The Most Influential issue Letter From the Editor in Chief

It just takes one moment to change someone’s life or even a generation. How many of us have been challenged by an individual whose words or actions sank into our soul and became tattooed into our being? Have you ever experienced an act of kindness, transparency or wisdom that seemed super human and yet was just a glimpse into what greatness looks like? That is the power of influence. 

When I think of influencers, I think of enlightened beings that understand their role in the balance of purpose and power. An influencer with all power and no purpose is like a wave in the ocean with no direction. An influencer with purpose and power is like a tsunami that cannot be stopped.  

On May 6, 1954, a 25-year-old medical student and athlete, Robert Bannister would break the four minute mile. I love his story so much because Bannister would break the barrier for his sport, a feat that was thought to be impossible at the time – until he made it possible. Bannister broke the glass ceiling for all to follow him. It’s not surprising that after he broke the record, about 45 days later, another athlete would beat his time. Many would follow after him because they now knew it could be done. 

This is what I love about The Most Influential issue. Imagine the psychological presence of a new truth that can recreate an entire reality as we know it. What was impossible is now possible because of these cutting edge leaders who are intentionally embracing their purpose and power. These Most Influential leaders were chosen because of their ability to continue to impact the world and to uplift their audiences everywhere that they go. 

Every single interview is an intriguing insight into a realm that shows us that we are all more alike than different. More importantly, these powerful influencers show us that we too can reach for our highest self and empower those around us with passion, integrity, truth, hard work, compassion, wisdom and vision. 

The vast array of talent presented in this issue is truly astounding. From Akon to Oprah and the cast of “Queen Sugar,” Ava DuVernay herself to Les Brown, the list is complete with over 70 of the most influential leaders that this space and time has seen, to include entrepreneurs, actors, directors, spiritual guides, celebrities and athletes. What’s truly special is that they all share the behind the scenes of their lives. They often share the humbling and bold situations that made them who they are. 

Imagine if we all lived in our truth and greatness like Ed Mylett, Jamie Kern Lima, Ryan Blair, Gabrielle Bernstein, Robert Stearns, Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, Erwin McManus, Dr. Amen, Lori Harder, Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, Natasha Grano, Jon Talarico and the many others included in this issue! 

It takes just one moment for you to change someone’s life. The influencers all just started with an idea and by putting belief into action, created the world that we live in today. A world that is filled with hope and conscious creation.  

Xo Christine 


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