Daniel Alonzo has had an exceptional career as a business coach, speaker, financial services broker and investor. Featuring over 150 episodes, his podcast, Wealth on the Beach, has led to an upcoming book of the same title and teaches audiences how to maintain reoccurring passive income. Daniel achieved financial freedom and was able to retire at the young age of 28. Since then, he has been leading others toward their own path to financial freedom. 

He is one of 150 leaders out of over a 100,000 to be featured on his company’s wall of fame since its inception in 1977. Although his talents could have allowed him to succeed in many careers, he made his choice and ran with it. Daniel has taught leadership principles to major brands and inspires crowds as large as 50,000. Among his many platforms, he also runs annual transformational retreats that bring hundreds together from around North America. 

Today, he oversees 49 independent financial services locations and over 1,500 independent state licensed agents. With his passionate and warmhearted personality, he is a beacon in the industry, educating individuals on perseverance and how financial freedom can power one’s goals and dreams. 

The Pivot Point In His Career

Daniel Alonzo: As soon as I got out of high school, I went directly into trying to be a cartoonist. But I didn’t have any help. I just read books. I did the best I could, and I sent out 40 applications to different syndicates. They all said no. I had no formal training or mental toughness. I had no knowledge on how to fight for your dreams. I gave up. I then decided I would go to college and play baseball, but I only lasted one year because I injured my knee. I finished out the season, came back home and became depressed. I was 21 years old at the time. I knew there was something better in my life, there had to be something more. But I didn’t know how to tap into great things. One day, I got a call from a buddy who invited me to go to a seminar. I showed up to this seminar, and they were recruiting people. They were talking about financial services and about changing your life. They told me I could do great things and earn a lot of money. I did research; it was a legitimate company in the New York Stock Exchange with over a 100,000 people. I saw that there was this opportunity sitting right in front of me with the company. There were mentors that were going to take me under their wings and teach me. I thought, if I’m coachable like I was in sports and I follow the game plan, I think I could do pretty well. I gave it a shot. Seven years later, I was completely financially independent at the age of 28. I’d saved my first million dollars in cash and I was earning about a half a million dollars a year in reoccurring income. 

People Are Not Numbers 

Daniel Alonzo: The greatest business lesson I’ve learned is the importance of building relationships. People don’t care what you know, they care about how much you care. I’ve been to a million weddings, parties, birthdays and kids’ parties. All because I really cared about the people that I worked with. I cared about my recruits. They were not numbers to me. They weren’t just pieces of commission for me. These were human beings. They had goals, dreams and aspirations. I wanted to dive deep with them and I wanted them to know I had their back no matter what. I was going to be their coach, I was going to be their leader, but most importantly, I was going to be their friend.

Daily Affirmations

Daniel Alonzo: My daily affirmations are: Great things always happen to me. I’m alive, I’m awake, I feel great, I feel good, I feel fine–I feel this way all the time.

I also have a gesture I’ve used to program my brain to recognize the things that I enjoy. The reason why I’ve closed thousands of sales and recruited thousands of people is because it was fun for me. It was never a chore because every time I got the “Yes,” I got the chills. I got a good feeling. 

Discover Your Life’s Work 

Daniel Alonzo: Today is a great time to live. We’re living in great times right now, even though there’s a bit of craziness going on in the world. It’s still a pretty dang good time to live because of technology. It was created for us to be able to excel. I’m really grateful that I have a chance to live right now and I have taken advantage of opportunities. 

I just hope that people recognize time’s going fast. Life is like a flicker. You better not put off whatever you’re trying to get done. Get focused right now. Compartmentalize better in your life. Get disciplined about what you want. Then you could take advantage of everything that life is offering us right now. There’s all this amazing information sitting right in front of you that you need to take advantage of. 

Make sure you dream bigger, get after it, but most importantly do it now. Take action on what you want to achieve. I’m really happy that I found what I wanted quickly at a young age and then I just went for it. I probably could have been successful at a lot of different things, but I just found my one thing, and then I made it my life’s work. You’ve got to find your thing and make it your life’s work. 

Interview By Tricia Love Vargas
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