Richard Martinez: “You Are Meant For Growth & You Are Born To Win”

Richard Martinez is a speaker, coach, relationship expert and visionary who has improved, inspired and touched the lives of thousands of people across 25 nations. He is the proud founder of the nonprofit organization “Healing Hearts and Nations” which aims to “transform nations one heart at a time through love, education and practical tools.”  

Martinez is also the co-founder of Now Rise Business with his wife Adriana Gallardo. Together they provide “Necessary business and personal development tools for entrepreneurs.”

Courageously overcoming his difficult childhood, Martinez has allowed his rough past to mold him into the symbol of success and resilience he is today.


Richard Martinez: I had a tough childhood. My parents got married and divorced twice. My dad was an alcoholic and drug addict; he used to beat me relentlessly. 

This made me realize that many people struggle because of lack of mentorship and coaching. That’s where my “Why” comes from, I want to help people overcome hardships.

The turning point in my life was when I started going to church. They would talk about relationships, power, creating influence and having authority. I said to God, “If you’re real, I’ll give you two months of my life, I’ll focus on you.”

This changed me. 

It became more clear that I wanted to help people. I decided to start my own church. This idea turned into an organization called “Healing Hearts and Nations.” I would sit in my living room—the church—with 25 people around me. Initially, I was embarrassed because I would stutter and sweat while reading the Bible, but I got better with time.

I was later invited to Africa to speak to a village. My speech was so impactful that the 500 leaders from 15 different nations who were present invited me to speak in their nations. Every year for 15 years [except for the years of COVID-19] I go back and have conferences. I started orphanages, water well projects and training centers for women and children in India and Africa. 

“I love helping people. Whether it’s wearing a suit in front of thousands of people at a conference or going to the deepest, darkest places in the world to help people that nobody would think of, I just want to make an impact for the better.”


Richard Martinez: We’re made up of three things: body, soul and spirit.

Usually, people think our spirit has to be like religion. But it doesn’t, it’s figuring out what that is for you. 

Your soul has three parts: your mind, emotions and will. The reason why most people don’t do the things they should be doing is because those three parts aren’t aligned. When you make decisions to do good and reject things that don’t benefit you, it builds self-esteem and self-love.


Richard Martinez: It means being able to lead and love everyone around you despite their differences. We influence people the most when they feel understood. There’s a big difference between understanding somebody and them actually feeling understood by you. 


Richard Martinez: If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.  

I measure myself every night on the most important areas of my life. People wait for a crisis to make a change because it’s a last moment realization. So if you measure and pay attention to what you’re doing and if it’s working, you’re already prepared. If you’re not managing it, you’re not growing it. If it’s not growing, it’s dying. 


Richard Martinez: My vision is to transform nations one heart at a time, and I do this through the ripple effect. I intentionally seek influencers and leaders in six different areas of the government: arts, entertainment, education, business, family and religion. Sharing  my vision with them so they can use it to influence others. 

My big focus is our “Now Rise” company. Under this umbrella we have Now Rise Business,  Now Rise Academy and Now Rise Foundation. The idea is to teach people through our English and Spanish platform the power of their “here” and “now.” 


Richard Martinez: There would be something wrong with me if I didn’t get overwhelmed by the need and brokenness out there. It should bother me. 

Teaching people to build something for their next generation was hard. An example is how I helped open personal savings bank accounts for people where only they have control. I would put extra money there every month with the only condition being that they could not spend it. But, every month I would get calls from them asking me if they could spend the money to buy medicines or other needs. I would have to say no because I had to teach them the importance of saving. Then I would hang up and cry because it was so hard to say no. 

I’ve helped many families learn the importance of savings and later many opened businesses of their own. Some kids also called me “Uncle Richie.” They’re like family to me. 


Richard Martinez: People need to develop a strong sense of who they are, where they’re going and why they’re going there. You should strive to find your motive because motive ignites motivation, and this happens when you have control over your mind. 

Growth comes with both happiness and pain. But the truth is, you are meant for growth and you are born to win.

Interview by Tricia Love Vargas
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