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Los Angeles is an ethnically diverse city that allows people to experience different cultures and food. Food trends are changing frequently as new takes on cultural dishes begin to rise.

Photo by Krizstian Tabori on Unsplash

So what is the new trending dish? 

Birria is a Mexican dish with a stew-like consistency. Traditionally it is made from mutton or goat meat, dried peppers, herbs and spices. However, people have taken a spin on it and make it from beef or chicken. This popular dish is often consumed during holidays or special occasions. 

Served hot with cilantro, onion and lime make it a perfect food for any kind of weather.  

The New Way to Eat Birria

Photo by Jesse Cortez on Unsplash

Pizza and ramen style 

Recently, people have started enjoying birria in a pizza form. Many of the food trucks in Los Angeles offer birria pizza. Birrieria El Patrón 818, located between Laurel Canyon Blvd and Osborne St. in Pacoima is one of the many food trucks that offer it. 

They start with a flour tortilla, add cheese, birria, onion and cilantro. Each one consists of three tortilla layers. They also give you a side of “consommé,” which is the broth the meat is marinated in. This way, you have the option to dip the slice, adding more flavor to the already soaked slice. 

While some may not like the idea of having an overly soaked pizza or want perhaps something less messy, another great option is birria ramen. Ramen is an already popular dish, but Birrieria El Patrón 818 has reinvented ramen into a Mexican dish. 

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

This adaption allows the stew to be consumed as a soup, making it perfect for take-out. This past year the norm has changed and so have our dining options. The different ways of consuming one dish has become a staple in todays day and age.  

Food brings people together and mixing in the different dishes from different cultures gives us endless possibilities. What may have started as an experiment, quickly turned into a trend. A few years later, birria was only a popular dish within the Latino community, and now everyone is raving about it.  

Regardless of whether you prefer birria in the traditional stew form, tacos, pizza or a quesadilla, it is clear that this Mexican dish is here to stay! 

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