Top 5 Books to Kickstart a Positive Mindset This Year


We have curated a list of our favorite books to kickstart that positive mindset for the new year! Make it your resolution to make this year better than the last!

The journey towards self-improvement always begins with a positive mindset. Every success in your goals must begin here. We believe that what you put into your mind is what you will get out of it. For those planning big goals and setting high expectations for the new year, here is a handful of inspiring and go-get-it mindset books for a positive mindset.

1. Girl, Wash Your Face

Rachel Hollis’s encouraging autobiography “Girl, Wash Your Face” brings to light the unspoken and damaging lies women tell themselves. Writing with a welcoming perspective to any female reader, Hollis’s hard-ball personality motivates anyone to take control of their life situation and start now. With a gripping understanding of everyone’s potential, this compassionate author of self-help material truly believes that your dreams can be a reality.

Through comical stories of post-pregnancy pants-wetting and tear-jerking stories of new family, Hollis’s storytelling showcases her vulnerability. In her writing, she carefully balances first-hand experiences of failure with her great success in her self-built media company, The Hollis Co. From the flip of the first page, Rachel Hollis comes ready to speak humble, loving criticism to her readers. Get ready to reach your full potential with a simple start – wash your face!

Rachel Hollis’s hard-ball personality motivates anyone to take control of their life situation and boldly start now. As a #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, this self-made million-dollar industry entrepreneur has built herself to be an icon for successful women to learn from through her media company, The Hollis Company. Here, she has cultivated a community of millions of followers that she energizes and excites in her bubbly self-help books, podcasts, and motivational events. As she balances herself relentlessly in her goal-setting and achievements and teaches others to do the same through inspirational speeches and her multiple media platforms. Starting as a 19-year-old intern at Miramax, Hollis quickly found herself running Chic Media, later renamed The Hollis Co. Her life stories are told in the New York Times best-seller, “Girl, Wash Your Face,” as Hollis’s encouragement for the everyday woman is to never stop until she has achieved her dreams. Whether you’re looking for an overflow of joyful laughter, honest tears, or giddy, dance-party celebrations, Hollis paves the way for women to live out the happiness life has to offer.

Review by: Ellie Howard

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad

In his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” author Robert T. Kiyosaki brings to life his personal narrative with financial literacy creating a comprehensive guide of what the rich know about money and how this elevates them from the lower class. Through formative childhood years, Kiyosaki watched his real dad (or poor dad, as he called him), rely heavily on a specialized education, while his rich dad focused on training his mind to break the system of working for money instead of letting money work for you. Although everyone wants to control the way they handle their money, most people are unsure of how to do this because financial literacy is not taught in schools; it is learned at home and through experience. 

Kiyosaki differentiates the rich from the middle-class and poor through the way they invest in assets instead of liabilities, explaining that when assets increase so does income. When your assets begin generating income by themselves, financial freedom is acquired. Kiyosaki demonstrates that the biggest divide between the rich and middle-class is their ability to manage risk, not to run away from risk. The urge to avoid risk is embedded in deep-rooted insecurity of fear, which most middle-class and poor Americans have when it comes to money. The way the middle-class and poor can become rich is by identifying the fear that is letting money control their lives instead of taking control of their money. Through 10 achievable tips outlined at the end, Kiyosaki’s advice inspires the next generation of young people to seek out financial literacy through education and view wealth from a fresh perspective than the one taught in the middle-class and poor families. 

Robert T. Kiyosaki’s drive is unmatched and his desire for knowledge is inspiring. The author and businessman shares his journey to becoming a master of personal finance in his book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” and now teaches others through his education platform Rich Dad Company. As he grew up with a middle-class father who was stuck in his socioeconomic class, Kiyosaki sought out wisdom from his best friend’s dad who taught him personal finance knowledge only the rich teach their kids. Kiyosaki never stopped seeking more financial education and has lived his life boldly while inspiring others to do the same. Now at 72-years-old, Kiyosaki lives in his self-built empire of wealth sharing his knowledge from life experiences with anyone that craves financial freedom. 

