With his vibrant personality and unmatched energy, Jamar Hart contributes to the fashion industry in his own unique way. He is an LA-based celebrity stylist and influencer originally from Detroit. He’s styled for industry leaders including Olivia Keegan, Diana Madison and Abigail Spencer Hu. Hart has worked with publications such as Bazaar, Now Magazine LA and Mob Journal to name a few. For three consecutive years, he has been one of the prestigious and unique stylists for Tina Knowles––Beyonce’s mom––at her annual Wearable Art Gala. 

Surviving a near fatal car crash in 2011 brought Hart to find his true life purpose. His story has inspired many aspiring stylists seeking to secure a spot in the fashion world. Hart is also deeply connected to his faith, which he believes has driven him to be the success he is today. He is a forward-thinking visionary who asserts that you should always keep learning and believing in yourself. In this interview, Hart unravels his journey and personal style and gives us an eye-opening view of what it takes to succeed personally and professionally. 


Jamar Hart: I’m originally from Detroit, Michigan. I started my own freelance styling and creative direction company there, and in 2014 I just took a leap of faith because I needed change. I moved to Los Angeles, not knowing anyone there and not knowing what was going to happen in the world of fashion. After I moved to Los Angeles, I soaked up everything that I could; I have had a great run so far. When people reach out to me about anything related to styling, I always see the ones who are just beginning and how badly they want to succeed. I make sure I tell them to look at my journey and look where I came from. 


Jamar Hart: I worked with Mrs. Tina at a wearable art gala that she has every year. She and her husband run a school for underprivileged children. The gallery raises money for the children in this school.

I worked with Vanessa Simmons, she’s been one of my favorite clients. I love how she’s able to juggle so many responsibilities as a mother, the CEO of her own shoe company and a television personality. I have learned a lot from my clients.


Jamar Hart: My mom taught me how to pray when I was young; when you feel under attack, just pray and ask God to cover you. I used to go to church every Sunday, but I didn’t understand how important it was until I grew up and realized that your spirit has to be intact because in this world you can be under attack by people you don’t even know. That’s the one thing that’s always kept me strong. My grandmother also instilled in me as a child that it’s very important to have a healthy spiritual will to always be able to rely on. My faith kept me very positive and on the right track. 


Jamar Hart: LA Style to me is very high fashion, almost relaxed in a way. You can mix a lot of concepts together. You’ve got palm trees, skateboarders, the beach, the night parties and events on the red carpet. It’s a little bit of everything. The thing about LA in the wintertime is that it doesn’t snow. It only gets chilly at night so you’re still able to dress like it’s summertime. That’s the great thing about the off-season.


Jamar Hart: Tom Ford is one of my favorite designers. I love how classic, iconic and timeless his work is. Another one of my favorites is Balenciaga; especially the shoes and the bags. I also love what they’re doing in the music industry, sponsoring events and hosting album release parties. People are influenced when designers pull from the integration of culture and hip hop.


Jamar Hart: I had a freak car accident in 2011. I was returning from work and I got into an accident with a semi truck. A pole went through my car and my leg got badly injured. This was an intense near-death experience. I had lost a lot of blood and felt very weak; I thought I was going to die. Thankfully one of the pediatricians who was a coworker at my job [was nearby and] came from the other side of the freeway to help me. God used him to save me. Ever since that accident, I never looked at life the same. I treat people with kindness because you never know what can happen to you. 


Jamar Hart: I will be a millionaire in five years. I know I have what it takes to set my destiny in stone. I will be able to help the people that God wants me to help, everyone who’s fighting to just be seen. I want to broaden my horizons, and I’m going to work towards my legendary status, so that when I get there, I’m never going to do anything in vain. I’m going to have my own clothing line. We’re going to have stores that are going to be featured across the most amazing media outlets. I would never let the money, status or the fame take away from the essence of who I truly am.


Jamar Hart: Never stop learning. If you feel it, do it. When you stop learning, everything starts turning. Everyone isn’t going to be able to see your vision. Sometimes your vision is only for you to see. You do not need to be wealthy to make things happen in your destiny. It takes hard work, faith, strength, confidence and definitely self love. You have to love yourself before you love anyone or anything else. That’s how I live my life. Never stop believing in yourself. 

Photography by Moldilox
Blue dress: Elann Zelie
Necklace: Heather Morra
Makeup and Hair Stylist: Mima Cintron 
Photography by Michael Letterlough Jr.
Makeup Artist: Rodney Jon
Hair Stylist: Karl Jackson
WardrobeStylist: Jamar Hart
(Black couture dress): Zlatko Jovanovski
Shoes: Pastry
Photography by Moldilox
Black blazer: Shawniece S.
Earrings: Cecilie Melli
Necklace: Heather Morra
Suit dress: Zara
Thigh high boots: The Style Barre 
Black Jacket: Vytal Fashion Group & Moustapha Ndiaye
Pants: Dunyah & The Style Barre 
Photography by Sammy Santillano
Mens Black suit: Hugo Boss
Wine dress: Shawniece S.
Photography by Aaron Lacy
Red dress: The Trend Haus
Earrings: The Style Barre 
Hair: Estelle Descard
Makeup: Nancy Padilla
Interview by Tricia Love Vargas
Photography by Malik Daniels

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