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Come Fly with Me

If you don’t do something with life, life will do something with you.  I’ve met a lot of people with


A South Africa Odyssey

South Africa’s gorgeous beaches, craggy mountains, and lush bush make it a premier destination for those seeking to be more


The Best and ONLY Competitive Edge You’ve Got in A World Full of Lookalikes, Rip-Offs, Duplicates and Tough Competition. By

Functional Fun Fitness

For the best workout, do the exercises that give you the most bang for your buck. This means that you


Nutrition: Food is Fuel

Do you want your body to look and perform like a high-performance supercar similar to Ferrari or Aston Martin? Yes,


LA Getaways for Springtime

Yearning to get away from LA? We have our top pics for you. An LA getaway is what you’re craving,

costa rica

Pura Vida in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

The slogan most synonymous with verdant Costa Rica is “Pura Vida.” Directly translated, this catchy phrase means “Pure Life.” This


The Art of Joy

 7 Things I know about Finding your Joy 1 | You should know what joy is first. It’s not a

Crizam carlos

5 Fast Fitness Tips

A simple & straightforward guide to becoming your healthiest, strongest & sexiest with less time & money. Let’s face it,

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