, my friend prayed for the restoration of our friendship, even when I had
blocked her from all forms of communication. Her need to feel the power of Love that
radiated through me drove her consistency in pursuing our reconnection. Her acts of
kindness towards me also led to an increase in Love for me from her Loved ones. It
wasn’t until I realized that Love operates at different levels that I was able to appreciate
the power of her Love and recognize my adolescent wound that prevented me from
extending grace to those who had not acquired the ability to prove Love in a greater
capacity. During the six-year separation, God, who I am convinced is the greatest Love,
arranged circumstances that pushed me back into her life in the sixth year, and the
push was so hard that it knocked me down to the posture of repentance to her. This experience graduated me to another rank of Love, one that was great enough to
address my adolescent wound and recognize the need to extend grace to others.

Love has the power to see the hidden treasure beyond the life-threatening debris
found in the deepest, darkest, and even hidden places of our souls. We are all capable
of manifesting Love at different levels, and this Love has the potential to change lives
and even answer prayers.

It’s essential to recognize that Love is not tied to any specific form or level. Love at
its infinitesimal level can produce occasional sparks of power, while Love at its greatest
form is like a consuming fire that produces absolute power. For example, a person can
show Love at an infinitesimal level by providing a listening ear to a friend who needs to
talk or giving a dollar to a panhandler. However, Love at a greater level may be
providing opportunities for the panhandler to become self-sufficient through financial
resources or being a conduit of provision to meet a friend’s need. Despite the different
magnitudes of sacrifice, the result of each action can help someone in need. Thus, the
power of Love remains undeniable at each level.

The power of Love is a force that has the ability to transform lives, heal wounds, and
answer prayers. It’s important to acknowledge that wounds from our past can prevent us
from extending grace to others, but the power of Love can heal those wounds and help
us evolve into a more conscious state. It’s through this evolution that we can manifest
Love as someone’s answered prayer, just as my friend manifested me as her answered
prayer, believing it has the ability to elevate the lives of those who experience it.

The characterization of Love is infinite! Love is a universal language that knows no
boundaries and has the power to heal the wounds that we may carry from our past
experiences. It is a force that can bring about positive change in our lives and in the
world around us. Love is a transformative pressure that inspires compassion, kindness,
and generosity. It promotes understanding and unity, breaking down barriers of race,
gender, and sexual orientation. Love is a human right that helps us become the best
versions of ourselves. Let us embrace Love at all levels and recognize it has the
potential to make a positive impact on the world, regardless of our past experiences. Through the power of Love, we can create a world that is more inclusive, diverse, and
equitable, and one in which all people have the opportunity to thrive.

“Amidst the darkness of pain and despair, Love shines bright, its
power beyond compares. It sees the treasure, hidden and unseen,
Beyond the debris, no matter how extreme. Love’s magic heals the
deepest of wounds, And brings hope where despair once loomed.“

– Markeeda Monét Drake (L.A. Style Magazine, Sept. 2019).

Updated 3/3/23


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