The art of initiating change is one of the most challenging aspects of life, yet also the most rewarding. In taking a leap of faith, you encounter both the fear of failing and the joy of revitalization from starting something anew. Change brings clarity and liberates the soul from what is no longer serving its purpose.

Leading by example, Jennifer Hernandez and Daphne Pinkney are answering their calling in life with their “Do-Over” movement. Both women have incredible personal testimonies of overcoming some of the most difficult life experiences, including homelessness, addiction, abuse and depression. Role models of courage, they personify how individuals can rise out of the depths of sorrow and start again with a “Do-Over.” 

With workshops they conduct in prisons, churches and nonprofit organizations, Hernandez and Pinkney are helping break down financial barriers for minority groups by teaching them how to build generational wealth through real estate. Having experienced many forms of hardship and adversity, both women are passionate about maximizing life’s opportunities and fearlessly searching for one’s purpose, even if this mean’s starting over. 

The two had their epiphany for the “Do-Over” movement after a conversation about how grateful they were that God had given them a second chance in life. They now teach others how to get out of “survival mode” with a road map to financial independence. In doing so, they inspire people to dream and succeed. 

The Beginning of the Movement

“We met each other when we had a mutual client, we were bumping heads on the deal––I tried to take her client and she tried to take mine,” Pinkney says. They later met for breakfast and after talking, they both realized they had more in common than they thought. Hernandez reflects, “We talked for hours and we realized we have the same zodiac and faced similar hardships growing up. We overcame a lot of the same life challenges.” 

After testing each other’s skills and loyalty, a true partnership was formed. Since the year 2018 Pinkney and Hernandez have closed over 200 transactions together.

Their mission of transforming lives began on the holiday we all love, Christmas eve of 2018. Every year, they work together to put on an event for our clients . Last year, they had over 100 families in attendance who gathered to give back to their community. 

Teaching Financial Freedom  

Jennifer Hernandez: I feel like if we can provide people with new positive life experiences we can give them a way to dream. When a person learns, their mind shifts and they no longer operate out of survival mode. Because when a person is surviving, they forget how to dream. We want to encourage and instill the power of dreaming into others through our “Do-Over” initiative. 

Daphne Pinkney: We teach people the importance of owning real estate and how this can translate into generational wealth. The scripture says, “You have not because you ask not and my people perish by lack of knowledge.” We come together through our movement and give people the knowledge so they won’t perish where they stand.

The movement will continue to make its way to churches with an eight-week and 12-month program Hernandez and Pinkney teach the do over. When individuals finish the program, they come out with the knowledge of how to purchase real estate and a roadmap to financial independence, and a true ability to dream like never before without limits! 

Interview By Tricia Love Vargas
Photography: Aaron Lacy
Wardrobe Stylist: Jamar Hart
Hair & Makeup Stylist: Gabby Cardenas
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