Dynamic duo Meagan Ayres and Meghan Fialkoff prove how women can have the whole package on all fronts, at home and in the office.They are the founders of Modern Day Wife (MDW), a platform that teaches women how to maximize their lives by “becoming executives of their career and home.” Through MDW they provide support and guidance for women who are aspiring to do it all. It is a community designed to help women at any stage of life–to connect, build resources and enjoy life.

MDW was born of the co-founders’ desire to help other women transform themselves into “modern day heroines.” They provide advice on how women can maintain their career and personal life intact; especially their family, relationships and social life. The platform offers members exclusive access to “The Vault” which unlocks invitations to events, a powerful collaborative social network and digital resources.


MEAGAN AYRES: I had  been in the events industry for a while, already owning and selling my first events company before the age of 30. But as I matured, I realized there weren’t really any communities that helped women with the struggle of trying to do it all. I couldn’t find a group that was talking about having a successful career, a great relationship with a spouse, a family, a social life and a well-organized home. This was a stage I was at in my life and I saw a need for it. Also, from a business perspective, I saw this as an opportunity to design a multifaceted company. I wanted to create a company that could offer events, a membership, a lifestyle blog, merchandise–where the opportunities for growth were endless with this concept of a “Modern Day Wife.” I was laying in a hospital bed after a surgery when the company name came to me. I instantly saved the website and Instagram handle––this was back in 2018. 


Meagan Ayres: I hosted an event with Elena Cardone to raise money for the Foundation for a Drug Free World of The Americas, one that Meghan Fialkoff ran the chapter for. I reached out to her for support and she promoted the event like crazy! Post the event, she reached out to have a call– she was raving on how much she loved the mission of “Modern Day Wife” and my style of work. Once I spoke to her, I realized we had so much in common and knew she was the perfect business partner I was looking for to build “Modern Day Wife” with.


Meagan Ayres:  She is someone who is very busy trying to get her to-do list done in the 24 hour day. She is focused on her actions and what she does in order to create a better environment for the planet and the future. She knows who she is and how she wants to represent herself to the world but knows she needs community and support along the way. She understands that time is money and wants to exchange wealth with someone through love, kindness and hard work. She is a go-getter!


Meagan Ayres: I’ve failed so many times. I still mess up. I miss deadlines. I forget meetings. I’m not perfect. I just practice. I realized that I have to take responsibility for my own actions. I have to be confident, put myself out there and not look for validation from anyone else. 

Meghan Fialkoff: For me, I was single, and I was able to learn how to accomplish what I wanted. I ran a non-profit called Foundation for a Drug Free World of The Americas which I started from scratch. I produced 2,000 events with the Foundation for a Drug Free World of The Americas… All of that enabled me to feel confident and to stop comparing myself to other people. 


Meagan Ayres: I think the first part was in my corporate career. Being young and having to manage other people, you have to learn how to gain people’s respect. When you do what you say you’re going to do, people see this and want to follow this type of leader. You also have to know what you want and get clarity about what you’re trying to create, the real purpose and vision [behind it]–having that foundation really allows you to inspire others to follow you. 

Meghan Fialkoff: For me, I realized running a nonprofit wasn’t as glamorous as my friends’ lines of work. I had friends who worked for Martha Stewart, Billboard Magazine and different fashion designers. 

You have to be okay with your own decisions. The grass is or is not always going to be greener on the other side. There’s always going to be people who are better than you and people who are worse than you. At a certain point, you have to decide that you’re not going to play that game of comparison. 

You have to realize that it takes a lot of hard work, persistence, believing in yourself and not caring about what other people think.


We caught up with Meagan and Meghan to talk about their next MDW event, that we here at L.A. STYLE Magazine are collaborating with them as a media partner. 

Here are the details they had to share on their upcoming holiday soiree: 

Meagan & Meghan: “On December 10th, Modern Day Wife (MDW), L.A. STYLE Magazine and the Luxe Hotel bring you holiday luxury to the max. 

MDW is hosting Modern Day Luxury, a Holiday Event with expert speakers & influencers, fully curated event activations and experiences, and must-know luxury brands at the prestigious Luxe Hotel in Brentwood; located within their ballroom and outdoor courtyard.

This event will inspire you with all that you need to know going into this holiday season and into 2022. Are you ready to rock and own it in the new year? 

This event will inspire luxury––there will be pop-up stores for guests to shop, an over the top ambience and entertainment. Guest speakers will also share trendy tips, tutorials and more. This is an event of the holiday season to see and be seen at.”

To attend the next Modern Day Wife event: Modern Day Luxury on December 10 click on the link below:

We are excited to connect over this event to celebrate another year of Holiday cheer––we hope to see you there! 

Interview by Ruby McAuliffe
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