Top 10 Men’s Fashion Designers and Brands in LA

mens fashion

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, so what better place to highlight some of the best names in men’s fashion? Forget the dreary and drab clothing, here are 10 designers who are making headlines for their impressive collections in men’s fashion. All of these designers are also based in the city of angels, let their inspiring designs take you to new heights! 

mens fashion
Photo: Marco Trinidad on Pexels

1. John Elliott, founder of John Elliott

Established in 2012, the namesake company by John Elliot has expanded beyond brute and rugged denim. The American sportswear brand includes soft basics, accessories, shoes and even home goods. John Elliott is for the man who wants to be effortlessly cool. 

2. Garrett Leight, founder of Garrett Leight California Optical

Garrett Leight founded the eyewear company in 2011 to highlight a California staple, sunglasses! With its roots in Venice Beach, they’re the go-to for the classic aviators and wayfarers. The shiny hardware and careful design make GLCO the mainstay for bringing sun protection for your eyes in a sophisticated yet functional way.

mens fashion
Photo: Unpetitvoyou on Pexels

3. George Esquivel, founder of Esquivel

Founder George Esquivel launched his namesake brand to create a sophisticated shoe line that is timeless. You can expect quality with Esquivel shoes; they are handcrafted in limited quantities. The signature stitches sewn onto carefully sourced leather makes Esquivel a sensible solution for clients wanting shoes created with fine attention.

4. Paige Mycoskie, founder of Aviator Nation

Through the launch of Aviator Nation in 2006, Paige Mycoskie created a comfortable brand that’s designed for the laid-back California lifestyle. Inspired by the 1970s, her designs showcase the iconic characteristics of the era. The Aviator Nation menswear line includes radical retro-inspired swim, sweats, masks and more.

5. Greg Chait, founder of The Elder Statesman

This luxury lifestyle brand had its humble beginnings in 2007 when creator Greg Chait first made blankets. The next year, he released the first collection of cashmere sweaters for The Elder Statesman. Their menswear line showcases soft silhouettes in neutral and funky designs, that even other designers are crazy about.  

mens fashion
Photo: Cottonbro on Pexels

6. Trina Turk, founder of Mr. Turk

Bringing bright and punchy florals to menswear, Trina Turk creates eye-catching designs for Mr. Turk. From beautifully patterned suits to fun printed shirts, wearing Mr. Turk is a tailored experience. The garments are sure to be a conversation starter!

7. Alejandro Rodriguez, founder of BTFL

Founder Alejandro Rodriguez shows that menswear can be simple yet captivating with his designs. The BTFL garments are manufactured in Los Angeles and transforming classic silhouettes into modern reinterpretations is the key at BTFL. 

8. Jerry Lorenzo, founder of Fear of God

This fashion powerhouse was launched in 2012 by Jerry Lorenzo and has since gathered a cult following. Fear of God is a luxury streetwear brand whose designs have captivated an audience with its transformed tailoring and convergence of style and function. They’re the brand for those who value elegant design with classic essentials. 

mens fashion
Photo: Tyler Nix on Unsplash

9. James Perse, founder of James Perse

Let’s go back to the basics with James Perse, whose namesake brand has perfected the quintessential staple of a T-shirt. The company’s commitment to elevating the tried and true favorite makes Perse the no-brainer when looking to build a wardrobe. Which is what makes him one of the best designers in the world. The brand also carries a collection of other clothing, shoes, home goods and even furniture! 

10. Mike Amiri, founder of Amiri

The man behind the popular Amiri brand is Mike Amiri, whose designs are heavily fused with streetwear and rock ‘n’ roll inspiration. Since its launch in 2014, the Amiri label has grown to be an esteemed brand in a short span of time. Not only does the luxury brand amplify a Californian culture in its designs, their ready-to-wear collection is manufactured locally in Los Angeles.

By Kaleen Luu
Featured Photo: Tyler Nix on Unsplash
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