L.A. STYLE Magazine is a leading luxury lifestyle publication founded in 1985 with far-reaching content across business, fashion, culture, travel and inspiration. 

The newly revamped magazine attracts readers from across the globe with an emphasis on Los Angeles as an entertainment and cultural hub.

Renowned for being one of the first publications in Los Angeles, from the ‘80s,  L.A. STYLE’s chic editorials featured the most illustrious and sought-after Hollywood icons, including Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe among others. 

In 2015, current Publisher and Creative Director Tricia Love Vargas reinvigorated the publication with now Editor-in-Chief, Christine Andreu. Tricia credits her boutique styling agency, L.A. STYLE House, as part of her inspiration to acquire L.A. STYLE Magazine with a new global vision. She established a new direction for the magazine focusing on inspirational content, with the intention to bridge fashion and luxury living with philanthropy.

Today, L.A. STYLE Magazine is a modern multimedia company with a mission to inspire and connect readers through authentic stories. Since its reintroduction into the world of publishing, the media platform has featured exclusives with industry leaders including Oprah, Elena Cardone, Ed Mylett, Jamie Kern Lima, Ava DuVernay, Natasha Grano, Akon, Tim Storey and many more. 

Their in-depth storytelling evokes a relatable thread within all of us, allowing readers to connect with a deeper purpose. The power exists in capturing personal triumphs with endless possibilities. 

They offer a combination of thoughtful and sophisticated content. Its bold new look holds a unique posture towards raising awareness  in social consciousness. The publication represents individuals who enjoy upscale living and luxury products, yet are conscious about their roles as a global citizen. 

Through their latest platform, the L.A. STYLE Industry Leaders Network provides an opportunity for select brands and industry professionals to rise above the rest. This select group of business experts are connected through their desire to infiltrate change in their communities. Members gain exclusive access to curated content and digital marketing. The network assists entrepreneurs in discovering their voice and expands their digital footprint, showcasing them as the industry leaders they are in the market.

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