Motherhood goes beyond the lifestyle of caring for children for most, and Mom 2.0 has built a community where individuals can connect, interact and network. The Mom 2.0 Summit event took place at the intercontinental Los Angeles from Monday April 25th to Wednesday April 27th. This gathering of influencers and leaders in the world of parenting discussed topics such as mental health, marketing, politics, business, motherhood, travel, entertainment, technology and many others. 

Mothers from around the United States came together to explore an open conversation, the event features booths that offered parenting tools and supplies for children as well. To commemorate for the hard work mothers put into both parenting and business, here are some mom-approved businesses featured at the Mom 2.0 event worth investing in.

House of Wise

House of Wise is a luxury CBD and wellness brand that empowers women to take control of their sleep, sex, stress, strength, and wealth. 


Is an award-winning subscription program is designed to make your kids laugh, learn, and live bilingually!


Hand sanitizer is an essential for every day and everywhere — and OLIKA believes that every essential should be clean, delightful, and sustainable.


Derived naturally from sugarcane, Purecane is an exciting taste of a world where you can have the sweetness you love, without the calories or health risks.


Frida is the brand that gets parents. That means you. We are not a lifestyle. Far from it. We are a solution-based brand. The 411 of parenting. The who-do-I-call-in-the-middle-of-the-night-cause-my-baby-won’t-stop-screaming brand.

Momeez Choice

At Momeez Choice®, we want to make life for kids & parents a little “eezier”. Our 3 great USDA certified organic throat soothing pops and other products are a fun, delicious, and effective way to feel better.

Cooking Pal

The only kitchen appliance that preps, cooks, and cleans itself after every meal. Save time and counter space, so you can focus on what matters most.

Child Life

ChildLife Essentials® Multivitamin & Mineral formula contains all twelve “essential” vitamins plus the primary minerals, making it the best multivitamin for children. 

Zip Top Containers

100% Platinum Silicone containers that Stand Up, Stay Open and Zip Shut. No Lids. No More Lids Required.


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