Review by: Allison Wade

3. Shoe Dog

Phil Knight takes his audience through an honest struggle towards success in his memoir, “Shoe Dog”. His perseverance, despite the obstacles of starting and maintaining a business, is inspiring. Upon reflecting on his shoe sales, which had previously failed in other forms of marketing, he realized that his success could be attributed to his passion for and belief in the thing he was selling. “Belief,” he realized “is irresistible.” That is the heart of building a brand. When people believe in the brand they are developing, other people will recognize that and want to be a part of it too. Knight’s memoir is transparent as he guides the reader through every moment of hardship and shares the victories of his journey. This memoir inspires others to pursue the things they are passionate about, seeing every roadblock as an opportunity for creativity. Knight is the prime example of someone who put everything on the line for what he loves and reaped great rewards because of it. Shoe Dog will inspire every reader to relentlessly pursue their highest aspirations.

If Phil Knight is one thing, he is authentic. His quiet yet candid demeanor makes him a man of few, important words.  As the heart behind Nike, Knight has an intricate story to tell; one of roadblocks, failures and many setbacks that made his start-up company seem destined for failure. Despite these challenges, Knight relentlessly pursued his “crazy idea,” which has since developed into one of the most well-known and widely loved athletic brands today. In light of his tendency to keep to himself, Knight has rarely spoken on what makes his company a success. This exclusive interview with the creator of the brand that challenges America to “Just Do It” describes Knight’s faithful fight for a brand he whole-heartedly believes in.

Review by: Maci Govertsen

4. Super Attractor

Gabrielle Bernstein in her book, “ Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond your Wildest Dreams” helps readers find their own light in an unknown world. As she describes her spiritual journey, she emphasizes connecting with her inner self and the “Universe”. She goes into depth about how to change negative thoughts and fears and spin them into positive affirmations. Gabrielle Bernstein highlights how important it is to have fun and experience joy in your life in order to create positive vibrations which she believes is a magnet to overall positivity. She focuses on being a “super attractor,” referring to a person who sets an intention, and then that intention is manifested in a real-world way. In other words, harnessing the power of the Universe to live your life to the fullest. This book was insightful and helped me shift my perspective on how to think and perceive the world. I learned that if I replace fearful thoughts with positive thoughts that I will help my future self manifest my dreams. And if I let my guard down, I learned to reach out to my spiritual guides, to continue to write positive affirmations in my journal, and for that will receive a sign for whatever I’m asking for. This book is a great read for somebody who is trying to find the light within themselves and is lost in the world of fear. 

Gabrielle Bernstein brings her positive perspective on the world in her #1 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Book, “Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”. The author begins by acknowledging the reader’s presence and willingness to start the path to a brighter outlook on life. As we dive into this engaging read, through Bernstein’s unique methods, we learn how to become a Super Attractor. The journey is continued by embracing the universe’s energy to spiritually align with the world. If we accept the power, the “Universe” will then lead us along on a fruitful journey. Gabrielle Bernstein offers various advice and different opportunities for those who struggle with keeping the light strong in their life. With isolation, restrictions, and a stressful pandemic, this book feels helpful now more than ever.

5. Super Powered

Renee Jain and Shefali Tsabary in their book “Transform Anxiety Into Courage, Confidence, and Resilience” speak to those dealing with anxiety and regaining their superpowers that were zapped. With someone with an anxiety disorder, Jain makes this book feel like it was speaking to my younger self, trying to aid him, understand his worries and fears in a time where answers were hard to find.

This book is written for children and young teens as the scenarios and tone primarily pertain to individuals of this age group. 

Insightful and helpful exercises are presented to deal with anxiety which people of all ages could also benefit from, I know I did. Jain challenges the reader to step out of their comfort zone and look deeply into what makes them worried, anxious and sad. Using scenarios and stories, the author guides you through the steps it takes to overcome various obstacles created by anxiety and make it your strength at the end of the book.

We’re all presented with superpowers according to the book when we’re born. These powers are suppressed as we grow and develop ourselves, letting the world and our everyday worries zap our powers away from us. It is to say this book shows us how to turn our scary what-if thoughts into more mindful, present observations to regain our superpowers in each chapter and become our whole selves again.

Renee Jain and Shefali Tsabary make their readers the superheroes in their #1 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Book, “Superpowered: Transform Anxiety into Courage, Confidence, and Resilience”. Both authors bring powerful tools to help those who have a hard time understanding their own feelings and worries. The powers that were granted to us when we were born are stripped away by this villain known as anxiety. Throughout the book, the authors shed light on the positive qualities of these feelings and how we can conquer them and make them our allies. Using our superpowers as an analogy for the reader’s inherent abilities, Superpowered excels at communicating the struggles anxiety brings in our lives by providing us with an understanding voice, useful exercises and a powerful message.

Review by: Coco Gonzalez

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