The POWER of LOVE can manifest YOU as someone’s answered prayer.

                                               An Inspirational Article

Once a restored friend went into detail about how they prayed for six years that God would bring me back in their life by restoring our friendship. This friend continued by revealing she was not the only one that was praying for this restoration of Love. She had her closest friends speaking into the Universe regarding the manifestation of our reconnection as well.

During this six year separation, her need to feel the power of Love that radiated through me would not allow her to grow weary in her pursuit of our reconnection. Her consistency even caused her inner circle to grow in Love.  Mind you, this person could not contact me because in order to cope with what I deemed as justifiable pain, I blocked this person from being able to contact me in every way I knew possible. In addition, I was not praying, wishing or hoping for a restored relationship with this person. I believed I was “good” because I thought closing the door to this friendship was an act of my loyalty to Love. The reason I felt the need to cut my now restored friend off was because on several occasions I questioned her loyalty. I view Love and Loyalty as twins so to speak; therefore, if I perceived disloyalty manifesting through someone I called friend, I did not see how Love could still be in operation through that friend.

I felt this way until I recalled Love has levels ranging from an infinitesimal level to Love in its greatest form. Love embraced at its infinitesimal level produces occasional sparks of power. Love embraced in its greatest form is like a consuming fire that produces absolute power. This absolute power resulting from Love at its highest form can produce what some call magical results and others call miracles. If one believes God is Love then that person cannot consider God is only tied to Love at its greatest form.

If God is Love then Love is Love. Perhaps someone giving one-dollar to a panhandler or being a listening ear to a friend who needs to talk reflects Love at an infinitesimal level. Love at a greater level may be providing opportunities for the panhandler to become self-sufficient through financial resources. In addition, Love at a greater form would not only be a listening ear but cause us to be a conduit of provision meeting that friend’s needs. The result of each action helped someone in need. One action needed a spark of the power of Love and the other required Love’s power at a greater level. 

Shortly after I’d evolved to this level of consciousness regarding Love, the iron walls that I’d built around my soul to protect my heart, due to an adolescent wound inflicted by the betrayal of a so-called friend when I was fourteen, started to come to light. That wound in its unidentified stages did not allow my heart to extend grace to those that had not acquired the ability to manifest Love in a greater capacity. 

While I was evolving and becoming more conscious about Love during the six year season of separation, my restored friend shared that she was going through her own pain ignited by wounds from her childhood as well. She and her two closest friends shared how there were times her psychological warfare would be so intense, they’d find themselves saying things like “If Markeeda was here, I know she’d get it. She’d know how to speak into my life and cover me.”  Her friends, never feeling intimidated, would respond by saying such things as “Yes. Markeeda just gets it.” So they chose to continue praying for the restoration of our friendship.

Little did they know that during these six years I was acquiring all the revelations mentioned and so much more. During the fifth-year of our six year “break”, the power of Love (God), had arranged circumstances that literally pushed me back into her life by the sixth year. In fact, the push was so hard it knocked me down to the posture of repentance to her. It graduated me to another rank of Love. A Love that was great enough to address that my adolescent wound, inflicted by that betrayal, did not give my friends a fair chance and a right to their own portion of grace in my life. If they were given an opportunity to identify their transgression then grow in Love, the pain of separation could have been avoided. 

How is it that you or I could be sought after by an individual because of the Love they feel radiating through us despite our wounds? Perhaps it’s because the insight produced by those same wounds help our friends in ways others cannot. This is the power of Love. It’s magical. It’s miraculous. It’s matchless and cannot be comprehended in its greatest form. 

Remember, even when it looks hopeless because of the pain, the power of Love is undeniable. The power of Love can see the hidden treasure beyond the life-threatening debris found in the deepest, darkest and even hidden places of our souls.  Like myself, that hidden treasure can be an answered prayer; called YOU.

About the Author: Passion is the word that describes Markeeda Monét as she works vigorously in an effort to inspire, entertain, empathize and educate; bringing hope to a world that is in constant need of enlightenmentHer relentless work as a Human Rights Activist surrounding the many socio-economic and racially bias barriers; embedded in the judicial system, solidifies her calling as a Philanthropist.


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