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Travel influencers go all around the world sharing stunning photos, travel tips and stories with their followers. They share the world with its captivating destinations and colorful scenery. From adventurous travel to city skylines, there are endless possibilities of sites to experience on the Gram.

With nearly 1 billion users, Instagram has made it conceivable to travel the world vicariously through your phone. Whether you need inspiration for your next destination or just want to satisfy your travel needs through the lens of someone else, these seven Instagram travel influencers take you along their journey while also helping you check off your bucket-list one post at a time. 

  1. @doyoutravel

Photo: Jack Morris on Instagram

With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Jack Morris and his partner Lauren take followers to remarkable sites worldwide. The two met in Fiji about five years ago and have traveled to over 20 countries together. In between travel, Jack and Lauren take followers to their home in Bali and capture the beautiful Balinese scenery.

  1. @calsnape
Photo: Callum Snape on Instagram

Callum Snape takes his professional photography to another level when he captures some of the most breathtaking sights all around the world. The hundreds of places that Callum has captured through his lens will leave you speechless and inspired. 

  1. @izkiz
Source: Jennifer Tuffen on Instagram

Jennifer’s colorful, striking photos are a breath of fresh air. From Greece to Amsterdam, her positive spirit and elegant photos remind us that brighter days are ahead!

  1. @thebucketlistfamily
Photo: The Bucket List Family on Instagram

If you’re on the hunt for wholesome family travel content, The Bucket List Family has you covered. Instagram followers have watched Jessica and Garrett’s family go from two to five while showcasing the world along the way. After traveling to over 65 countries together, the Gee family invites followers into the clear blue waters of their Hawaiian home. 

  1. @louiscole
Photo: Louis Cole on Instagram

Through Instagram photos and Youtube vlogs, Cole travels to some of the most epic places with a constant smile on his face. He is an inspiration for social change with a contagiously uplifting personality. 

  1. @onegrloneworld

Photo: Francesca – One Girl One World on Instagram

California native, Francesca, inspires us to explore new cultures and learn new things along the way. She introduces followers to her destinations beyond the scenery. Francesca encourages travelers to learn about the history and values of each country visited. 

  1. @taramilktea
Photo: Sara Milk Tea on Instagram

A world traveler with style, Tea is known for displaying her luxurious fashion all over the world. Her Instagram feed, organized by color, gives off a refreshing and graceful ambiance. She travels to exquisite places and has worked for some of the most renowned brands, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dior.  

By Alexis Garcia
Featured Photo: anchyi on Instagram
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