Pastor Kimberly Jones known as Real Talk Kim travels the world fulfilling her passion and purpose of loving people back to life. She is a mother, pastor, entrepreneur, mentor, motivational speaker, entertainer, and five-time best-selling author. In January 2021 her new e-course series was released to go along with her latest book “Shut Hell Up”. 

She is using her influence to mentor people all over the world through her mentorship program RTK Inner Circle and her latest mentorship program RTK Trailblazers for women in ministry. 

Real Talk Kim has a successful weekly podcast and has appeared on Dr. Oz, Preachers of Atlanta, Chatter Talk Show, BET, Nightline News and numerous podcasts, webinars, and radio programs. 

She is a true worshiper after God’s own heart, she is a testament of God’s redemption plan in action. Real Talk Kim is the Senior Pastor at Limitless Church in Fayetteville, GA and is the proud mother of two sons Morgan and Lyncoln.


Real Talk Kim: My upbringing was very strict, my parents were pastors. We were in a religion that basically said women couldn’t do much but stay home, have babies and cook. Definitely couldn’t preach. I started out in life very angry at the one-sided favoritism.  On top of that I was deemed “special ed” because of my learning disability so I was always put in special classes my entire school life. My parents were amazing parents and didn’t really put me in a glass house which is usually what happens when you are a preacher’s kid. We came out of this religion when I was 16 years old, and everything changed. We basically started over in a new world and I loved it. I cut my hair and was allowed to wear pants. You couldn’t tell me anything. I literally up until age 16 wore blue jean skirts and keds to school.  I was constantly laughed at which really worked in my favor because I found my comedic side and ended up every year with the wittiest award at school. I was hiding my embarrassment of my difference through my humor. I really started excelling socially after we came out of that religion, but my grades failed. Thankfully, I ended up graduating on time. I immediately got married after high school. 


Real Talk Kim:  How did I heal after divorce? For sure my inner strength and God.  As much as that religion scarred me it also gave me a very firm foundation of knowing who God is. I really had no choice but to make it, I had two kids who needed me to get well. The divorce was such an embarrassment, no one in my family had ever been divorced until me. But God! I hit rock bottom and found the rock at the bottom which was Jesus. I would listen to podcasts and read a lot on healing from the inside out. I put a “do not disturb” up on my heart and healed. It took me about four years, but honey when I came out of that healing phase, I was a new person. I no longer blamed the world for my woes, I looked within. Healed myself with God’s help. Broke off depression, meanness, and bitterness. I even started looking younger. Day by day, I was getting free from myself. God turned my scars into stars, he turned my mess into a message and used my pain as my purpose. 


Real Talk Kim: My advice for anyone in unhealthy relationships is to “find you” again. It’s so easy to lose yourself when you are in a toxic relationship for a while. Realize you are worthy of love, honor and respect. You don’t have to be anyone’s punching bag. God created you to be fine china, don’t let anyone treat you like a paper plate. Starting over is sometimes the greatest blessing you give to your future. I did it more than once. I didn’t preach my first sermon until I was 40 due to toxic relationships. I lost everything and had to start over at 36

I got free from every one of those messy humans, and today, I’m 49 and a best-selling author, my podcast is syndicated, I have several businesses and a pastor of a church. You can do it. God has done all of this through me in the last nine years all because I got rid of toxic people. 

The greatest lesson I’ve learned is, it’s never too late, ever! If you believe in yourself and really heal from the inside out, nothing can stop you––nothing!


Real Talk Kim: My favorite verse is, Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, “They are plans of good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” 

My goals and aspirations for my ministry is to keep changing lives. I want to love as many people back to life as I can. I want to continue being Jesus with skin on. I want to always be remembered as the lady that told me I could come back from anything, and I did!!


Real Talk Kim: Being of influence means being a world changer in your world. Leaving a good legacy. Leaving everyone you meet better than you left them. Being that person that when people see your face, they think to themselves, this person helped save my life, I would have given up if they wouldn’t have gotten up from whatever it was they went through to become the game changer they are today. A person of influence lives what they preach through and through. A person of influence brings the best out in everyone.


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