What Is Sound Meditation And Why Is It Becoming So Popular?

Sound meditation has become increasingly popular, especially during 2020. It makes sense that a soothing monotone sound played in the background of an afternoon rest period can make you feel relaxed and at peace. But what even is sound meditation?

What Is It?

Photo: Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

While sound meditation seem like some obscure retro-psychedelic experience, sound meditation is pretty similar to typical meditation classes, which teach you how to let ideas pass without to attaching them. And this isn’t new. Meditation has been practiced all around the world by various cultures. Human civilization and the power of music is ingrained in our very DNA. So much so that certain tones and frequencies bring out different emotions. When an instrument, such as a crystal bowl, is tuned specifically to certain tones, your brain will automatically reach a theta/delta state. Here, your brain’s wavelengths yield the most relaxation and creativity than other states like alpha or beta. This allows for deep relaxation.

Meditation can be challenging to get into, especially if you are busy and have a million things on your mind. But sound meditation allows you to completely let go. It also allows you to fully participate in meditation without years of practice.

My Sound Meditation Experience

My first ever sound meditation experience was in Santa Monica in a beautiful wellness studio called Be Crystal Clear. I walked in and left all of my sorrows behind. The instructor walked me through what our experience would be like as I laid down and enjoyed the soft meditative tones coming from a engulfing set of instruments. It soothed my mind’s immediate worries, and I have dabbled in sound meditations ever since.

Photo: Conscious Design on Unsplash

Hit Restart

Remember that your brain is similar to a computer, and we all know what it’s like to run our computers with 20 open tabs. It eventually takes up too much energy, and our laptops run slower than usual. Sound meditation is like closing all of the tabs and restarting your computer. It’s no wonder so many people are practicing sound meditation.

By Natalie Olivia

Featured Photo: Conscious Design on Unsplash

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