Travel Hack: Qatar Airways Stopover Program

Travel–even luxury travel–does not have to break the bank. Qatar Airways is an industry leader in aviation travel that doesn’t create extra headaches or grievances. And with the luxurious QSuites in business class on certain flights from Los Angeles to Doha (and beyond!), we have finally found an airline that priorities comfort and customer satisfaction.

All QSuite passengers enjoy spacious and comfortable seating, a delectable menu with vegetarian and vegan choices, and an enormous array of entertainment options. Suddenly flying doesn’t sound so bad after all.

Stopover Program: But it gets even better. Until the discovery of oil in 1939, Qatar cultivated its greatest profit and recognition from pearl diving. But it has since grown, making its own significant mark on the tourism map. Typically, accommodation is one of the costliest expenses on vacation. However, travelers can alleviate this cost when they transit via Doha for a few days with Qatar Airway’s Stopover Program.

This generous program waives visa fees from eighty countries. It also provides accommodation at luxury four or five-star hotels, such as InterContinental Doha or Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel for two nights—for a mere $100 USD booking fee!

A Whole New World: And once you’re here, prepare to be amazed by the unparalleled dichotomies: old versus new, tradition versus innovation, religion versus radicalism. Cosmopolitan Doha is brimming with museums, nightlife, and unrivaled architecture like the falcon-shaped Mondrain Doha luxury hotel. In contrast, the boggling landscapes of deserts invite you to dune bash and overnight in a Beaudoin camp, like the Regency Sealine Camp, under an array of constellations.

The author enjoying cosmopolitan Doha with her partner on the Stopover Program.

In Qatar, you’ll experience Arabian hospitality, adrenaline-pumping activity and world-class amenities for a surprisingly affordable price tag. And getting there with Qatar Airways is half the fun.


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