Nicole Arbour is known as the “Digital Renegade” setting the stage ablaze with her captivating personality and #GOTEAM mantra. Her multifaceted career began as a standup comedian and cheerleader with the NBA’s Toronto Raptors. She then transitioned to a variety of roles in entertainment and cryptocurrency. Her digital influence expands to over 5.1 million followers and over 1.5 billion video views throughout her social channels. In 2016 she was awarded an Honorary Hollywood Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Special Achievement in Social Media.

In 2008 a tragic car accident left her disabled and bed-ridden with chronic pain for most of her twenties. Arbour slipped into a deep depression battling suicidal thoughts after being told by her doctors that her condition was degenerative and that she would never work again. After dedicating herself to physical and emotional recovery, Arbour re-emerged into the public eye with a vigor that inspires the masses.

Arbour’s lesson to her followers around the globe is to have an unbreakable belief in themselves, cooperate instead of compete, seek joy in celebrating the accomplishments of all around you, and to be honest and authentic in all relationships. 

She shares, “I firmly believe that everyone can cheer themselves to and through anything. If you just cheer for yourself like the whole world is cheering for you––eventually they will. Go Team!”

Arbour credits her followers for supporting her through the most difficult seasons of her life. Perseverance during her darkest times is a testament to her outlook of the need to repel all negative energy in order to deal with the unexpected challenges of humanity.


Nicole Arbour: It was 2008 in Toronto. I was on my way back from a stand-up show. It was a stressful night, so my friend and I were going to karaoke in Chinatown. We got rear-ended while I was halfway in the cab. My body was twisted and my head hit the inside of the door frame three times. I got whiplash and a concussion. 

I ended up with TMJ [Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction] that was so bad, I was crushing my teeth in my sleep. I had severe nerve damage down my spine, sending excruciating pain shooting down my legs and arms. I couldn’t use my hands; they were stuck in a claw position. I had cognitive issues for years. Sometimes, I didn’t know where I was. I would shower with my clothes on. I would put my purse in the fridge. I remember very vividly being in a taxi on the way home one day. The cab driver asked for my address, and I didn’t know it. 

It was scary. It was an out-of-body experience. I was disabled and in bed for most of my twenties, just fighting to have any resemblance to the life I used to have. I was on TV in Canada when this happened, I was about to tour the world. Everything I wanted was coming at me. Until this hit me –– literally. It completely changed my life. I was given the disability certificate for life. This became my transformation. This turned me into who I am.

There were seven very bad years. In January 2015, I told myself that I would take myself off disability that year. I knew if I didn’t take myself off of it –– that small $600 cushion I got each month –– I would never fight for my win. Five months later, I took myself off of disability. Four months later in that same year, I was the most viral comedian in history. There is something to be said for pushing yourself over the edge before you know how to fly…I think it’s what drives people. You don’t know what you’ve got until you put yourself in a pressure position. I learned to sprint towards things that scare me.


Nicole Arbour: My dad yelled at me and my dad never yelled at me; he never had to. I was a really good kid. I was an overachieving nerd in school. My dad came to my grandma’s house, where I was staying. He asked me “Is this it? Are you done? What happened to all those goals?” My dad reminded me that he was diagnosed with MS ​[​Multiple sclerosis] when I was a kid. He had cancer and went through radiation and chemo. He pushed through, and kept doing the things he loved. 

He wasn’t polite to me. He left the house slamming the door. I was so mad at him, but it was a fuse. I looked at the Disability Certificate again and I read medical reports that said I wasn’t going to get better, that everything was degenerative. It really pissed me off. It was that moment that I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and I got mad. I got mad at the fact that I hadn’t tried harder. I got mad at my situation. I got mad at the driver who hit me. I got mad at everything. Especially at myself for sitting in that spot and not fighting. I knew I had more. I heard Denzel Washington in my head, “It’s not time to give up. It’s time to get up.”


Nicole Arbour: My first single is coming out. It’s called “Biddi Bum.” The song is in the rock genre and it is inspired by Nashville where I live now. It’s about when I was roofied [a drug placed in my drink without my knowledge] and [despite this] me taking my power back. I think the bad things that happen in life are about taking your power back after and that’s how you win. Because bad things are gonna happen to everybody. I looked at the statistics, and most young women will be roofied at some point in their life. It’s happened to me a few times now. One Night I was handed a drink by the bartender in the bar. I thought it was safe, but it wasn’t. I don’t feel like the victim anymore–there’s so many women that experience that. This song is my anthem to take my power back.

I believe in winning in whatever you do for a living; I’m a winner and a hunter. I’d rather not offend anyone, but I don’t think that crying about stuff helps anything. I’d rather focus on winning and building big platforms that are making money so I can hire tons of awesome women and help them make tons of money too, whether it’s in crypto or business.


Nicole Arbour: I knew what was next when I saw all the innovators getting into it. There’s so many people losing their jobs from the pandemic and I think we need to have more options for people to grow. The banks don’t want you to be rich. Building wealth is how you have freedom. I want to have the richest fan base in the  world; that’s my goal. I don’t just want people to buy my T-shirt, I want people to be really rich from the tips that I gave them; That’d be awesome. Again, like so many entrepreneurs and small businesses lost everything during the pandemic and I see crypto as the way out for everybody. That’s why I got into it and into the notability token. I would never tell you the amount to buy in because it’s whatever you’re comfortable with, pretend you’re gonna lose it, pretend it’s never gonna come back. But it’s gonna come back because the people behind this are awesome. David Chen Panda (Partner in Faze Clan, the top esports and gaming organization in the world) is now part of the Nobility Token team. 

They gave me a number my fans could use to call their team and they will walk them through how to buy it. A single mother who follows me said “Oh my gosh, this is the best investment I ever made. You just made me more money than I make in a month.” Now I’m going to be creating a crypto 101 course with one of my favorite people in the crypto space. I want to be educating everyone on all things crypto and alt coins, especially Bitcoin and Nobility Token (NBL) because I know we’re gonna crush it.

Interview by Tricia Love Vargas
Photography by Solomon Augusteyn
Wardrobe Stylist: Horacio Aguillar
Makeup By Nancy Padilla
Hair By Becky Bentley

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