Danelle Delgado “The Millionaire Maker” Shows Entrepreneurs How to Win On Repeat

Danelle Delgado has a gift for discovering diamonds in the rough. As an elite mentor, sales coach, international speaker and business strategist, Delgado has helped entrepreneurs become marketplace millionaires and developed some of the most impactful leaders of today. 

Known as the “Millionaire Maker,” Delgado frequently collaborates on seminars and conferences with world-renowned business experts such as Grant and Elena Cardone, Tim Grover and David Meltzer. Her mission, first and foremost, is to enable people to attain their greatest potential. “All I wanted to do was make a difference,” she said. Delgado underwent her own powerful transformation as a struggling single mother of three to one of the top business strategists in America, and is passionate about passing on her success to others.   

As a cancer survivor and single mother, Delgado was fueled by a no-excuse mentality. She worked three jobs, 80 to 90 hours a week, just to make ends meet. Delgado responded to the pressure of being the only income earner for her family by educating herself and reading every sales book on the market. Looking back, these incredible challenges have given Delgado a unique perspective. “One of the greatest habits of my life is being grateful,” she shared. “I started when I found out I had cancer. I’d just focus on writing 10 things a day I was grateful for. I feel a sense of ‘it gets to be me’ each day, as not everyone with similar circumstances made it. I will make it count.” 

After becoming a top sales producer, Delgado decided to share her expertise in sales strategy through consulting. She used lessons from her past to create a framework for others to follow, concrete steps and professional training to help others reach their greatest potential in business and in life. While enabling entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, Delgado is equally passionate about giving back. In her business mentorship, she emphasizes the importance of philanthropy and the role it plays in staying grounded while achieving financial success.  

“Before I won …I lost. 

  Before I prevailed … I persisted.

  Before I knew my strengths … I believed. 

  Before I was sure I could win … I sacrificed. 

  The before is what builds you.”

   –Danelle Delgado 

In her book, I Choose Joy, Delgado talks about the need to be thankful for every day and whatever comes with it. She writes from her own experience of being so focused on her ultimate goal that she forgot to enjoy her journey. Delgado realized that every challenge in her life was there for a reason, and she explains that when a person’s perspective gets clouded by business objectives and stress, they forget to focus on the one thing that actually creates success: Gratitude. 

“I’m addicted to the good news,” she said. “To the good in the world and the good results that are possible. Isn’t it nice to work hard to succeed and be able to give back?” This is exactly what she aims to do with her 24-hour training program, The Making of a Millionaire. In this program, Delgado shares hard-fought life lessons to help transform people’s mentality and enable them to realize their highest selves. She stresses the fact that you cannot build anything successful with the wrong state of mind. To succeed, she explains, you must rid yourself of the three biggest dangers––doubt, fear and indecision––because they are the biggest killers of your mind and business. 

Delgado shares her own Win on Repeat System that helps her create predictable and consistent results. The system consists of six parts: foundation, value, market, connection, sales and loyalty.   

  1. A Solid Foundation

Danelle Delgado: The reason that you need to move forward is deep in the foundation of who you are. You will have a million reasons to quit, but you only need one reason to stay and win. For me, it is my children. I want to make sure that they know how to live their dreams.

  1. Your Value

Danelle Delgado: The idea of value stems from self-worth. Training your mind with your truth means constantly training it with your value. Realize that your skills, abilities and uniqueness have slowly merged to create your value, which is worth great time and money. 

  1. Uniquely Market Yourself

Danelle Delgado: The third step, after foundation and value, is “market.” If you know who you are, your values, and you have the right mindset, you can market in a way that is unique to you. This takes practice. Knowing your value means knowing what customers you can serve and knowing what results you can get. Your value helps you market better. 

  1. Your Connections 

Danelle Delgado: After you build a strong foundation, value, and a market, then you can draw the right connections to you. During this stage, you need to stop seeking people and start sorting them. It is important to train the inside voice to become your outside voice. Once that happens, you will have all the control and positive influence over the world––you will be able to overcome any objection.  

  1. Power of Sales

Danelle Delgado: Sales are a game changer for you. They are a confident advancement on a common return. Sales is how you will win on repeat. They help people make decisions based on their own interests. It is crucial to work on communication, marketing and sales skills. When that happens, you will automatically build loyalty.

  1. Loyalty & Earnings

Danelle Delgado: Loyalty is the last step. After you have achieved all the previous steps, you will be able to gain client after client. Your brain has mastered a particular sequence––which is a natural progression for people to follow through. Accomplishing this will make you win. All growth is good, but anything we do which does not conform to this system will restrict our growth. Once you have adapted to these six steps, you only have to repeat them to create a continuous cycle of winning. 

Interview by Tricia Love Vargas
Photographer: Moldilox
Makeup and Hair Stylist: Mima Cintron 

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