Women’s Health | The New Wonder of Mental Well-Being: Depression Stops Here

Clear Mind Treatment’s Lilla Dee shares how women can fight depression with some added benefits. Learn more about ground-breaking treatments with the Clear Mind Treatment Clinic.

NAD, a revolutionary anti-aging therapy treatment, can improve the symptoms of acute and chronic depression on its own, or it can act as an ideal co-therapy alongside traditional treatments. Since women are more prone to depression than men, and with a tendency to be more emotional, women are more likely to rehash negative thoughts during bouts of depression. According to the American Psychiatric Association, twice as many women experience depression in their lifetime than men. Approximately 1 in 9 women have had at least one major depressive episode in the past year. NAD, paired with therapy, can significantly reduce treatment time, which is why it is so appealing to everyone, especially women who are known to give 110% in all aspects of their lives.

Added benefits with an Anti-aging Regime

Boost your confidence and eliminate negative thoughts with NAD treatment. Psychological factors that tend to affect women over men are a negative body image and stress-induced depression. Women are more prone to stress than men because of their increased levels of progesterone which have been shown to prevent stress hormones from balancing out. 

Three things a woman can do daily to reduce stress and create balance.

1 Don’t keep your feelings bottled up. Find a support group with people you trust.

2 Exercise regularly, meditate, practice yoga and use other relaxation techniques.

3 Get enough sleep – 8 hours per night is ideal.

Resources that women can tap into to learn more about how to cope with depression and other mental health issues. 

It is important to understand that depression, anxiety and other aspects of mental health disorders are OK. It is also OK to ask for help and accepting help if someone’s reaching out.  There shouldn’t be any stigma attached. Listening to podcasts, reading books and articles are perhaps the first steps to healing. The podcast, “Depression’s Eleven Big Lies EXPOSED!” is a fantastic resource for everyone to listen to. Happy listening!


We are super excited and proud that we have patients who, just weeks after starting NAD therapy with us, found themselves strong enough to find employment and stay employed while attending daily therapy sessions. We are here to help and support everyone. Please reach out to us!

Risk Factors for Mental Health Problems in Women

Women more disproportionately experience the following risk factors for common mental disorders than men. 

●      Women earn less than men. Women who are full-time workers earn about one-fourth less than male counterparts in a given year.

●      The poverty rate for women aged 18 to 64 is 14.2% compared with 10.5% for men. For women aged 65 and older, the poverty rate is 10.3%, while the poverty rate for men aged 65 and older is 7.0%.

●      Victims of violence: 1 in 3 women have experienced sexual violence, physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

●      An estimated 65% of caregivers are women. Female caregivers may spend as much as 50% more time providing care than male caregivers. 


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