Jon Talarico is a results coach and an expert on mastering the mind. He is recognized by Bob Proctor, the grandfather of personal development, as a top 1% Proctor Gallagher Consultant, with clients like Akon and collaborations with industry giants like Les Brown, “The Maestro of Motivation.” Celebrities, entrepreneurs and thought leaders alike seek Talarico’s powerful advice to help them reach their most successful selves. 

Talarico’s influence expands to thousands of people across the globe through his social media platforms. His book, “The Million in You,” and podcast with the same name, teaches audiences a simple-to-understand system for self-mastery that anyone can use. Talarico’s talents expanded to the big screen and the sports industry as he helped produce two Hollywood films and became co-owner of a $25 million dollar sports franchise. More importantly, his philanthropic work has helped bring the gift of hearing to over 1,600 hearing-impaired patients throughout the Caribbean.


Jon Talarico: First, I had to look at my results that I was getting in life. In doing so, I realized that I was living life from my five senses, and that was causing me to think in a certain way and it was a vicious cycle. 

What I mean by paradigm shift is that when you start to realize that you’ve been living your life a certain way, you have the ability to change it. Each and every moment, you can live your life from your higher mental state. When you live from there, then you can live from that magical place. Then you now can live your life from the inside out. You can use your imagination to create the life of your dreams and you can start living it today.


Jon Talarico: I commit first thing in the morning to writing a routine of habits that includes prayer, meditation and a gratitude list. I write out 10 people or things I’m grateful for every day. Then I do something called a life script, which is myself recording my life as I see it one year from now. I record that in the present tense. I listen to that as I’m getting ready in the morning, then I will reread it or watch the video.

Maybe you need to rewrite your life script. That means you still have some of our ego. You know, residue. As you live more from the inside out, with your heart rather than your head, the things that you thought you wanted in your life, you’ll realize, well, they’re not so important anymore.

What’s important for me is to impact and change other people’s lives. When you do this you’ll be in a place where you choose what you want, not what anyone else thinks that they want for you. So it’s really about getting to know yourself and then doing what you love, which I find to be so beautiful.


Step 1: Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Accept full responsibility for where you’re at in life. 

Step 2: Make a committed decision. There is something that you do better than anyone else on the planet. I call it that million in you–that one thing you do that’s unique to you. You’re here to bring that out to impact and change the world with your special gift. 

Step 3: Set a goal. That requires you to ask only two questions. “Am I able to do what I would love to do?” The second question is, “Am I willing to do what it takes?” Be willing to die for what you want, because you’re dying for what you don’t want now. Once you do that, you set your goal. Realize when you set that goal you need to put in the time. You just have to want it.

Interview by Tricia Love Vargas
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